Snape's Story: The Code of Flamel

Chapter 8: Petunia

May 21:

There was a new kid at school today. He was different to the others. He was really annoying and he is honestly the most thick-headed person I have ever met! I hate him so much!

May 22:

The new kid’s name is Charlie Benwright but we always call him Narlie cause he really hates it. We pick on him cause he’s different. I swear there isn’t anyone in the school who honestly likes him.

May 25:

It’s Monday and we’ve just come back from the weekend. On the weekend, Lily and I went with our parents to Movie World. Lily surprised us when she completely disappeared for a few minutes. It gave us quite a scare! It turns out that she was actually exactly where we were looking for her. I think Mummy and Daddy thought it quite amusing but I didn’t. Not at all.

May 26:

I don’t know how it happened, but over the weekend, Charlie Benwright got popular! I know! I never would have guessed! Everyone has stopped calling him Narlie and everyone wants to be his friend!

May 27:

Charlie Benwright is really cute! He’s so nice and funny and sweet and I really like him now.

I made a disgusted face at Lily and she laughed.

May 28:

I can’t stop thinking about Charlie at the moment! I failed my Grammar exam because I was thinking about him too much. I don’t know how I’m going to explain that to mummy and daddy.

May 29:

Charlie Benwright likes another girl apparently! How totally horrible is that? I think I might cry every time I see him now. But it will be the holidays soon so I will be alright.

July 1:

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been really busy these holidays. Me and Lily have been going to the park down Spinner’s End. Lily has been doing some weird things lately that she shouldn’t be able to do. It’s like magic! She’s been trying to teach me but I can’t do it. It really is quite dispiriting.

July 2:

Today we went to the park again. Lily jumped from the swing when I told her not to and she started flying. It’s making me really, honestly, quite jealous. But all the time she was showing me, I couldn’t fight off this feeling that there was someone watching us. Spying on us. I tried to tell her so but she wouldn’t listen. Everyone’s going to think that our family is a freak show.

July 3:

A freak! That’s what Lily is! A total and utter FREAK! She can do strange things with her mind like move things without touching them. She teases me with her powers and I don’t like it!

Lily’s eyes welled with tears as she read the entry over my shoulder.

‘Oh Lily! It’s okay!’ I said feebly, trying my best to comfort her with an awkward pat on the back. ‘She’s not worth crying over! She’s just jealous.’

Lily wiped her eyes and nose and sniffed loudly. ‘You’re right, Sev. I’m being stupid.’

I continued to read.

July 8:

Sorry. I had a break from writing for a while. Today at the park after school, Lily was showing me how she could make a flower open and close its petals. It was totally freaky! Then that Snape boy who lives next to the park jumped out from behind a bush and claimed that he could do that too and that Lily and him were magic. That Snape family is messed up. They are a total freak show! Then the Snape boy called me a muggler or something (see what I mean?) When we got home I told Lily off for not listening to me when I was telling her there was someone watching us.

I chuckled and read the entry aloud to Lily. She laughed too.

'Yes, she really did give me quite the telling off.'

'Hold on! It gets better!' I yelped happily.

I read aloud.

July 28:

‘Today Lily made me go back to the park even though I told her I didn’t want to. When we got there, we found the Snape boy. He did this cool trick with a twig from the ground and I found myself believing him. Unfortunately, Lily and him are now “friends” but I know it won’t last. Freaks like them don’t have friends.’

We laughed again and read silently. This next entry was blotched with tears drops that smudged the ink which made it difficult to read.

July 29:

It’s not fair! Why does Lily get to have magical powers? She doesn’t deserve it! I don’t understand! I’ve talked to mummy and daddy about it but they say that I am being silly and not to let jealousy get to me. That got me thinking though. I am jealous of Lily. She’s younger than me and she gets all of the attention from mummy and daddy! She gets to have magical powers and I have to do whatever she wants because I have to look after her! It’s not fair at all!

Lily’s green eyes were full of tears again but when she saw me looking she wiped her eyes hastily on her sleeves. Halfway through wiping one of her eyes she froze. Her head snapped up and she looked frightened.

'What is –?'

'Shhh!' she hissed putting a finger to her lips. I listened and for a couple of seconds I couldn’t hear anything but then I heard it, a car rumbling into a driveway.

'They’re home!' Lily exclaimed in a whisper. 'Quick, follow me!' I slammed the diary shut and placed it on the desk.

We ran out of Petunia’s room and down the stairs at top speed. Lily led me through the kitchen and out of the back door into the brilliant sunlight. We ran through the yard stumbling over tree roots and toys strewn through the long grass, laughing despite the heat that threatened to burn our skin. We’re not used to heat here.

We finally took shelter behind a huge Beech tree beyond the boundaries of Lily’s backyard laughing and out of breath.

The run had definitely had an effect on Lily. She had a wild blaze in her green eyes accompanied by a sparkle from deep within that made her look radiant.

I pulled my gaze away from her eyes. 'I should probably go home now. Going to get my letter from Hogwarts!' I told her, feeling excited.

'Ok! I can’t wait to get mine! I’ll see you tomorrow, Sev!' She gave me a fleeting hug and vanished between the trees.

I reluctantly left the cool shade of the Beech tree and stepped out into the sunlight, feeling it burn my scalp through my hair. Excitement drove me to keep up a jog as I ran down the road staying in the shade as much as I could.

I finally arrived home, red in the face and hot but excited and nervous all the same.

'Mother! Is my Hogwarts letter here yet?'

'No!' Mother yelled from the kitchen.

I hurried to my room and sat on the floor by my bedroom window determined to wait until the delivery owl came.

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