Star Wars: Sith Hunter

The Betrayal

The air was tense between the new Khan and the defeated beast. Flames on the chandeliers and stone braisers continued to burn. Aescun gulped again and paced herself as she lightly tapped the lower end of the bladed weapon. His betrayal came and the beast never saw it coming. As she stood still looking down, she trailed along the hilt of the weapon until she met his hand on the handle. Looking up slightly across his strong chest and finally his face, she stood slowly.

Aescun continued trailing her finger along his muscled arm and touched his cheek. She moved for a kiss and responded lightly, “I thank you for your mercy, my love. You have indeed killed your father and now you are in charge. Continue to remain the strongest of all Khans before him.”

Jordai accepted her kiss and responded grabbing her waist, “Will you join my side then? You must be loyal without question and to never keep secrets from me because if I find out you are hiding something from me I will kill you without a thought. Tell me now and I will grant you mercy again with understanding.”

Aescun continued to stare into Jordai’s scowl. So many things were going around her head. For one, she was indeed holding something back but she made a promise. It was one promise she wouldn’t dare break. Jordai was far too violent for this kind of secret. She responded with straightforwardness, “No secrets my love.”

Jordai nodded and embraced her by lifting her with a grunt. She kissed him back and continued embracing his muscles. He placed her back down and stroked her cheek. Aescun grabbed it and kissed his hand. He responded, “Now after I have confirmed my father’s death, I will go to the bridge and announce his death as well as my new status as Khan. I have killed him without your aid as you simply watched me. After that, you will take my father’s personal ship, the Paerilous Blade and continue on with your mission. I will not see you until I have summoned your presence again as to make sure you do not stray from my side an inch longer.”

After kissing her again on the lips, he placed his polearm weapon in front of her. Aescun gripped it and watched him leave. The new Khan left her standing there in the middle of the room. She had a concerned look on her face as she stroked her stomach and continued to hold the bladed weapon. For the first time she felt lost for words and unsure of what to do.

Jordai was standing waiting with a harsh scowl at the bed in the medic bay. His father was laying there unmoving and unconscious. He patiently waited as the medic droid checked him over. It turned and beeped with confirmation that brought a cold smile mixed in with a sneer on his mouth, “He is one hundred percent dead.”

“Good,” Jordai spat as he continued, “place him in the coffin and prepare to transport him to the torpedo room. It’s time to send his body out in style and toward the sun. It’s the least he deserves.”

The medic droid responded to his retreating back, “Of course, sir.”

As Jordai exited through the doorway, his sneer turned into a snarl as he scowled at Aescun. She was looking back at him with her right arm gauntlet pieced back together. He approached her charging a bit as Aescun moved her gauntlet up to defend herself. Grabbing her right metal hand, he moved it aside as he grabbed her throat and thrust her back against the wall.

He spat harshly responding, “I saw you embracing in such a way with my father. Was this for real? Or was it for show? Tell me! Tell me now or I will give you fifty lashes!”

Aescun grunted painfully as she grabbed his wrist. She spoke attempting to quell his anger, “My love, of course it wasn’t for real. Look into me. Look into my eyes and hear me.”

He scowled into her eyes and grunted shaking his head. He released and responded coldly, “Good. If you do this again to another or if I see another get a hand on you, I will deal with them as such because you are mine only and no one else!”

Aescun started to purr again as she cocked her head stroking his face. She responded moving forward for a kiss on his lips, “I did not realize this, my love. This is what I do, you must understand. This is what I am trained and live for. The manipulation of others through imitated love and companionship is a part of me. If this bothers you so much, then do so for me. Kill the ones that lay their hand on me because I will not stop. Not even for your jealously.”

Jordai let out another snarl as Aescun moved again toward him to embrace his muscles stroking his ego. He let her do this to ensure that there is a mutual understanding between them. She kissed him on the neck and moved off as the new warlord turned away from her.

As Jordai continued to prowl along the corridor of his new ship under his command, he used the elevator and stepped onto the bridge a few moments later. Walking across the long prow of the ship, he stopped before a command console and pushed the button for attention to the entire fleet. He spoke using his commanding tone, “Attention fleet. This is the former Jordai Khan speaking. Paerilous Khan the Merciless is dead. I have killed him and taken his mantle. By rights and by law I am the new Paerilous Khan the Wrathful. I am your new warlord. You are expected to listen to me. Failure to comply will be death by execution. Now I will require regular reports from the captains and the department heads by this evening. No excuses and no second chances. You have been warned. That is all.”

He backed a bit and stretched out his bulging muscles as he continued taking deep breaths. He let out a roar flexing his muscles while brandishing his tattoos. His roar echoed around the ship but they knew they wouldn’t dare cross him. He was far worse than the old Paerilous Khan. The new human Khan was still merciless but stronger and wrathful.

From the torpedo room, Aescun gulped as she heard his roar that echoed around the ship. She approached the officer in charge of the console as he prepared the coffin containing the dormant body of the former Khan. He turned to her and spoke, “He is ready for transport, huntress.”

She approached him and let out a snarl as she touched his shoulder with her right gauntlet. He flinched slightly as her nail pierced his skin. She asked, “Where are you sending him?”

He nodded and responded, “To the sun to dispose of his body.”

Aescun nodded and let go as she responded waving her hand to manipulate his mind with the force, “Of course, do as you will. Are you sure he must go there?”

The officer hesitated for a bit as he paused before the button. His mind was weak and easy to manipulate. He responded, “I-I am not sure, huntress. Where would you have him go?”

She shrugged as she walked to the coffin and stroked the lid responding, “I do not know. The space is vast. Pick your options. But if you’re not sure about crossing the new warlord, then please by all means send the old warlord’s body into the sun. I am sure you will attain status by doing so.”

The officer stuttered a bit as he sweated a little, “Ah, umm. I think, uhh, I will-”

Aescun waved her hand again to touch his mind with the force to boost his confidence. The officer reentered a new coordinate. She turned as Jordai entered the room. He let out a snarl as he glared at her, “What are you doing here, Aescun?”

The dark Sith huntress shrugged as she shook her head while walking gracefully toward him. She kept her right gauntlet on the hilt of her lightsaber as she responded, “Just checking out the coffin to make sure it was in the right spot. You know how it is.”

She touched the side of his face with her left gloved hand stroking it. He let out a growl as he touched her wrist and kissed the palm of her hand. Afterwards as he stared back into her dark eyes, he spoke, “Leave and wait outside. I will see to this. You are not allowed in this part of the ship any longer, do you understand?”

Aescun responded as she kissed him on the cheek responding softly, “Don’t you trust me anymore, my love?”

She tried to kiss him on the lips, but Jordai grabbed her throat with a growl. The female Siriian gasped as she was choked and lifted by him without an effort as he spat, “It is not that, Aescun. It is simply how you are trained. You may have had some leniency from father as he allowed you to prowl everywhere, but now that he is dead you are restricted to only a few areas that are not sensitive. I can’t trust you because of whom and what you are beast.”

The beast whimpered slightly grabbing his wrist and hand to try to pry him off. He shoved her off and watched as she fell onto her bottom. He spat again, “Now wait outside for me. No more questions.”

As Aescun left the room, Jordai turned back heading toward the officer as he spoke with a command, “What are you waiting for? Fire it!”

The officer nodded and pushed the button sending the coffin off and out of the ship, “At once my lord.”

As he was about to leave, he noticed the location the coffin was being sent to was altered. He questioned him, “Have you at any time or reason altered the location I have given you?”

“Umm,” the office looked down and back to him unsure, so he tried again, “I don’t believe so sir. I don’t remember.”

Jordai glowered narrowing his eyes into the officer’s eyes. He could detect some manipulation being done to him. Letting out a snarl, he took out his blaster pistol and pointed the muzzle at the officer’s head. The officer’s eyes crossed as he gulped with fear. The new Khan uttered a snarl as he pulled the trigger firing it. The blast hit the officer between the eyes as he stumbled. He fell back onto the machine dead.

Holstering the weapon, Jordai took the officer’s body and placed him on the tube. Pushing the button again, he sent the dead officer out into space. Meanwhile, Aescun had been outside when she felt a shudder in the force. The officer had been killed and Jordai had discovered what she had done. The beast gulped with fear. She flinched when Jordai barged through the doorway with a snarl and anger. Gulping, she back offering her hands, “My love, please do not-”

He cut her off with a roar as he flexed his muscles and charged smacking her across the face. Aescun stumbled back as she averted her eyes. Raising his fist, he punched her across the face again. She fell onto the ground as the large Khan snarled going to her side. He knelt down and delivered several more punches abusing her. Grabbing her hair, he dragged her across the floor of the corridors.

Aescun was bleeding and struggling with his power. She was roaring as she gripped his wrists trying to pry him off but the beast was powerless as he dragged her across the corridor into another room. It was the one room that she despised because it was made for her and only her.

It was her temporary cell for whatever punishment the Paerilous Khan would bring her for whenever she does something wrong or uses her force powers against his wishes. The room was dark with some hard beds along the wall as well as a chain hanging from the ceiling. Aescun continued to struggle as she yelled while Jordai removed her armor. He stripped her bare with only her clothes. Taking her hands, he chained them together and hoisted her up toward the ceiling.

Aescun was bleeding as she continued to whimper pleading with him as he walked around into view of her, “Please, don’t do this to me. Not like this. Only your father did this to me, not you. You promised me. You promised that you wouldn’t abuse me like your father did.”

Jordai let out a growl as he sneered grabbing her chin. He kissed the scar on her lower jaw before responding whispering into her ear, “Promises are meant to be broken. My father taught me thus that no matter what. If I become Khan, it is the same thing. Punishments are not to be taken lightly. You have used the force to manipulate the mind, to poison and contaminate the mind of the officer that was under my order. You have manipulated him to change the direction of the coffin and now it is not headed toward the sun. No. In fact, it’s being sent elsewhere. I do not like this at all so I executed him because of his contaminated mind and you will be punished for it.”

Aescun continued to whimper as Jordai let go of her jaw and took out a whip that was hooking to his waist. He moved to the back of her and activated the whip. Taking it, he lashed her once. She yelled out in pain, but held it back. Raising the whip, he lashed against her back again. It took about a few minutes as the new Khan continued his lashing of the beast.

The beast’s muscled, whip-lashed scarred back was bleeding. Aescun continued crying out in pain as her thick dark blood continued trickling down her torso along her legs and onto the floor. Soon as he was done, he left her in her dark cell for her to fend for herself knowing what was going to happen next. The door locked as the beast was left alone still hanging from the ceiling.

Soon as the blood continued trickling down, she was breathing heavily. Her face was contorted with anger, hate and rage. Suddenly she started screaming in burning pain. Her back started steaming as heat seared across her back causing her spine to arch. The dark eyes of the pupils slowly began to glow red with harshness. It would glow when she is full of rage. Her thick dark blood started boiling as her wounds regenerated while scarring her back.

Because she had too many scars on her back, it was extremely painful for her. It burned. Her arm muscles expanded into twenty inches of her size as she pulled up screaming with rage. The metal on her chains groaned under duress. Half the metal chain firmly snapped under pressure as she fell onto the floor.

The beast continued taking heavy breaths to control her boiling rage and let out a bloodcurdling roar pulling at the chains that bounded her hands together. Her red eyes glowed harshly in the darkness. Her fangs showed briefly as she struggled with it. Firmly, she snapped the chain apart as her muscles continued bulging. She tried to crawl forward but not before spasming in pain from the burning on her back. Yelling and crying out in pain as tears and sweat continued streaming from her face, she continued crawling toward the other end of the room.

Her bleeding stopped, but her back was still hot and the burning pain continued to last. Looking up, she saw the shower head above that could give her water. Waving her hand, she managed but painfully to turn on the water with the force as the cold water gave her comfort. At first, the cold contact of the water against her burning back sizzled as steam evaporated, but her body quickly became cooled. This was her other weakness. The one she had no control over, but the more scars she received on her back the more painful it gets when she regenerates her wounds.

Crawling up, she turned off the water with her hand. Groaning, she laid her back against the wall and sat there angry at Jordai. Her red eyes continued to scowl at the locked door. She had never felt before this betrayal and manipulations from him. He would have to pay but not right now. He was already in a power to do anything he wants to her and she did help him into this position.

However she was manipulated in a way that she was being used instead of being treated as an equal. The beast had a grudge and Jordai just came on top of her list as someone she must kill. She would have to wait and bide her time until it was right. After all, the huntress was a patient creature. She could take a long time to hunt her quarry, but she will not strike until the time was ripe and the slaughter will begin.

A few moments later as the fully armored and dressed beast walked across the Hangar bay, Jordai was waiting for her beside the D5 Mantis personal transport. Aescun flinched a little from her pain on her back but held it as she bowed her head. Jordai approached her touching her cheek. Her eyes had returned to the normal dark eyes as it used to be. He lifted her chin to face him as he spoke, “You understand why I must do this to you?”

Aescun nodded and responded touching his wrist and kissing the palm of his hand, “Of course, my love. I would not have expected any other way. If it were me, I would have done the same but that is not the case as you are my lord first and foremost. You are in a power above me and will utilize me as such for a means to your power.”

Jordai nodded and kissed her on the lips responding, “Exactly. Now, you will take the Perilous Blade. It is my father’s modded D5 Mantis patrol craft. You will hunt down that coffin and you will destroy it. I am sending along one of my trusted adviser and pilot along with you to make sure you bring him home without fail. Of course, if you kill him or if anything else happens to him I will know immediately and you will be punished.”

The huntress nodded and kissed his hand again. With a bow, she bowed backed while responding, “Of course, my love. I will make sure to find and destroy the coffin without fail.”

Aescun entered into the Blade’s small airlock which was also a makeshift escape pod. Keeping her right gauntlet on her lightsaber hilt, she walked a bit around the lower deck toward the stairs. Taking her first step, she walked up toward to the upper part of the deck as her heavy boots sounded on the metal. Reaching the top, she walked toward the cockpit. A male human was seated. Turning around, he faced her as he stood saluting pounding his fist against his chest honoring her presence, “Lieutenant Tei Rauges, my huntress. I have been commanded by the Paerilous Khan himself to oversee your hunt for the coffin. It will be a glorious hunt.”

She spoke with a fanged snarl. With the flick of her left wrist and tossing the mane of braided hair aside from her shoulder, she spat, “Whatever. Do as you will and take us out. I will be at the lower decks and will not be disturbed for a while.”

Tei nodded as he bowed his head before sitting back down in the cockpit, “Of course, huntress.”

Tei’s mind was stronger because of his harsher training and will not be manipulated by Aescun’s force power. Jordai made sure to send him to observe Aescun and make sure she does it the way he wants him to do. Jordai watched as the modded D5 Mantis lifted off and left the hangar bay. The Blade continued its flight path through the fleet into space before jumping into hyperspace leaving the fleet behind.

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