Star Wars: The Lost Society

Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins

Chapter 6:

The Hunt Part 1

“No I didn’t and in all honesty, you are supposed to be dead. Why are you out here?” Elainia said quietly.

The woman laughed and holstered her gun then said with a cheery smile “Well I am, technically, I made some sith mad so when I saw you guys I figured you were here to kill me. Though I was not expecting you, and… well, well, well, we have a celebrity in our midst! Kassei the volatile, The blonde death! I have been wanting to meet you since I became a hunter! Oh! The name is Vela’shunti!”

Kassei sighed and said “Well I am just happy to see one friendly face on this planet everyone seems to want to blackmail and control us! But why did you want to meet me? I have a bad rep with hunters. Plus you never answered Ela’s question of why you are out here. I would like to know before I decide if you are worth keeping alive.”

Vela’shunti cocked her head and stared at Kassei, she stayed that way for twenty total breaths then responded “I am out here because I made too many enemies in the last galaxy. So i needed a place to work, and here I am! And if you think you can kill me think again I am not so easily killed, plus I’ve got snipers watching you guys. I want to talk to you because you have a bad rep with hunters, I have a hunter problem so you would be the right choice.”

“A hunter problem? Is it old iron lungs or no?” Kassei muttered to herself. Well it couldn't hurt to help out but I will need to work out some sort of agreement for her help with my issue.

Vela laughs loudly and says “No it’s not iron lungs you killed him, quite an impressive show to! His name in Roebuck he has it out for me because I stole his ship and his crew. Though I’d almost say it’s smarter of him not to come since you are here now!”

Kassei is quiet for thirty breaths then sighs and says “Yeah yeah alright I’ll help out but you have to help us deal with the alpha rack if we are to help you with Roe, he is no easy beast to put down.”

Vela is quiet for a bit longer than Kassei then she looks up smiles and says “You got it blondie, you help me I’ll help you!”

Kassei had turned away to get to work but when she heard the blondie comment she whipped around blasters out and said with a cold steely calm in her voice “Call me that again and I will kill you myself!” Vela just nodded and backed away.

During the trek to Vela’shunti’s base the group was attacked several times by bandits and raiders. Everytime the group walked away with minimal injuries.

“Why do they keep attacking, there have to be scouts out there reporting the deaths of all their warriors.” Meanela said with a dash of cold cynicism.

Vela’shunti sighed and said, with a clear tone of annoyance, “They never quit that group is called Kraith, its in the language of the planet, I think they call it granthien, and the best i can figure it means Lone ones. But it doesn’t matter because we are here now and they may be brave but they aren’t stupid. WELCOME TO MY ABODE!”

As the group enters the base they are met with hundreds of soldiers and weapon boxes galore being moved around and organized. The closer they look the more they seem to see, in an almost never ending corridor. Kassei looks up at Vela and saying questioningly “Why all the prep, it’s like you are getting ready for a war? I will help you but I’d like to know what I am getting into!”

Vela’shunti set her jaw and stood tall then replied with a cold authority that Kassei didn’t think was there, “This is a war, I have moved three planets due to this guy and now that you are here I am going to wipe this bastard out!”

The blonde hot head smirked and said with a steely calm “That I can get behind, I have been chased off planets before and I can say with complete authority, It is no fun! So yeah I’ll help you take this guy out but what’s his name?”

Vela’shunti looks down for a few seconds, seemingly crying, then she looks back up and says with fear in her voice “Keldable, the steel wall.”
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