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Sorry.The last thing you hear before before blackness washed over you.When you awake,you are met by a bright light and so you close your eyes again.”Is she awake” “No”Voices were heard and they were talking about your condition and what happened.”What’s her quirk?””I don’t even know if she has one.”Blackness all over again,and you wake up to a room.Definitely not the one you were in before. Join Y/N on her journey in becoming the number one,while catching the hearts of many of course.She is also a little too innocent. I have this on Wattpad too.Same name same creator name.

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It was a fire that started it all.

One night you were training because you wanted to get into UA when you were older.A scream,a blood curtailing scream arose from your house.You were confused at first but soon learned that it came from your sister.

What the hell is going on?!You thought to yourself.You ran inside the house to see a terrible sight.On the floor was your sister and a fire threatening to consume your sister in a ball of fire.Without thinking,you ran and grabbed her to pull her out.It was a hassle because 1.The fire 2.Your sister was 5 years older than you.At least training pulled off.

Why do I feel like I'm missing something?You thought. "B/N!!!!!"You screamed out.You put your sister down and sprinted into the house as fast as you could without dying.As your slowed to a stop in front of the door,you broke down in tears,Mom,Dad both dead on the floor with your brother nowhere in sight.You needed to push your brother to the back of your mind as you ran out leaving your sister behind.While you ran while on the verge of tears,you're ran into a boy who reminded you of a dog kinda.He looked about the same age as you,around 9-10,but when you ran into him he screamed "Move out of the way idiot!" "Sheesh"you muttered under your breath.

You decided that you were gonna be able to always stand up for yourself and meet you sister when in a better and stronger state.Your first step,find somewhere to stay.

You ended up near a creek where you can make a place to stay at.You could also train yourself.After making a good shelter in the trees,you decided to call it a day and fell asleep on the makeshift bed you made,sure it wasn't very comfortable,but it was good enough.

The next day,you woke up and went to go look for food in the creek,well just fish,but it'll work.Or you could go get berries,you decided to do that.

A little bit later your found an apple tree(aN aPpLe A DaY KeEpS ThE DocToRs AwAY)and ate some of them.Walking around,you saw what seemed to be an abandoned stone platform where you could train at.

A while later you were too tired out to continue and trudged back to your tree and fell asleep.When you woke up,it was early morning and you realized that you haven't changed your clothes and you smelled bad,like really bad.

In the river you went to take a quick bath in a little pond you found.You had to somehow rinse out you clothes with water which was very weird.As the year went by,you got used to living in the wild and it was actually pretty cool.

5 Years Later

You were now 14,which meant you could get a job,but you still couldn't figure out if you had a quirk or not,so you just quit trying to find out and focused on physical training.You decided to get a job at a coffee shop a half a mile walk from the forest.A couple months later you had enough money to buy new clothes,although you stayed in the forest instead of buying a house.You had also met someone with the name of Hitoshi Shinso.You two became good friends in the next year.

"Hey Shinso?"

"Hm?"He replied.

"Would you like to come and see where I live after my shift?"

"Sure"He sounded happy that you asked him but you just waved it off.

After your shift you took Shinso out to the forest and he looked pretty confused on why you guys were here.

"Come on!Its just up this tree!"You shouted you Shinso.

"Ok?"He replied confused.

When you made it to the top Shinso looked around amazed.You had fixed it up since you first made it so it looked AWSOME!You had used tree branches from other trees to make a ball of wood for you walls,your bed and clothes were in the corner,and to use the bathroom you went to the convenience store down the road.You were actually proud of yourself.

Soon,Shinso had to leave to go home and you thought about all the things you had done during the 6 years you've been here.

"I've increased my pain tolerance,I've trained my physical abilities,and I have been able to look through the school windows and learn what I need to learn.I have also saved up enough money to go to UA!"

You had put you backpack that had your clothes and money in it on,and didn't realize how heavy it was and fell right out of the tree.

"I'm sorry..."We're that only words you were able to say before falling limp.

You wake up to a stinging in your head,and the bright light didn't do anything to help.You instead closed your eyes again hearing these words.

"Is she quirkless?"

"I don't really know,there's no records of her even being alive"

"Ugh,I want to go back to sleep"

"Shouta no,we're trying to figure this out"

Then,blackness over took as you tried to stay awake to listen to the conversation.

You wake up in some weird pitch black space and you start to panic.What happens?Did I DIE!No no no NO!I wanted to find my sister and make her proud of what I had become!As you panic,you fail to see someone appear out of the darkness.

"Hello"The voice said.You could hear it belonged to a male.

"WHO ARE YOU!"You screamed. "WHERE AM I!"

"Calm down I'll answer your questions"

"My name is Akihiko,and your in your own mind."Akihiko explained.

"Why am I here?"You curiously asked not aware of the person behind you.

"Just because"


"THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND LAST TIME HERE!"The man let out a crazed laugh just as you felt something stab you and the whole world faded the black.

??? Time later

(Still Y/N P.O.V)

You somehow woke up on the floor of the forest house you built and you assumed that it was just a dream.But you had a gut feeling that you were wrong.

You did the usual,changed you clothes,got bathed and went for a walk.But as you were passing a shop,you saw what you looked like in the window,your eyes turned empty and a dark shade of E/C.You hair was darker to and you eyes looked empty.And then you felt it,all the emotions leave as if they were never there.You looked empty and you couldn't talk in this state.You walked with no emotion on your face whatsoever,and walked back to the forest.When you got their,you decided to train since you wanted to see if you abilities were still the same and you were right,they were.And then and explosion of power went trough you.Did you have a quirk in this form?

Your so called 'quirk' has the power to control all 10 elements,Water,Fire,Earth,Ice,Light,Darkness,Air,

Life,Electricity,and Death.You ended up calling your quirk,Ultimate Elements.You were training on using your quirk,you ended up being able to use two elements at once.Somehow,you even learned to use the air to travel on and the darkness and light to hide yourself in plain sight.You worked on using earth the most since it was hardest to control when in the forest.

When you fell out of you state of 'Emptyness' as you called it.You were able to learn how to turn it on and off,as well as your quirk.Soon,you noticed how fast the ten months of training went on before your training at UA had started.You felt as though you were ready,ready to take the world by surprise and become the number one hero!

A/N note

Please tell me if I did good or not,I'm not the best a making stories.

WELL ANYWAYS,enough of me and more about you,if I can,I will try to update 3 times a week,about two thousand words each time.



(Please tell me about any typos please!)

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