Star Wars: Sith Hunter

The Stowaway

Several weeks prior…

A small girl of about five feet and three inches tall wandered among the toxic wastes. She was on the caramelized colored world of Nal Hutta. The smell of carbonized metallic was in the air from the swamps as the bitter taste of it passed the girl’s mouth. The area she was in was littered with broken vehicles and murky orange-brown water. She looked to be thirteen years of age.

Natural white hair reached below her left shoulder and folded across touching her breast. She had on dark lavender lipstick and eye shadow that radiated on her pale skin tone. Dark violet color was painted on her nails. Ring jewelry was placed into her fingers that she snitched or pick pocketed from people she slipped past. Around her neck was a necklace. It was a memento from her mother as a gift.

Her bright pale blue eyes observed the junk pile around her as she lighted up a bit with an eager smile. She always loved technology. Pulling them apart and studying them before putting them back together was always her hobby.

As she silently prowled among the junk heaps, she heard something from a distance. Getting closer, she crept forward watching a human and two Sullustan loading their YT 2000 freighter. She was on the planet for too long so she saw this ship that was to be her next vehicle to stow away on. As she continued to observe from behind a box, she noticed a small opening from the side of the freighter was left open.

Quickly as the crew had their back on her, she moved forward with speed and agility escaping into the Dandermind without a sound or sudden movement from the other crew. They continued on their work with the main Sullustan who was the captain. He continued ordering them around with his usual cheerful and supporting manner.

The little girl quickly crawled along the underbelly of the ship along the lower deck hidden. She went close to the engineering section and removed a panel. Quickly, she used her hands to manipulate the inside of the compartment pulling handles and pushing buttons. She had disabled the sensors and made it hard for them to get it working again. This was how she would survive undetected aside from using her mental barriers.

As she retreated to the shadows of the Dandermind and putting the psychic tap on the weak minded crew, the small pale girl had successfully infiltrated and made her home inside a small unused dark cargo space that they seemed to conveniently forget all about. Inside that small dark space she made for herself was a makeshift hammock hanging from the corner of the sides of the room along with some boxes with foodstuffs she hoarded from the crew. Her ultraviolet ability allows her to see easily so that she would never need to use light as her eyes was well adjusted to the darkness. She never liked bright lights. It always hurt her pale blue pupils.

For the next several weeks she had been in the Dandermind undetected, she had observed the crew in their trading, fighting space combats and just simply hanging around spaceports on their free time. Whenever the crew spends their free time docked, she briefly wandered among the port before sneaking back onboard so they don’t leave her behind.

It wasn’t until that day when she was resting on her hammock the ship suddenly shuddered violently. It was under attack. She went to the floor and reached out with her mind. With her mind, she detected a powerful ship. Inside that powerful ship stood a strong dark force presence that frightened her. Fearing that she will be killed if this dark force detected her, the little girl made sure her mental barrier was high and strong enough. Then she waited patiently inside her small dark cargo space.

As she peeked out from a hidden crawlway, she gasped with fear seeing a red eyed dark beast with horns standing before the Captain. She had killed him and moved on. The little girl continued to watch from the darkness as witnessed this cloaked huntress kill the crew. Moving silently in the darkness, she also observed her freeing the tattooed Mirialan from the torpedo tube. She followed them as they explored the bowels of the ship before retreating to the captain’s quarters.

From the corner of the doorway, she silently watched the mirror as she continued to watch both the cloaked beast and the Mirialan as they lay on the bed embracing each other.

As Malek and Aescun continued to lay on the bed gazing into each other’s eyes, the Mirialan warlord stroked her cheek asking, “So, what is your plan after this?”

Aescun responded with a slight smile while touching his arm, “I will resume my hunt for this quarry that escaped me.”

“Jasper Rust, the well-known smuggler from Nar Shaddaa who betrayed several Hutts before joining the Galactic Republic,” he wondered. She nodded, “Yes, my lord. He will not escape my grasp again you have my guarantee. I will have the lieutenant search for his last known coordinates at once.”

Malek nodded and kissed her before responding, “Good.”

The little girl continued to watch and stepped in when a sound came from behind her. A shout that resounded among the corridor and shook both Aescun and Malek as they both scowled at the girl fueling with anger and hatred. The voice shouted from behind the girl, “Hey, you! Stop right there!”

The girl gasped with fear as she turned when Tei grabbed her. He looked up and gulped before his master and huntress’s scowl with a response, “Ah I apologize, my lord and huntress. I was just, ah, I should be-”

Aescun stopped him with a snarl as she jerked her hand forward manipulating the force. Her dark eyes glowed red with harshness glowering at him. Tei gasped letting her go. The little girl slipped out of his grasp and ran off into the bowels of the ship again. Malek watched with coldness as the huntress dealt with the intrusion by Tei harshly.

The lieutenant continued to whimper and choke as he was forced onto his knees by the force. The huntress spat harshly as she interrogated him, “What is the meaning of this intrusion, lieutenant?”

Tei gasped and responded carefully, “My huntress, I did not know you were here. Please forgive me. If only I had known, I would have been more careful. Somehow this girl escaped my grasp. It will not happen again as I will find her!”

Aescun bared her fangs with a snarl as she increased her choke-hold before pushing him with the force onto his back out of the room, “See that it doesn’t lieutenant. Failure is not a thing to be taken lightly, remember that. Find her and bring her into the hold!”

Tei moved around remained knelt responding bowing his head before leaving his spot, “At once, huntress!”

With disgust, she flicked her wrist and slammed the door closed with the force. Her crimson glowing eyes continued as she was breathing with anger. She jerked to her left as Malek touched her shoulder and calmed her, “Be at peace, Aescun. Control your anger. The Lieutenant was just simply doing his duty as commanded by you.”

Aescun scowled back at him and suddenly cooled a bit as she spat to her side, “Whatever. I did not detect her.”

She let him close to her as they embraced their bodies with him touching her chin to look at him. He asked her, “Truly?”

The beast let out a slight snarl shrugging as she responded, “Yes. My powers of sight are restricted. I did not detect her onboard. It was as if she was cloaked or protected from my mind.”

“A force sensitive? You know what you have to do with them, don’t you,” he wondered.

Aescun nodded and responded, “Yes, but she was protected. I could not read her. It is something I would have to investigate and perhaps offer mercy.”

He continued, “Mercy? It is not something to take lightly, you know this Aescun. If you grant mercy to a force sensitive, there is a great chance they will fall into the darkness and you will deal with them as such. Emotions are a powerful tool and can be manipulated like will but there is also a chance that it will fail and you will be forced to kill again to make sure it does not happen again.”

She nodded and interrupted him with her stroke on his face with her right gauntlet, “I know, Malek. You taught me well. You also taught me to determine the balance between what is good and what is bad.”

He nodded and kissed her on the lips responding, “Of course, Aescun. Whatever it is your decision, I will abide to it. As long as you are carrying my child, I will allow you to do as you will.”

Aescun smiled and continued embracing him with another kiss moving him away from the room and back towards the Perilous Blade, “Thank you, Malek. Let’s head back into my room in the ship where we will not be disturbed like that again.”

Tei continued his search for the girl. It was like the last on his list as he had already done everything else and scavenged whatever he can. The Dandermind was almost ready to be destroyed. Following the pitter-patter of feet from the little girl, Tei managed to back her into the dark area of the engineering room. The pale little girl stared back at the scary big man with fear.

Tei responded reaching out, “Come out there, little girl. This little ship will be destroyed and my huntress wants you to come along.”

The little girl waved her hand tried her little psychic tap on his mind. It was ineffective as he sneered back at her scaring her a little more, “Nice try, little Jedi. Your weak Jedi mind tricks are not effective on my mind as it was on the crew you may have tricked. My lord has made me strong as well as resistant. Come with me now!”

She let out her little scream as she charged forward into Tei’s waiting arms and tried to fight, but he was too strong. She struggled as she continued screaming while Tei hoisted her up and covered her mouth. She bit into his hand as he yelped in pain, “Why you little! Stop struggling. It will all soon be over!”

He managed to cover her mouth and carry her with little effort into the Perilous Blade. Once he stopped before a holding cage, he deactivated it and tossed her in there before turning it back on. The little girl screamed and charged but yelped in pain as the forcefield kept her inside. He sneered back at her and turned the intercom alerting his huntress, “My huntress, forgive me for disturbing you. I have scavenged everything including the girl and stand ready to destroy the ship.”

The growling force of the snarling beast rumbled the intercom. She spat harshly, “Then do so, lieutenant. Do not wait for me!”

“Huntress,” Tei responded with a respectful bow before turning the intercom off and leaving the frightened little girl locked in the holding cage.

As the Perilous Blade undocked from the ship, it went into some distance and turned pointing its lasers at the old YT-2000 freighter. Lieutenant Tei Rauges pressed the button to fire with prejudice and enforced will without feeling. The old ship buckled for a moment under the fury of his lasers and cannons before tearing itself apart and blowing up sending a shockwave confirming its destruction. The lieutenant smiled but resisted the urge to report again as he felt that Aescun would already know of his success.

Typing up a response, he opened up a channel and tried to hail his current Khan, “Paerilous Khan, this is Lieutenant Tei Rauges of the Perilous Blade with my report. Please respond. My lord-”

On the deck of the Crimson Blade, Paerilous Khan the Wrathful stood on the bow of the bridge of his ship waiting. Jordai continued staring out into the window at the world of Nal Hutta below him. A comm chirruped beside him as his communications officer responded, “My lord, Lieutenant Tei Rauges is hailing you with his report.”

Jordai nodded with a response, “Open the channel.”

The screen beside the window opened as the face of his trusted advisor bowed his head in respect, “My lord. I thank you for your quick answer. I stand ready with my report.”

He waved his hand before placing it back behind his back responding, “Then do so lieutenant. Speak freely.”

Tei bowed again and continued, “Thank you, my lord. We have found the former Khan. A freighter known as the Dandermind picked it up.”

Jordai raised the palm of his hand to silence him as he questioned him, “Captain Tur Suriene of the Dandermind?”

“Yes my lord,” Tei nodded and Jordai smirked a bit before responding again placing his hand back behind his back, “Continue than lieutenant.”

“Thank you, my lord,” he cleared his throat and continued, “She attacked first and we disabled it. We then boarded it and she ordered me forward to call out the rules of boarding party by your degree and edict. The captain offered nothing but his life as she quashed him. She continued to do so with the remainder of the crew until at last we came before the pod that contained the lifeless body of the former Khan. I witnessed her burning of his body but not before she ordered me to scavenge the ship for any useful components. Once we were onboard the Blade, I destroyed the Dandermind.”

Jordai listened carefully and responded with a question, “Are you sure your report is accurate? Is she there to confirm it?”

Tei responded, “My lord, my report is accurate. You know I am loyal to the one and only Paerilous Khan still remaining alive and that is you. He is dead and I watched my huntress burn his body before she ordered the destruction of the ship. Now she is at her quarters seeking out more info on her target as she ordered me to find the last know coordinates of Jasper Rust.”

Jordai nodded and responded satisfied waving the palm of his hand, “Alright, calm down Lieutenant. I was just testing you. Proceed with your orders, but contact me if something is amiss or if she is doing something wrong. I need to know.”

Tei bowed again responding before turning off his screen, “Of course, my lord. You will be the first know right away.”

Jordai smiled with coldness as he smirked still staring at the golden copper hued home world of the Hutts. As long as Tei was onboard that ship spying for him, he will be satisfied that she will not go that far away from him.

Across the deck of the second floor into a big room on the back of the Blade, Aescun stood with Malek as they stared into their eyes. Malek questioned her, “So, what about your prisoner? She is force sensitive. You know how to deal with them.”

Aescun responded stroking his cheek, “It will be done as I would do, Malek. I need to question her. Find out the reason why I cannot sense her. I have never felt such strength before.”

“But,” Malek tried, but she interrupted with her kiss and continued, “Do not question me, please, Malek. I respect and obey your advice, but like you said. It is my decision alone. If she proves unstable, I will kill her. That is my promise. But, if she proves useful then I will use her as such.”

The warlord blew a sigh as he shrugged kissing her on the forehead, “Alright, fine. I love you, so I will abide to your decision. But if you are wrong, I will be there to kill her if necessary. It does not matter if she is thirteen or not. Force sensitive is a risky manner to handle and must be dealt with delicately.”

Aescun nodded and turned away from him as she mentally sent out one thought toward the Lieutenant tapping his mind with a response, ‘Come with me, Lieutenant. I have something for you to do.’

Soon as she walked down the stairs and stood before the force cage, the Lieutenant approached her side and responded, “I am here by your command.”

“Deactivate the cage,” she responded staring at the girl.

The lieutenant stuttered a bit and spoke questioning her orders, “Bu-but, what if she runs again?”

Aescun let out a scoff as the girl continued to stare back at her. She shrugged speaking, “Where would she run to, lieutenant? Use your brains and do not question me ever again.”

Tei gulped and he deactivated the cage as Aescun looked back at her. She crouched before her and tried scanning her mind. The pale white haired little girl continued to offer her nothing but a blank stare all of a sudden not afraid of her anymore. She was already reading the beast and realized that she offered her no anger or wanting to kill her. After a few more seconds of staring, the beast let out a snarl baring her fangs. Turning back to Tei, she replied, “You will watch her.”

“But, my Huntress,” Tei started

Aescun snarled with anger and turned. She thrust out her right gauntlet and grabbed him on the throat. Tei grabbed her gauntlet as he whimpered with pain. With a growl, she lifted him from the ground with ease scowling at him with harsh glowing red eyes.

The beast spat angrily, “You will not question me, lieutenant! You may have the respect of the Khan before you, but you do not have mine. Already you have started to question my motives and you reek of fear. She is your responsibility. If you fail, I will kill you. I will feast on you alive in front of your Khan and make you dead, you understand? Now, watch the girl and I will be piloting the Blade. Do not fail me or it will be your last mistake!”

Aescun thrust him back onto the floor and left him with a swish of her cloak. She retreated back up the stairs with each heavy stamping of her metal boots against the metallic floor. Tei gulped and stared back at the girl. The girl stared back at him as her fear returned.

As Tei got onto his feet, he made his foot forward. However it startled the girl as she ran off the other direction. She disappeared into the bowels of the small patrol craft. Tei closed his eyes and muttered a silent curse, “Shit.”

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