Link to the Past

Unexpected Meeting

Piett was used to early wake-ups and woke even before Yoda had. Not one to just sit by, the captain crawled out of his lean-to and began doing stretches. Vader had taught him many warm-ups, which he set about doing.

Yoda exited his hut to see his new student engaged in warm-ups. He could practically see the Force flowing through him, and there was no doubt in his mind that this man was indeed Qui-Gon's son. He was so like the late maverick.

"Strong you already are."

Startled, Piett ended his handstand warm-up in a face-plant in the mud. He sat up and shook his head to rid himself of the mud.

"Startle you did I?" Yoda chuckled.

"Yes, Master. I'm still not used to sensing the presence of others."

The ancient Jedi nodded.

"Used to Vader's breathing you are."

The Imperial nodded.

Training was demanding, yet Piett met each demand with determination. He grew stronger and was exceeding even Yoda's expectations.

After he left to return to the Executor, Yoda sat in his hut, thinking over the past few months.

Piett landed his personal shuttle at a small spaceport. He still wore his civilian clothes, which he had worn on Dagobah. He headed into the restaurant and went to order. Just as he sat down to eat, a powerful presence of the Force hit him. He looked up and was drawn to a blond young man with sky blue eyes who sat with a brown haired, brown eyed man.

"Hands up!" bellowed a voice, breaking off his study.

He turned to see a group of men, made of up of one human, two Twi'leks, one Gungan, and one Rodian. Each held two blasters.

"Hand over all your valuables, now!" the human barked.

Piett scowled, brushing his now long bangs from his face. Someone needed to teach them a lesson, and apparently the young man shared his sentiment.

"What if we don't want to?"

"Luke!" his companion hissed.

Luke ignored him.

The Gungan and Rodian moved towards the young man, their postures threatening.

"You're a fool, boy," the Rodian said.

Piett sprung, and Luke's eyes went wide at the sight of the lightsaber in his hand.

"Jedi! Kill him!"

The captain deflected the blaster bolts and cut down the Rodian and Gungan. He let the Force flow through him, knowing if he left one thug alive, they would take a hostage or even kill someone. He Force Pushed the human into the wall as the two Twi-leks made a suicidal charge at him.

"Jedi scum!" one snarled.

He dispatched them with ease, though still disturbed by the kills, and then ran the human through. He deactivated his lightsaber, called the bag of his meal to his hand, and hurried out to his ship before anyone could try to talk to him.


Piett turned to see the two young men.

"You're a Jedi?" Luke asked.

The boy pulsed strongly in the Force, much like Vader.

"Please. I'm Luke Skywalker."

Piett nearly choked on the piece of food he had just put in his mouth to give himself an excuse not to answer Luke's question. He spat it out and whirled.

"Did you say Skywalker?"

"Yes, sir."

He swallowed.

"Any relation to Anakin Skywalker?"

Luke nodded.

"He's my father."

The captained flung himself into the cockpit.

"Wait, please!"

"Look, boy, it's best if you left me alone."

With that he took off, thousands of questions whirling in his mind. Once he landed aboard the Executor he exited his ship, ignoring salutes and greetings of his men, who recognized him despite his clothes and longer hair. He went straight to Vader's quarters.

"Luke Skywalker."

"What?" Vader demanded.

He looked his younger brother up and down, amused by his disheveled appreance.

"Luke Skywalker. Your son," Piett said.

He sensed his brother's shock.

"My... son?"

The captain nodded.

"I met him."


He relayed the story. Once he finished, Vader said nothing for a moment.

"You were foolish to use your powers and lightsaber out in the open."

"Really? You just found out about your son, and that's what you're going to focus on?"

Vader sat in his chair.

"I thought he died with his mother."

"Well he didn't, and he knows something about your old life. He was interested in knowing if I was a Jedi, so he at least knows you used to be one."

Vader nodded.

"My old Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, started his training before I killed him on the Death Star."

"You killed your- I'll never understand how your mind works, though at the moment I could care less."

The Dark Lord was a little surprised at how bold his sibling was being but didn't bother to try to talk him out of his boldness. He was his father's son, so he couldn't really expect anything else from the younger man.

"Are you finished, little brother?" he asked somewhat teasingly.

Piett snorted irritably but stalked off to clean up.

Vader smiled to himself. The stubbornness of Qui-Gon and the determination of Shmi was a dangerous mix. Piett now had no qualms about telling his elder sibling off. Of course he would never actually harm the captain, but Piett didn't know that.

Later the brothers were sparing.

"You've furthered your training. Impressive."

The younger of the Skywalker brothers answered with only a powerful blow that surprised Vader with the sheer strength of it.

"You've been trained."

"So what if I have. No Jedi is a threat when they're too old to fight."

Vader decided to let it drop for now. If Piett felt the Jedi was a threat he would say so. He was still an Imperial.

The captain executed a back flip, avoiding the crimson blade that swung towards his stomach. Upon landing he leaped high into the air, came down behind Vader, and stabbed at his back. Vader moved to block, but Piett adjusted his angle in mid stab. The Dark Lord found himself staring at the tip of the emerald blade as it rested just over his shoulder, alongside his neck. Had it been a real fight Piett would have killed him with such a move.

"I believe I have won this round," Piett said.

Their blades deactivated at the same time.

"It takes a highly trained eye and homed reflexes to pull off such a move. Most impressive."

The captain returned the hilt to the band on his arm.

"Well, I've had practice."

He left the training room to take his shift on the bridge.

Vader stayed behind, thinking. His brother had grown very powerful, and if he was not careful, he would catch the eye of the Emperor. That had to be avoided at all costs.

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