Star Wars: The Lost Society

Chapter 5: The Visitor

Chapter 5:

The Visitor

After a very un-restful night Kassei was not at all ready to deal with this rakghoul. Though she was ready for food, so when she woke up she turned off her mines and went to make breakfast only to see someone new tied up and gagged outside Brezeck’s tent.

“Well who might you be, or am I dreaming?” Kassei said evenly as though someone tied up was nothing new.

“No he is real, tried to sneak up on the camp and Brez and I caught him. We gagged him for two reasons. One, he was yelling and we knew had he woken you he would have been shot. And two he tried to bite Brezeck when we got the ropes around his waist.” Trilectrov said back with a wicked smile, as if the thought of violence pleased him.

“I wouldn’t have shot him, I would have stuck his face in one of the mines, not gonna waste my time on shooting him.” Kassei said with a wicked grin.

With that the group sat down for breakfast, a short one with horrible preserves that did more to ruin the spirit than raise it. After they had all eaten and woken up, if only a little, they decided to try and get some information from the new guy.

“Alright I am going to remove this gag, if you try and bite me I will shoot you in the balls got it?” Elainia said with her gun placed on his groin. The man nodded his understanding and when the gag was out all he said was “Hungry.” In a deep gravely tone.

“You want food then tell us why you are following us. Then we may decide to feed you.” Meanela said coldly.

“Fine, I was hired to do so. Now can I eat?” The man said with a grin on his face.

Kassei hit him in the head with the butt of her gun. “You wanna smart ass us? I will beat you until you tell me your name, and who hired you or I will blow your brains out and feed them to you.”

The man looked at Kassei with new found respect and fear in his eyes then said calmly “If you really wanted info you should have had her threaten me with that. Fine, I was hired by a girl named Vela’shunti, she said you came into her turf and she wants you out. My name is Ryan by the way.”

“Fine I believe that, I had heard that Vel set up shop on a new planet. Her, oh what did she say? Hunting ground! That’s it.” Elainia said with a bit of awe.

“Really, so we aren’t the first people here? Well maybe we should ask her for help with the rak, I mean she knows the area and maybe we could hire her to help.” Greath said with a bit of sourness in his voice. Huh, I think he is sad that we aren’t the first people here. Kassei silently laughed to herself.

“Well I guess it is a better plan than going in blind. Should we head out?” Meanela said evenly.

“Do you ever show emotion? I mean really, always the cold calculated bitch with you. But yeah let’s go now, why not.” Candrel said but as he stood up he felt a gun being placed on the back of his head and saw everyone elses hands go up.

“Going somewhere big boy? So Elainia long time no see. Did you bring them here on purpose or no?”
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