Star Wars: The Lost Society

Chatper 7: The Target

Chapter 7:

The Hunt Part 2

“Wait, you have to be mistaken! He’s dead, I put the bolt between his eyes myself!” Kassei said indignantly.

“Nope he is in fact alive, though only alive due to some armor that pumps stims into his body. I tried breaking it, but it is made of Mando steel. Can’t be broken easily!” Vela said sadly.

As Kassei sat down and drifted off into a memory, the others all looked to Vela for info on who this “Keldable” guy was.

Vela’shunti sighed and said softly, “He was supposed to be my husband, but Kassei got a contract on him before the day. I don’t blame her, he had done some REALLY stupid stuff and even I was second guessing him. But what’s done is done, and she is the only one to ever out shoot him. So do what you can to help but she may be in shock for a bit, he was her confidant.”

The group looked over to see Kassei sitting down with her hand over her mouth, and they saw the fear in her eyes. Candrel poked Ele and whispered, “Is she gonna be ok on this mission, it won’t go well if shes not. We need her at the top of her game to beat him….”, Ele looked at him and shook her head. Kassei stood up and walked back, looking steeled and more than a little angry.

“None of you are to go near him, I will draw him out I will fight him. I need the rest of you to go find the source of these alphas and find out how to stop them, stealth and lies will get you no where so it’ll be a fight, a large one. Greath you lead let the sith wreak havoc on the alphas, it will be the safest option, keep them in line when it comes to the group but if an enemy shows up they have the anger and brute force to hurt them.”

“Hey I resemble that remark! And I approve of this plan I will slaughter them by the dozen! Let the bastards come I will enjoy the death!”Brezeck laughed happily.

“Now that it’s decided I will send you out now, the time to lure Keldable out and into the open. Go, now I have to get ready, I will catch up with you after I am done, I will kill him this time, I can’t afford to let him live twice he has a tendency to hold grudges. With that Kassei just turned and walked away pulling out her blaster and spinning it on her finger.

“Well she doesn’t want us to help her, must be really personal. We should get going so she doesn’t shoot us, I’d rather not die today, by the way if I get turned into an alpha kill me without hesitation. If I get bit or scratched kill me, I don’t want a life like that.” Trilectrov said softly. The group nodded and they moved off when the made it to the gate Vela stopped them and handed Greath a small vial filled with a blue liquid that seemed to vibrate and glow. She pulled him in and whispered “It’s a bomb to kill the Alpha leader, kill him the others fall. Do it and I shall fix your ship and send you more supplies than you should ever need!” Then stepped back and walked away.

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