Star Wars: Sith Hunter

The City-world

As Coruscant came into view on the screen, Aescun stared at it. She had been everywhere in this galaxy. She had seen almost everything. Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta, Dantoonie, Manaan, Jakka and Korriban were all the other planets she’s been. There were other moons and those places doesn’t compare to this city-world. Coruscant was vast planet now under the control of the Sith Empire since the fall of the Galactic Republic and the destruction of the Jedi order.

The last time Aescun was here, it was accessing the archives for information about medical science and birthing. It was for her prospective child for her Khan, Malek. She loved him and was loyal to only him. The beast would do anything for her Khan.

The comm. crackled as she turned to the male voice. It spoke, “I read you, Paerilous Blade. You have been added to our records. Please follow the designated route as instructed. Long live the Emperor.”

“Long live the Emperor,” Malek mumbled as he slammed the comm. channel shut and added darkly, “The Emperor is bantha dung.”

Aescun stared at him as former Mirialan Warlord entered the route changes. Touching him on the shoulder, she inquired, “What is it my love?”

Malek turned to her and snarled as he spat, “If I had it my way, I would have arrived Corsucant as a Paerilous Khan, but instead I arrive as a pathetic pilot of my own shuttle!”

Understanding his frustration, the beast nodded as she stroked his cheek and responded moving close to him, “I know. It is only a temporary measure, at least until our son is born and then-“

Malek looked at her with interest and touched her hand. He kissed her hand and spoke inquiring with fascination, “And then?”

Aescun smiled at her lord taking his hand and placing it on her chest where her womb was located. Moving her other hand, she stroked his cheek again moving her seat closer. She responded, “We will kill Jordai and you will retain your status as Paerilous Khan the Merciless. You will be warlord again and I will be at your side raising our son to become the next Khan, my love.”

Malek smiled coldly as he curled his lips into a snarl. While keeping his hand on her womb, he took her chin and moved her close for a kiss on the lips. The Blade continued its way through the clouds of Coruscant and broke through as it glided its way toward the cities of the gigantic world. The sun continued to rise against the horizon painting the sky orange red.

As the Blade continued past the senate building of the Sith Empire and the new Sith Archives, it came upon the landing pad. The D5 Mantis made a rumbling sound as it turned a ninty degree angle and extended the landing struts. It made a thud as the air vents hissed. The landing door opened as Asia’a bounded out. Excitement and satisfaction painted her features as she giggled running in a circle the landing pad. She had on new clothing and a traveling cloak. Her white hair was braided and pulled back into a pony tail.

Tei ran out after her with a shout, “Hey! Don’t run off like that.” He had on the same uniform.

As the thirteen year old stopped bounding around and staring back at him, the Lieutenant grabbed her wrist and scowled at her responding, “Stay close little Jedi, alright?”

The little girl scoffed and pouted her lips at him. Tei shook his head and turned to see both Malek and Aescun leave the ship hand to hand. They were both in their own cloaks. Aescun kept her medium armor hidden inside her cloak. On her right hand was her clawed gauntlet as it rested on the hilt of her lightsaber. Her right hand was in a finger-less glove and he stroked his chin giving him a kiss.

Smacking her lips, Aescun spoke, “Are you ready to find him, Malek?”

Malek shook his head and placed his hand on her shoulder. He responded, “Not me, Aescun. This is your hunt alone. Now that we have arrived on Coruscant, I must disappear. For as long as I live and for as long as Jordai holds the title Paerilous Khan, I am a wanted man. He will have me killed and you executed for betrayal.”

Concern came across Aescun’s features as she snarled baring her fangs. She replied, “It will not happen. Don’t leave me, please. I will keep you safe and well hidden.”

Malek shook his head again and responded, “But for how long, Aescun? No. I must disappear within the cracks and Coruscant will provide this. I still have people here who are still loyal to me. They will help. You have my Lieutenant. He will serve you well and will continue to be my voice and command.”

Releasing a sigh, she shook her head and responded sadly, “I will miss you, my love.”

Taking a holo chip out of his pocket, he took her hand and placed it on her palm. Closing it, he responded stroking her cheek, “Call me only on emergencies and I will come to your aid. When our son is born, let me know. I want to be here to see him born.”

Aescun nodded as they embraced again with a kiss. Malek kept his hand on her womb and kept her body close. Behind them, both Lieutenant Rauges and Asia’a was watching them, Asia’a’s expression turned to disgust as she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. She made a noise, “Puh’ug.

The man turned to her and exclaimed as he gripped her hand. He spoke sharply, “Hey! You talk to the Huntress. Be respectful!”

“Ow,” Asia’a exclaimed as she looked up and scowled at him. Looking at his foot, she stepped forward and stomped down onto his toe.

The Lieutenant exclaimed in pain as he let go of her hand. He spat back angrily, “Why you!”

Asia’a crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out. Tei raised his hand to prime himself to smack her, but a loud noise from behind startled him, “Lieutenant!”

Tei found himself being choked by the force as he grasped his throat. He was turned around and forced onto his knees by glowing red eyes of her angry huntress. Her left hand was extended toward his throat while she kept her claw gauntlet on her side in a clutched position. She spat, “What are you doing?”

Tei stuttered fearfully as he knelt down while grabbing his throat. He responded in choking gasps, “Nu-n-nothing Huntress. I was just tending to the girl. Making sure she obeys you.”

Malek continued walking passed the Lieutenant as he recovered his head with the hood and ignored him. It wasn’t his business anymore. Aescun continued gripping her hand as she snarled baring her fangs. She spat, “Then where is she?”

She force pushed him back as Tei stuttered looking around. Asia’a was gone. She had vanished somehow. With another gulp, he scampered onto his knees and bowed before her responding, “Give me a chance! I will find her. Please-“

He gasped as he was being force choked again by an angry huntress. Aescun continued to make her way toward him and gripped her hand forcing him up. She continued to bare her fangs as her growling increased in a pitch. Tei gasped as the intimidating beast got close to him and moved her clawed gauntlet close to his cheek. She pierced his skin as he gasped in pain. Taking the blood, she licked it from her claw and inhaled with a moan.

Opening her eyes, she spat with fury as her harsh crimson eyes scowled at him, “Find her and bring her to me! Do not fail me again, Lieutenant or I shall not be so kind. Do not come back without her or don’t come back at all. Now go!”

With a strong force push, Aescun thrust her lieutenant across the docks and sliding across the ground. Tei scampered onto his feet and ran off quickly to find the girl. Licking the blood fully from her claw, the beast’s eyes returned to the normal dark eyes as she smiled coldly. She spat scornfully at him, “Pu’ja.”

Without a thought, the Sith Huntress turned around toward the steps as her cloaked swished. Taking the hood, she covered her mane of dark hair and her horns before hiding her right gauntlet under the cloak over her right shoulder. She rested it on her hidden saber. Her left muscled arm with the swirled tattoo remained bare with one some leather shoulder pad and the finger-less glove. Her heavy boots continued to clang against the metal stairs as she made her way down headed toward the small section of buildings in the streets.

Near the Bazaar across several floating platforms, large crowds of people were huddled around the shops. A mixture of aliens and humans were selling and buying wares among the shops. Several small buildings around the block weren’t far from the Bazaar. Several people entered the building that was a bar. The sign that was flashing said, ‘Pillager’s Run Cantina’.

By the doorway, a single tall dark tanned man leaned against the pane with his arms crossed. A brown brimmed outback hat rested on his head. He was looking among the crowd picking out something. Seeing a table near his left, he left his position and placed his hand in his pocket. Taking out a credit chip, he flipped it once as he walked forward. On his face was a swirled side tattoo. On his features was a cold expression with a sidelong glint on his brown eyes.

His clothing was rugged with a jacket vest covering it. His arms were big and his form was muscular. Around his waist was a belt with two holsters. In the hostlers were two pistols. As he caught the credit again, he placed it back into his pocket. Approaching the table, he gripped the chair and pulled. Several people looked up and one of them spoke, “Kael, you’re back?”

Kael removed his pistols from his holsters and placed it on the table. He responded as he grabbed the ridges of his hat and took it from his head. He spoke with a gruff voice, “Deal me in. I’m ready.”

The dealer stared at him and spoke, “Kael, I can’t deal you in if you don’t got any credits.”

As the man sat, he scoffed as he raised his hands and responded, “I got them. No worries. I got it this time. It’s my lucky day, mates. Deal me in. Let’s play Pazaak already.”

The dealer shrugged and began to shuffle the cards. He began dealing him in along with the other players. Kael took his credit from his pocket again. Flipping it up once, he caught it with his gloved hand. A cold smile crossed his features as his eyes glinted again.

The cloaked Sith Huntress continued plowing through the crowds of the Bazaar. Keeping her right gauntlet hidden, her exposed left arm and hand remained hanging from her pocket. A large alien bumped against her as she bare her fangs into a snarl pushing him aside. Finally as she moved through the crowds, the total of people dropped to a few walking along the streets. Her cloak continued to swivel as the wind blew through her hood making her hair dance.

With a scowled, cold feature Aescun walked toward the building. Looking up, she noted the sign displayed. It said, ‘Pillager’s Run Cantina’. The huntress pushed through the doorway and walked through the small crowd as she expanded her force sense. Looking around, she noted several groups in different tables. Her dark scowl looked upon a Pazaak table with the small group.

A man yelled as he exclaimed with excitement as he won something. His twin pistols and a hat rested beside him. Ignoring him, Aescun headed to the bar and rapped her left hand on the counter. A Twi’Lekk bartender walked over and spoke, “Drink?”

Aescyn shook her head and responded, “Information.”

The bartender replied, “It’ll cost you.”

Removing her hood, Aescun revealed her crown of horns and a long dark mane down to her neck and inside of her cloak. Looking down, she withdrew her gauntlet and placed a bag of credits before the alien. The Twi’lekk accepted it and counted the credits. He spoke, “What do you need?”

Placing her clawed right gantlet on the counter, she pushed down as she leaned over on her left while keeping her left hand clenched. Letting out a snarl, she made a low growl whispering, “Jasper Rust.”

The bartender responded shaking his head taking the empty glass to wash out, “He’s gone. You missed him.”

Aescun gripped her right gauntlet with a snarl and spat baring her fangs, “Where did he go?”

The Twi’lekk shrugged and nodded toward the Pazaak table, “No idea. Kael would know. He was the last to talk with him.”

Grabbing her small credit bag with her right gauntlet, she turned with a snarl toward the Pazaak table. The man on the chair raised his hand and shouted again, “Pazaak!”

He grabbed several credits and pulled it toward him as the dealer continued flipping the cards. Getting up from her chair, the beast prowled toward the table while keeping her right claw hidden beneath her cloak. Her left hand hung loose over her side as she walked heavily across the floor pushing through crowds of people. Approaching the table, she inquired behind the man, “Kael?”

Kael slapped his card down and shrugged as he responded without looking around, “Gimme a sec. I’m winning this one this time.”

Aescun curled her fangs with a snarl as she uttered a growl. However, it was stifled as the man yelled again slamming his cards down with enforcement, “I win! Come to mama!”

As he grabbed the heap of credits and cards in front of him, he pulled it toward him admid a bunch of groans from around. Aescun placed her left on his chair and her right on the hilt of her saber. She continued to scowl at the man. The dealer across the man looked at the credit tablet in front of his. Inspecting it, his features turned serious as he grabbed Kael’s hand.

A growl emitted from the man’s throat as he stared at him coldly. The dealer responded showing him the small credit tablet, “This is fake, Kael. You gave me false credits for the game. Where did you get this?”

As Kael’s eyes glowered focusing on the small tablet before him, a snarl escaped his lips. Pushing the credits away, he clenched his fist and bashed it on the table in anger, “That poo-doo cheated me out of my credit! When I find him, I’ll kill him!”

Tossing the fake credit aside, the dealer sighed as he responded, “This is going to be on record. You tried to cheat-“

Kael snarled as he pointed his finger up with his back hand facing the dealer, “Look here, I got cheated. You keep my credits, I don’t care. Report me or don’t, but I’m telling you this,” he continued shouting as he pointed his finger on top the table, “When I find the man who cheated me out of my winnings, Im killing him and throwing his head on this table! I’ll show you a good Pazaak game with my real credits!”

As Kael slammed his fist again on the table in frustration, he grabbed his pistols and holstered it. Taking his hat, he placed it on as he turned to face the huntress. His angry scowl lessened as he returned to his cold expression and nodded his head toward her. Pounding his hand on his chest, he responded as he took out his pistol and flipped it around his finger, “Looks like I’m free, lady. I’m yours.”

Aescun bare her fangs into a snarl as she spat softly, “Do not call me lady. You will respect me by calling me huntress. I seek Jasper Rust.”

Kael bowed his head as he tipped his hat with the muzzle of his pistol. He responded with a cold expression, “I meant no disrespect, huntress. I see we both seek the same man. Come with me. I have a business arrangement you might just be interested in.”

Curious, the beast followed the smuggler toward an empty table. Flipping her cloak to her right, she sat down as Kael sat before her. Taking his other pistol again, he placed one of the on the table with the weapon arranged so that the trigger faces him and the muzzle is diagonal toward the edge of the table. Looking across to the beast, Kael looked up with a smirk as he lifted his hat again with the muzzle of his pistol. Aescun kept her right hidden as she placed her left gloved hand across the table.

She listened as Kael responded while eyeing his pistols, “This is ‘slinger on the table and I hold Bolt on my hand. You see, Bolt has a certain date with someone’s head and I intend to make sure they have a night they won’t forget-“

Kael gave her a cold smile as he grinned evilly showing his teeth. Aescun stared back as she studied the man. Moving forward, she lowered her head and responded, “You know where he is?”

Kael shook his head and withdrew his ‘slinger. He put it back into his holster and responded, “I may know where he is, huntress, but as you may have known by now, I am broke.”

Taking her bag of credits with her right, she briefly showed her clawed gantlet as she tossed the bag before him. Kael gasped as he grabbed it. Placing his other pistol down, he opened it. It was snatched out of his hand as he gasped looking up. Aescun used the force to pull the bag out of his grasp and onto her left hand.

Kael mused with surprise as he muttered, “Sith? You are the Sith Hunter I heard of. You honor me, huntress. I believe we can make a deal.”

They moved together as he whispered with the beast listening.

Across the platform on the other side of the city, Tei continued running along. From a distance, he saw the Umbara girl scamper out of view. With a snarl, he continued forward. A crowd formed as it surrounded the Lieutenant. The Khan’s personal servant snarled as he pushed through the crowd. Catching the sight of the little girl again, he saw her get down to the ground on all fours.

Asia’a turned to look at Tei. She giggled mischievously as she covered her mouth. Crawling on all fours, she went under the large shopping cart and hid. Tei’s footsteps crossed her eyes as she covered her mouth. She continued giggling softly and watched him move away from her. On all fours, Asia’a continued to crawl into the ditch and jumped down onto the small alley. The thirteen year old scampered off with quick reflexes as she ran across the small ground.

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