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Teen Fortress 2

By SchizophrenicFrankie


Reliable Excavators and Demolitionists

He stood there at the gates, suitcase in a hand, looking on at the gigantic red building. Then he heard the sound of a car engine starting. Startled, he flipped around only to see his father driving off, just leaving him there with no guidance. All he could do was stand there and watch the car drive off until there was only a plume of dust left. Tears where brimming in his eyes and his hands started to shake. His heart rate increased and his blood pressure was not far behind.

"Papa…" he breathed out, ducking his head down as he tried to calm himself, placing a hand on his jittery chest in an effort to calm himself down. Everything seemed to be blurring out and he wavered, going off balance a little. He was scared, where was he? Why did his father leave him in front of this building? Why…

"Hey!" a voice shouted of nowhere and the boy felt a metallic object being poked against his chest. Shaking his head to clear himself of dizziness, his eyes focused on another boy that looked about the same age as him. He had short cut brown hair that was covered in a red baseball cap and held in his hand the slightly offending metal object – an aluminium baseball bat.

"Hello? Is there anyone in there?" he said, a slight teasing tone in his voice, waving a bandaged hand in front of the boy's face. The boy nervously patted away the hand of the other boy, who just stared at him, confused as he was.

"Ahh, so there is someone in there after all! I was thinkin' about bashin' ya head in to find out, but you seem alright now!" He said with an arrogant grin. The other, more nervous one only managed a shaky laugh.

"Ya, I'm so glad you didn't." He said shyly, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. The other boy just grinned widely, swinging the bat so it rested over his right shoulder.

"Anyways, what are ya doin' here? I've never seen you around before. By the way, my name's Ben." He said, sticking his hand out. The other boy almost reluctantly took it, a shy smile forming on his face as he curiously looked at Ben.

"M-my name's Felix," He stuttered, "And… where am I?"

"Ha, ya don't even know where ya are?!" Ben said in disbelief. "My friend, you are in the magnificent school for the Reliable Excavation and Demolition team!"

"The RED's?" Felix asked, solving the acronym.

"Exactly!" Ben said, patting the German boy on the back. "Now, we should get you to the office, then you'll get a proper introduction." He winked before grabbing Felix by the forearm and practically dragged him toward the great metallic doors of the 'school'. By the time they were standing in front of it, Felix was bent over double and panting hard. He glanced from side to side and realized that this wasn't just a building – it was, a fortress, a wall. It seemed to go on for about 1,000 meters before ending, letting the tree line take over. This was a fort that was somehow a school – how strange.

"Oh, yeah, sorry for runnin' so fast," Ben chuckled, "It's kinda my special skill. It's how I got acquired to my class."

Felix just looked at the American boy with confusion as he grabbed the large door handle, pushed and slowly, grinding across the floor, the gigantic red door opened to reveal a dim hallway. It only ran for about 5 meters, then there was another, slightly smaller door, the only thing present on the blank red wall.

"Now," Ben started whilst leading the nervous, shaky Felix toward that single door, the other closing with a loud thunk. The German boy jumped in surprise and instinctively gripped the wrist of Ben, who looked at him with a grin on his face.

"First of all, ya gotta get used to loud noises as they're a regular thing here. Second, the Administrator's office is as the end of the corridor."

"W-wait, are you not going to escort me there?" Felix asked, somewhat scared that he had to part with his first friend.

"Sorry, Felix, but I have to make my way to class. I'm already fifteen minutes late!" He chuckled in amusement.

"Anyways," He said, holding up his hand, "See ya." Felix looked at Ben in bewilderment as the American just held his hand in mid-air.

"Don't leave me hangin', Felix!" Ben said, seeming almost offended.

"Hanging? What?" Felix stared at Ben as if he'd gone insane to which Ben responded by rolling his eyes and taking Felix's hand and placing it on his splayed out one.

"It's a high five, dude, have you ever heard of it before?" He asked.

Felix slowly shook his head with a confused expression on his face.

"No." he said to the point, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand.

"Hey, that's OK, now ya know, right?" Ben grinned, swinging his bat around in the air.

"Anyways, you better be off to the Administrator's office. She's been expecting you and doesn't like latecomers. Her office is the first door to your left when you turn right." The American said before zooming off, leaving Felix standing there.

"See ya later, Felix!" Ben's voice echoed through the left hallway he had run off into. The German boy sighed before dragging his suitcase through the corridor, memory recalling Ben's directions. Soon enough he was stood in front of a purple wooden door, which to Felix made a difference from all the red, with 'Administrator's Office' painted on the blurry glass in neat black writing. Audibly swallowing out of nervousness, he bought a shaky hand to the wood and rapped on the door three times.

"Enter!" A distinctly female voice ordered. Obedience was the one thing that he knew well and he did as he was told, opening the door to reveal a square room. The ceiling and floor seemed to be painted in a different shade of purple whereas the walls where a creamy white colour. On the right wall was a giant bookcase with an array of different titles on it, like 'The Winner's Guide to Winning', 'Cake for All' and the one that particularly caught his eye, 'A Surgeon's Guide to the Battlefield'.

On the left wall there was a single desk with a lamp on it, followed by some sheets of paper, blueprints and a fountain pen. But Felix's eyes were more drawn to the wall in front of him. On either side of the wall was a large window to which a stream of radiant light flowed through. In the middle of these two windows was a large portrait of a woman that looked to be in her 50's, with a large mass of black hair that had a white streak going up from the middle of her forehead. From her shoulders down to the frame of the painting itself she wore a smart purple suit.

A sudden clearing of the throat was heard and Felix jumped, dropping his suitcase which landed with a thump on the ground. His eyes darted around, trying to locate the sound of the noise, until he realized that the source of it came from right in front of him. Sitting with a look of annoyance on her face was the woman from the painting, the Administrator.

"Well don't just stand there gauping, sit down boy." Her voice was both smooth and sharp at the same time, and Felix immediately knew that this was not a woman to be against. Obediently, Felix picked up his suitcase again only to have in dropped on the ground as he sat carefully down in the chair provided at the front of the desk. He put both hands on his legs and sat with his back straight, something his father had forced him to do, if not he would get a – no! he thought, focus on here, not on father!.

"So, your name is Felix Vladimir Klauss, is that correct?" the woman asked, raising an eyebrow, waiting for an answer.

"Y-ya, that is correct, ma'am." The young boy replied, his voice slightly shaky out of nervousness.

"And you are 13, is that correct?" The woman said.


"You are from Stuttgart, Germany?"


"And your father's profession is that of a surgeon?"


The Administrator paused and stroked her chin, her eyes looking up at the ceiling in thought. Felix stared at her, then at his hands which he had started to fiddle with out of a force of habit.

"Tell me, Felix, are you interested in surgery or any medical work at all?"

"Ya, ma'am," the boy nodded his head, "my father told me all about it, he gave me books and let me dissect some small creatures in his surgery. He taught me about medicine and made me read a lot of books explaining medical practices."

"Hmmm," the woman looked at Felix with narrowed eyes. "Yes, it turns out your father won't have to be forced to collect you. You have been accepted to the school for Reliable Excavators and Demolitionists. You will be –" Suddenly she was interrupted when the door burst open to which a brown skinned woman with a black hair put up in a bun entered, dragging by the arm a boy that looked like, and in fact was Ben, who carried an expression of annoyance on his pointed face.

"Sorry to disturb you, Miss, but this student has committed a horrible felony!" the woman with black hair said giving a sharp tug when Ben resisted her grip.

"I was only 15 minutes late, jeez!" Ben shouted angrily.

"He claims that he was showing a new student in, but I believe this to be untrue!" she shouted even louder over the American's whining and slightly offensive language.

"Exactly, you believe it to be untrue; when the fact is that you are incorrect in every way." The Administrator said with a smile that carried more arrogance than Ben's as she pointed to the German boy sitting as calmly as he could in the chair.

"Hey Felix!" Ben waved as the woman who had come in with him merely uttered an 'oh' before saying quickly, "Oh, I'm sorry administrator, you know what this jerk is like, why he'd smear himself in dog crap just to get out of class. Please forgive me."

"That's alright, Josephine, I understand. You're not the only one who's had to put up with this kid's crap." She said understandingly. "You know what, I have an idea of how to straighten this kid's behaviour. Ben, Felix will be sharing a room with you and Ivan and if there is any misbehaviour he is to report them to me, isn't that correct, Felix?" She said sternly, her sharp eyes staring right into Felix's, making him want shiver.

"Y-ya, ma'am. I w-will." He said with a quivering voice, however still maintaining his straight posture in the chair.

"Good, and since it is very nearly the end of the day and we have a newcomer, I will give the whole team the rest of the day off. That is including you Miss Josephine. Now, Ben, would you kindly lead Felix to his new room." She said smoothly, glancing at all three people before her.

Miss Josephine smiled in gratitude before promptly disappearing, leaving only Ben by the door and Felix still in the chair.

"Well, what are you two waiting for, get out of here before I call the BLU's!" She shouted sharply at them both, waving her hand in the air as Ben again dragged Felix out of the office, suitcase firmly gripped in the German boy's hand.

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