Link to the Past

Return to Dagobah

The Force flowed through and around him. Luke sat, watching him intently. Piett was focusing, immersed in the Force, spare components of lightsabers and crystals from most of Vader's 'trophies' as well as the Dark Lord's own personal supply were all around him. Only Qui-Gon's weapon was untouched, currently in Luke's hands. At Vader's suggestion, the Admiral was attempting to build his own lightsaber.

The pieces began floating as Firmus slipped deeper into the Force, along with most of the loose items in the training room. Luke briefly grappled with Qui-Gon's blade while ducking a datapad that zoomed over his head and quickly snatched his own weapon from the air. Everything spun around them as if in a tornado, and the young Jedi was forced to scoot much closer to his uncle to avoid getting hit. Pieces being moving to a place between uncle and nephew, arranging themselves to fit together in the form of a lightsaber hilt.

Luke ducked the incoming crystal, absently noting that it was green, much like the one in Qui-Gon's lightsaber. He spotted three balde-protectors as well and watched eagerly, waiting for all the pieces to come together and be merged with the Force into a new blade. The hilt took shape, though they were not completely together yet. It was elegant in design, with no color except for black and silver.

The door hissed opened, and Vader's presence and breathing filled the room. Piett snapped out of his trance, and the unfinished lightsaber fell to the floor, the pieces scattering once they landed.

Piett and Luke stared in dismay then shot annoyed looks at the Dark Lord.

"My apologies," Vader rumbled, apologetic at least.

The younger of the Skywalker brothers sighed and got to his feet, spotting the time on the wall chrono.

"I'll start over later. I have to get to the bridge."

Luke stood, letting his uncle clap the binders onto his wrists. With a nod to his father, he followed Piett back to his quarters and slipped into meditation.

Piett's attempts to build his lightsaber continued to be interrupted until he finally gave up and set the project aside for a later date. The Admiral could not shake the knowledge of Vader's dream nor the lingering feeling of his brush with the Darkside weeks earlier. It still bothered him. While he had no problem slipping into the Force, he did not reach deep into when Vader was immersed in the Darkside, fearing another loss of control. He sought answers in the Force and was granted with visions of Dagobah. He knew what he needed to do.

Vader sensed his brother even before the younger man entered his quarters.

"I need to go. The Jedi Master holds the answers I need for this issue with the Darkside I've had since the accident."

The Dark Lord considered for a few moments the nodded.

"Very well."

"Let me take Luke. He'll be safer with me than here."

Again Vader agreed, knowing his younger brother was right, and soon Piett and Luke were making the jump into hyperspace for Dagobah.

"Do you really think Master Yoda can help you, Uncle Firmus?"

"I'm not going for Master Yoda, I'm going for the cave."

Luke blinked in confusion.

"I thought Master Yoda said-"

"Master Yoda was wrong, Luke. The visions I've had all lead to the cave. Feeling the Darkside through my bond with Vader isn't the same as facing my own Darkside, which is what I need to do."

The young Jedi grinned.

"Master Yoda won't like that you said he was wrong," he teased.

"Eh, he'll just have to get over it, won't he?" Piett said with a smile.

Dagobah had a strange feeling of 'home' to them when they exited the shuttle. They hurried to Yoda's hut, eager to see their Master.

"Master Yoda! Master Yoda, we're back!" Luke called.

Piett opened the door, sticking his head inside.

"Master Yoda?"

He stepped back, closing the door.

"Where could he be?"

"I don't know, Luke."

They reached out with the Force, and at last, a familiar presence made itself know. Yoda dropped down from a nearby tree.

"Hmm. Sensed for me first you should have, Padawans."

"Yes, Master," they said, taking the reprimand.

He eyed his students.

"Changed you both are. Stronger you have become."

"Master Yoda, I need to face the cave as Luke did. I must face my own Darkside."

The ancient Master studied Piett for a moment then nodded.

"Ready before you were not. Recognize the Darkside you did not. Recognize it now you do. Face the cave you will."

"Thank you, Master."

Yoda shuffled towards his hut.

"But first eat you must. rest. To the cave we will go tomorrow."

He smiled at the twin groans from his students.

"Well, at least that hasn't changed," Luke said.

"Guess I'd be worried if it had."

They obediently followed him into the hut. They ate then returned to the shuttle for the night.

"Uncle Firmus."

Piett turned on his bunk to face his nephew.


"What do you think you'll see in the cave?"

The Admiral was silent.

"I'm not sure. I'll find out when I go in."

The run through the swamp to the cave was tiring yet reminded them of all their training exercises.

"Into the cave you may. Need your weapons you will not."

Piett hesitated for a moment then handed Luke his lightsaber and blaster. Taking a deep breath, he entered the cave.

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