Star Wars: The Lost Society

Chatper 4: The Source

Chapter 4:

The Source

“So the sith, who or whatever they are, got a hold of the virus and weaponized it? How dumb are they now?” Said the man thoroughly perplexed.

“We are not dumb! It was WAR! Besides now we know where it came from. Did these alpa raks start as mindless husks too? Or what?” Brezeck said defiantly and proud.

“Sorry to offend. Well to answer your question we don’t know all we know is they are a menace. They take our food, kids and wives. If you kill them we will upgrade the ship for free. Figure out what's causing these monstrosities we will stock you up on food.” Said the man fiercely.

Kass looked at the man and said, with a lot of bitterness in her words, “Look not that I don’t like the best for my ship but we don’t know your name nor do we know if you are sending us to our deaths as some sort of sacrifice. I don’t wanna be the bad guy here but I am not moving till we at least know your name and where you think the source is. End of story.”

A woman from the background stepped forward jabbed a finger under Kassei’s nose and said “You think we want you dead! You think we wanna help those monsters! Well listen here missy his name is Michal and he lost two of his sons to these things and you still think we want to aid them in getting more!”

Kassei put her hand on her blasters and said evenly “Lady get your hand out of my face before I blast you off this rock. And I did not say you were I was just saying I needed something concrete before we went on the words of a stranger. And losing two kids is reason enough to help.” The lady fell backwards and looked to Michal for some help.

Michal sighed and said in a forced cheerful tone “Well I can’t thank you enough for doing this nor would I have tried to stop you from fighting Megan here it seems like this village would be sorely out matched. The source is over in those hills, they move it every so often to stop us from knowing exactly where it is at any given point.”

After a long silence the mass of townspeople parted and the group went out to look for the rakghoul source. They trudged for hours until they arrived at the mountains, tired and hungry. After a quick discussion the group decided that they would set up camp and let Meanela scout around as she actually had a stealth suit. the other would make food and sleep, with a watch to stay safe.

“We will take first watch.” Said Jassei in a very light but surprisingly commanding tone.

“Whoah you spoke, and here I thought you had lost your tongue in war or something. Pretty voice though.” Candrel said quickly. Elainia turned around and slapped him across the face. “What the hell was that for!” Candrel yelped.

“That was for complimenting her when you are supposed to be helping ME set up camp geez you guys are such air heads.” Elainia said sharply.

Candrel looked to the others for help but they had all become very busy with setting up their own camps. Candrel sighed and went over to help Elainia with her stuff. Kassei pulled Greath aside and said “Watch the camp as well not just the surroundings, I have felt like someone was watching us since we left.”

“You two huh? Alright I will tell the Sith to help there, they are more primal and even when sleeping they will sense someone coming if they smell hate or anger.” He replied quietly.

“Yeah fine but I am setting up mines around my tent, don’t try and come in without warning me first.” Kassei said in a very serious tone.

Greath laughed then stopped realizing that Kassei was being completely serious. “Wait you actually have mines? When the hell did you get those, I thought all our stuff was still at the town?!”

“I stole some of theirs, serves them right after that lady treated me like crap.” Kassei was so serious Greath had to stare at her for three minutes till he could respond with “Well damn, remind me never to get on your bad side. I will find my lightsaber between my ribs fast then huh?”

“Damn straight now get to guarding and talking to the sith, I do mean talking, no more killing each other for today huh?” Kassei said jokingly.

As Greath went to talk to the sith he started thinking about how dangerous Kassei was. He went up to Trilectrov and said blatently “How did you survive trying to make Kassei a slave? I mean she just stole a bunch of mines from that town for talking back to her. Oh and be careful Kass said she feels like we are being trailed.”

The twi’lek looked up and said “Well to answer your first question I am her slave now, she thought I was so adorable trying to make her my slave that she said ‘Well I guess I can keep you around as my jester!’ and yeah I saw her take them. And on the point of the guy following us, I saw him as the sun was setting I will be watching for him no need to worry.”

“Him? How old and can he use the force?” Greath said cautiously.

“No no force but he is carrying a shotgun and a stealth module. But I can feel his rage he won’t be able to sneak up on the camp with Brezeck and I around.” Trilectrov said evenly.

Greath nodded and turned to go and stand at his post but he saw Meanela coming back with a very grim expression.

“Oh no what happened? Did you get found?” The jedi knight said quickly.

“What kind of agent do you think I am Greath? No I was not found but I found the source. It ain’t pretty. It is a twenty four foot tall rakghoul. And is being guarded at all times.” Meanela replied with surprising sas.

Everyone heard Kassei yell “Well great there goes my sleep, everyone else go fuck yourselves I am gonna attempt to not have nightmares.”
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