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An Inimical's Wish


If you were give there wishes, who would you waste it on? That's what happened to Ryujin. A girl of normality, met a creature in fantasy. what hope lies for her future. A wish that everyone desires.

Fantasy / Romance
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Ryujin's POV

*Alarm* "ugh, nooo, I wanna sleep more" covers her head using a pillow. "stoop I wanna sleep" then it stopped. oh thank goodness im gonna rest for awhile--


oh gosh this little-- "Unnie wake up! it's first day of school, c'mon u'll see Nayeon Unnie c'mon" my eyes opened, wide open. Nayeon Unnie? my crush but she's kinda my big sister because she cares for me a lot. Ryujin thought. "okay fine" sigh "now go to your room Yuna and im going to prepare now" I coldly said. "okay unnie" and she kissed my cheecks "aish this girl" smile.


"Eomma, im going to school now!" I was walking towards the door when mom spoke up "but Ryujin you didn't eat yet." I sigh "im fine eomma just need to be early today byee!" what a dumb excuse Ryu.


"Ryu" someone called me. sigh in disbelief knowing who it is.

"what do you want?" coldly said.

"I just wanted to give this to you" handed a gift

"for what?" I looked at the gift

"it's a way to say sorr--"

"Heejin look we already broke up I don't want any interaction for now, the pain you gave me is still here so please give me space you're the one who left me just to be with someone who is my bestfriend Heejin, MY BESTFRIEND! so get lost" walks out. really first day of school. what a start of the day. I just wanted to be peaceful now since that girl left me. Ryujin thought. she keeps walking not knowing where she's going that she ended up going to the garden instead at the classroom. "oh gosh, I was too busy to--"

"pst" who was that?. I keep looking around but no one's here. is someone fooling around with me? "pst" im annoyed already who the hell is that!! "hey! show yourself! stop fooling me around!" Ryujin said. "look behind you". I looked behind I gasped... "a fairy!!" I shouted. "hey there!" the fairy said. "are you real?" I asked "what do you think?" she cutely said. aww what a cute voice. "soo hmm why'd you call me?". I asked again."I guess you're loss and don't know what the hell you were going, and then I thought to put you in a trap so--" she was cut off by me. "wait what! you did what! how am I suppose to go to class now! i'll be late" checks the time, she was confuse " wait is my watch broken why is this not--". "cuz I stopped the time dummy, and the people know you were going to the bathroom, because they're looking at you weirdly". im speechless. "so, why am I here?". silence take over the garden. did she hear me?

"you're here because i'll be your kind of guardian I guess" she shortly said

"get to the point" I coldy said

"hey hey hey be good to me, i'll not hurt you, i'll even protect you" she cutely said

my face was heating what the, Ryujin. "I- what? anyways, what's your name first miss fairy?"

"Oh, my name is Fairy Choi, just call me yours-- I mean call me Choi, just Choi"

yours? HAHAHA this fairy is cute. "okay Choi, so what made you my guardian?" she flies behind me, side to side and just keeps following her with my head "wait stop moving here stay in my palm"

"Oh sorry hihi, so as a fairy i'll be always by your side, and oh hmm i'll be granting wishes but you only have three wishes okay? wish the things when you really need them"

she said seriously

she's scary when she's serious. "okay am I dreaming? this is incredible!"

giggles "you're not dreaming, but know when you really need the wish okay? but im not just a fairy im also a friend that will always be here when times needed. you might see me but others can't and actually I already know you Shin Ryujin, you have a sister named Shin Yuna, you're hella cold to other people especially when you don't know them. I've been watching you. but in a good way. im not a stalker just a fairy who will be there for you and make you happy. I never get a chance to talk to you since your friends are always there and when you're alone there would be girls screaming and running towards you. and i'm really happy that I finally got you."

"woah, you've been watching me? kinda weird but, yeah wow. make me happy? but im happy" ''finally got you'' that made me flatter like wow my heart is beating what the heck what is this feeling? it's been a long time since I felt this again Ryujin thought..

"don't lie Ryujin, i know your hurt especially after the break up, but im here to heal you and help you, maybe add me at your friend list eh?" she giggled

smiles "you're awesome, thanks in advance Choi"

"so let's go to your class?"

"mhmm" I hummed in response


I was going out of this "garden" when I came out I looked at when I was from, restroom I looked at Choi she smiled at me, omygosh look at her her eyes it's gone hihi so cuteee her smile melts my heart, she's really awesome. I started to walk and look at my watch oh I was damn early it's just 7 am one hour to wait for those dorks. I continued walking when suddenly three girls started screaming my name behind me, before I look at them, I look at Choi and see her looking at them while her arms were crossed and having a grumpy face. again, what a cutie I giggled silently. then I looked at the girls. I took out my lollipop from my pocket, remove the wrap and put it in my mouth and just look at them. wanted to tease this little one here.

"hey girls! so why y'all shouting?" saying it in a cool way while smirking knowing the other one is about to explode.

"Ryujin you're so pretty" the random girl said

"Ryujin you're so cool" the other one said

"Ryujinn!! I love youu!" and the other one said

woah a lot of compliments. I was just smirking

"Ryujin! pls date me! I want to be yours and you'll be mine!''

I giggled

"Ryujin let's go!" the grumpy Choi said no one heard her that's why no one reacted scary

"okay girls i'll be going now bye" turn my back at them and when I faced the other side the little one is goddamn have a red face after hearing the last one I guess. I just smiled at her and head my way to the cafeteria. it was still early so I expected that no one is there and only the workers. "hmm hi, I would love to have a chocolate drink pls" I politely said. "okay maam Shin" they really know me here already, sometimes i'll just stand here and just give me my favorite which is the chocolate drink. it was already handed to me and was finding for a sit where no one will hear me or anything because I know the little one will be scolding at me. and so I found a sit and it's really at the end and at the corner. "So explain what did you just do?" she coldly said while I was taking a sip. "do what?" I innocently replied. "ugh, nevermind" she said and rolled her eyes. "are you jealous?" I blurted out. "what are you saying? dummy im just your guardian not your lover" she said. " and a friend. but, your acting like one, you were so grumpy when they were calling my name." I said and after that I took a sip. she didn't say anything she's just looking at the window beside us. "hey speak out, I don't want to be a weirdo here" I said while looking at her. "well you are a weirdo" she replied. "what? what did you just?--" "shut up". "why?" I said "shut up!" and I shutted my mouth. silence... again... when will this little one will talk?. "hey hmm Choi im sorry, I was just teasing you, im really sorry" I said while looking down. it was silent again when I felt a little hand on my cheeck. "it's okay Ryujin I just overreacted and I don't know why and im sorry too, finish your drink and let's go to your classroom now" we both smile at each other. I finished my drink and throw it. and now heading to the classroom, I checked my watch and it's 7:30. I guess i'll be first in class..


im here at the classroom, Choi is at my table sleeping so I decided to sleep too. few minutes pass. someone suddenly is calling me. I look up, blink my eyes many times then I saw her... "Nayeon Unnie" I whispered. I didn't hesitate. "UNNIE!!" and run to her and hugged her. she giggled and hug me back. "so early huh?". I break the hug "Yes unnie hihi". she smiled "okay, i'll be heading to my class now, just wait for your friends" I nodded and smiled "Bye Unnie" waving while she walks away while waving her hand at me. "so who was that" "Kyaa!!!" I shouted. "are you going to give me a heart attack?!" while holding my chest and holding the edge of the wall for balance. "im sorry" she said and giggled. her giggles will surely give me a heart attack tho. "let's head back there and i'll tell you who was that" I explained everything to her. "so there". "just imagining it she's a great woman, caring and loving woman" she said. "oh hell ya!" I agreed. then my phone suddenly vibrate "oh let me check this" she nodded in response. a message I see...

Yejiiiiiii Uniiieeeeee!!!😸

"heey! Ryujin--aah! why aren't you home, I already fetch Yuna"

"oh sorry unnie, I went to school early. see you here I guess. take care!"

"yes we will"

it's almost 8 where are they?. Yeji unnie and Yuna are so slow, maybe i'll listen to music first. I took out my phone and headset and started to listen to music. when this little guardian of mine wants to listen too so I decided to remove the other one and put it at the table. increase the volume then she listened to it. 🎵weak-SWV🎶

🎶​I don't know what it is that you've done to me

But it's caused me to act in such a crazy way

Whatever it is that you do when you do what you're doing

It's a feeling that I don't understand

few students are entering the classroom and me I just smile at them. I glance at Choi and she's enjoying the music. this is my favorite, I just discovered this recently

🎶'Cause my heart starts beating triple time

With thoughts of loving you on my mind

I can't figure out just what to do

When the cause and cure is you

I rested my head on the table while looking at Choi. I gave a little. she didn't notice me. giggles in my mind.

🎶I get so weak in the knees, I can hardly speak

I lose all control and something takes over me

In a daze and it's so amazing, it's not a phase

I want you---

"Hey Ryu!" I stratled

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