Star Wars: Sith Hunter

The Lieutenant and the Rogue

Coruscant’s sun continued to rise against the horizon behind the buildings. Asia’a ran across the busy street. Her face was filled with cheerfulness and curiosity as she opened her mouth with wide eyes. She had never been to Coruscant before. The little thirteen year old gray skinned Umbaran stopped before the platform and gasped opening her mouth as she looked around. The white hair that was pulled into a ponytail rested behind her head. She still had her traveling cloak on with the hood down. Her white-gray eyes blinked as she continued to take in the awesome view of the city’s skylights.

Before her eyes were tall buildings and flying hover vehicles. One of the speeders zoomed past her head as she gasped with surprise stepping back. The speeder continued its way down. As the girl ran along the edge of the platform, she started skipping along. Her arms were outstretched as she balanced herself. Wind continued to gust past her while fluttering her ponytail.

Coming up to a lower platform with a shipping crate above it, Asia’a jumped down. Her boots hit the metal as she scampered across and leapt again. She jumped the gap between the crates. As her feet touched down on the second crate, she flipped into a handstand as she did a cartwheel. Her hood flew up in the air as she spun around in a circle, touched down with her feet and ran across to the edge of the second crate.

She flipped with her small, agile body again and grabbed the edge of the crate. Catching the top hand, she flipped herself over and banged her feet against the side of the crate. As her other hand touched the metal of the crate, she jumped again thrusting herself across the air to the third lower crate. Tapping the metal door of the crate, she thrust herself down on the ground. As she touched the ground on all fours, she took off into a run across the dock.

Several dock workers shouted at her as one of the spoke in an irritated tone, “Hey you! Get out of here. This is a restricted zone! Where’s your mother? Should you be in school?”

Asia’a giggled mischievously at them as she continued running fast. Her mind continued to read her surroundings as she let her force sense expand. She knew where she was going next. Several Sith Guards found her and ran after the little girl as they shouted.

Running to the edge of the dock, she leapt again. A hover car passed under as she landed on it. She gripped hold on the edge of the window pane with her gloved hand as her cloak and hair continued fluttering in the wind. The driver in the car shouted through the window as he banged at it. He was a Toong alien.

The thirteen year old giggled at him and waved her gloved hand. She tapped into his mind and made him forget that she was up there. The speeder continued giving her the ride that she needed across the air as the Umbara continued gasping with awe keeping her mouth open. What’s a little girl to do in a big city?

Lieutenant Tei Rauges continued running across the city looking for the little girl. Taking out his scanner, he searched for her life signs. It could differentiate between different alien species and Asia’a was probably the only thirteen year old Umbaran on Coruscant because there weren’t many around. His scanner beeped and he sighed as he continued running. The Lieutenant found her.

Stopping before the platform, he gasped a little from the height. The man had a slight fear of heights. Lifting the scanner up before him, he narrowed his eyes and found a speeder headed his way. On the top was the thirteen year old girl standing on it. The girl was giggling as she waved at him, “Hey Tei! Catch me if you can!”

Tei scowled at the little girl and growled as he shouted, “Get back here, you ungrateful little.”

As the dazed driver landed the speeder, he shook his head out of being controlled as the little girl bounded off in a cartwheel with one hand on the edge of the car. As she landed, she giggled at Tei as she continued to taunt him, “Catch me first!”

Her cloak swished around as her ponytail bounced when she turned and skipped away from him. She did another one handed flip. The Lieutenant shouted again angrily as he ran after her, “Get back here you little twerp! I should be with my huntress by now, but-“

As he jumped with one hand on the side of the landed speeder, he ran across the roof as the driver woke up. The Toong protested again banging his hand on the window and shouted in Bocce.

As Tei jumped back down, he finished his words as he pointed and shouted at the fleeting Umbaran girl, “-instead I’m babysitting you! I’m not a babysitter! I’m the personal Voice and Hand of Lord Paerilous Khan and the Huntress herself!”

The girl continued giggling as she turned her head around. Placing her thumbs on the sides of her head, she waved her fingers in the air and stuck her tongue out at him. She giggled again and flipped backwards with agility as she took off.

The Voice and Hand of the Khan and the Huntress gasped at the insult and snarled as he took off after her. Meanwhile, the Toong alien male in the speeder looked around and blinked. He mumbled in a daze, “How did I get here?”

The little Umbaran continued running past the crowded people. It was as if she was in a gray ish blur as she sped past them. Ducking low between the two handholds, she went under the legs of another. Several people protested at the little girl running everywhere. As she stood, her back hit the basket someone was carrying. The woven basket flipped over spilling spices, fruits and vegetables everywhere. The humanoid woman shouted as she rasied her fist at the girl.

Asia’a turned to her and covered her mouth with another giggle. She continued to laugh as she waved at the humanoid female. Her mind turned blank as she turned around forgetting that she was there. As the little girl ran off, the woman was bumped by the speeding Lieutenant as they both sprawled all over the ground. The woman hit her head hard on the ground as she yelled out. Tei gasped as he was atop the woman and his hand was on her breast.

The near human female gasped with the insult and smacked him on the face. She glared at him. Tei gulped as he let go of the woman and raised his hand muttered apologetically, “Sorry.”

The woman continued glaring at him as Tei turned from her and continued running. He crashed into several people as he attempted to retrace the little girl’s steps. Some of the people around the woman helped her up as they helped get all her food back into her basket. However a few people, like several uniformed Sith Guards, moved on.

Asia’a continued running through the large Bazaar part of Coruscant. She was at the underbelly of it. Slipping under the rod, she tapped the mind of a shop owner and grabbed one of the fruits from the stand. It was a Jogan fruit of purple color with white stripes. As the girl bit into her stolen fruit, the shopkeeper continued shouting his wares not realizing that someone shoplifted his stores. The juice from the fruit trickled down the girl’s mouth as she continued running.

The Umbaran thirteen year old girl ran up the steps near the tall building with columns holding the roof up. Biting into her fruit again, she grabbed the posts and twirled around it. As she spun in a hundred and eighty degrees around it, she swallowed the piece of fruit and bit into the Jogan again. Looking up, she smiled again and giggled as she waved at the man who was catching up to her. She shouted, “Come on Tei! We don’t have all day!”

The Lieutenant stopped before the steps. He glowered at her with anger as he clenched his fists. Blowing another heavy breath, he shouted as he ran up the steps, “I’m going to catch you, little girl!”

The girl giggled tauntingly at him again as she turned and ran across the floor of the main section of the building. Tei ran up the steps and continued running after her. As he saw her run down the steps again, he sped up. Touching the edge of the step, he leapt up across the air as he flew down the steps.

As Asia’a continued skipping down the steps, she bit into her fruit again. The girl was distracted by the juicy awesomeness of her fruit that she didn’t notice Tei catching up. As he gripped the girl on the hand harshly, he exclaimed triumphantly, “I caught you! Now let’s go back to the Huntress so she can deal with you, you ungrateful little-”

Asia’a exclaimed in pain as she pulled back, “Ow that hurt!”

Holding the fruit, she tossed it hitting Tei square on the eye. The juice stung him on the eye as he yelled holding his face. The Umbaran stuck her tongue out as she struggled, “Ya big meanie!”

While her wrist was being gripped, the little thirteen years old kicked the big man on the shins hard. Tei yelled again as he grabbed his leg and hopped a bit. Taking her chance, she ran under his leg and scampered the opposite direction of his back. Tel let go of her wrist with a yell to avoid falling over. Turning around, he scampered after her.

As Asia’a skipped across, she jumped turning around and stuck her tongue out again. As Tei rushed after her, a speeder bike with the cargo ran into him. The bike caught him on his torso as the male rider yelled out. Tei turned too late as looked at him with fear and surprise. It was followed by extreme pain as the collusion knocked him full on the chest. The bike broke in half as the driver and the cargo tumbled onto the ground.

Asia’a stopped bounding as she covered her mouth in a surprised gasp. After a few seconds of pause watching both men groan on the floor in pain, the little girl cheered as she bounded on the ground again, “Yeah! Best day ever!”

As the girl continued running off, Tei groaned gripping his chest. He turned over to his feet and watched the driver. Holding his hand out, he inquired with concern, “Are you alright?”

However the driver snarled with anger as he spat back pointing, “What do you think you are doing, Nerf herder? You broke my bike and ruined my cargo! You pay for it!”

The young Lieutenant gulped as he raised his hands and backed. He spoke, “So sorry sir, but I have to go catch someone for my Huntress.”

As both met got onto their feet, the human driver shouted after the retreating back of the Lieutenant, “You get back here! Guards! Guards! Catch him!”

As the Sith Guards approached the scene, Tei gulped as he continued running after the girl. The driver of the fallen cargo and the broken bike was fuming in anger shouting at the guards. The metal uniformed Sith Guards tended to the scene as one of them stood before the Driver to calm him down. The other spoke into his headset making a report. The other two guards looked around for the culprit. However, he was long gone as the crowd of people continued walking by on a busy day.

As the crowd formed in the large town center, Asia’a dipped down to all fours and crawled under them. Hearing the Lieutenant behind her, she covered her mouth with a giggle as she crawled under a hiding spot. She hid under a large crate. Another shopkeeper continued to sell his wares which were technology. Turning her body around still crouched on all fours, she rested as she looked out from under watching all the feet of people and aliens walk by. Covering her mouth again, she giggled softly.

Tei ran up to the shopkeeper. He responded to the big alien with four arms, “Have you seen a little girl around?”

The alien grunted and responded in Huttese pointing at the technology displayed on here. Tei sighed as shook his head, “No! No! I don’t want your technology! Have you seen a little girl? She’s Umbaran and thirteen years old. She’s a short little pest that I wanna-“ he squeezed his hand together and squinted his face together in a way to mean he wanted to strangle her.

The alien looked at him and shrugged as he continued speaking in his own language. Tei exhaled an annoyed sigh and waved him away responding, “-ugh, never mind. She’s somewhere.”

The alien grunted as he shrugged watching him leave. He continued shouting his wares. Meanwhile, the girl under his stand giggled again as she covered her mouth. Turning around, she crawled out of her hiding spot and knelt on one knee. The alien looked down seeing her. He started roaring at her waving his arms at her. The little girl giggled and waved at him again touching his mind. The alien made a grunt as he turned away in a daze.

As the girl ran to the edge of the ditch, she sat down on the end. Facing the small alley, she placed her feet against the wall she was sitting on. Sliding down a little, she pushed off with her agility and flew across the air. Crouching down with her small body, the agile Umbara landed on all fours onto the small stream of water. She splashed on it and continued running across the small alley. She bounded once on her steps as she giggled.

A metal bar blocked her way as Asia’a grabbed the railing looking out before her. Another wind gusted through her white ponytail hair and cloak as she gasped with awe at the sight before her. There were clouds hanging low beneath the tall buildings. Closing her eyes, she let her mind expand. The girl was searching for someone. Suddenly as she sensed a shadow escaping through the crowd and onto a speeder, Asia’a opened her eyes. A smile crept across her feature as she spoke softly, “Gotcha.”

Gripping the metal railing, she went through the wide bars and climbed down the edge of the wall. With each gloved hands and boots onto small holes and ledges on the wall, she scampered her way down touching the bottom. Turning around, she bounded across the ground again toward the low hanging fog.

Asia’a continued running and skidded to a halt before the platform. Her eyes were wide open as she gasped at the view. Closing her eyes, she continued scanning with her mind. Behind her, Tei shouted out again as he slowed to a halt, “Stop right there!”

The Umbaran girl turned to him and giggled again with a wave. Turning back to the edge of the platform, she made a running start and jumped into the air. Tei gasped in shock and fear as he stretched out his arm and shouted, “Asia’a, no!”

The Lieutenant ran toward the edge and looked over. His heart continued beating hard as it nearly jumped out of his throat. Looking down, he saw the little girl on the speeder as the car flew up to his eye level. His fear turned into a glare as he shouted raising his fist, “You get back here!”

Asia’a gave him a mocking smile as she placed her thumbs on the side of her head and wriggled her fingers. She stuck her tongue out taunting him. Turning around, she sat down atop the car as the hover car flew her across the air making her hair and cloak fly in the wind.

Tei snarled as he watched the girl fly away into the rising skylight. Turning to his right, he spied a taxi with a protocol droid beside it. There was another crowd of people lined up waiting for the taxi. Rushing toward the crowd, he pushed through the protesting people as he shouted, “Lieutenant Tei Rauges of Lord Paerilous Khan coming through!”

Stopping before the taxi droid, he panted with short breaths as he placed his hands on the knees and lowered his head. Looking up, he spoke at the droid, “I need a vehicle!”

The droid responded, “You will have to wait at the end of the line sir!”

Tei growled as he waved his ID in front of the droid, “I’m a Lieutenant and I need a vehicle now! I am in pursuit of an escaped little criminal!”

The droid spoke again waving its metal arms, “I am sorry Lieutenant but you must wait your turn!”

Tei growled again as he brushed through the droid knocking the walking metal onto the ground. He mumbled darkly as he headed toward the taxi, “Stupid droid.”

Waving his ID again at the passengers getting on the hovering taxi pod, he shouted, “Hey! Get off the vehicle. I am the Voice and Hand of the Khan and his Huntress themselves!”

The woman and child stared back. She gasped in fear of him and pulled her child safely as Tei increased his momentum toward the taxi. The husky driver turned to the man rushing toward him. He protested as the Lieutenant pulled the driver out. He protested, “Hey! What are you- Guards!”

As Tei pulled the heavy set man onto the ground, he responded waving his ID at his face, “So sorry sir, but I must commandeer your vehicle. It will be returned to you once I have caught the little criminal. The Khan and his Huntress thanks you for your generosity!”

As Tei opened the door and entered, he turned on the taxi pod and flew out. The male driver scowled at his retreating back while the passenger woman held her child close staring at the mean man who stole her car. Behind them, several people in the line helped the taxi droid onto its feet. The droid continued waving its arms responding to them, “Thank you so much. I apologize heavily for what happened and we will deal with it. Have a pleasant day and long live the Emperor!”

The droid continued clanking its way toward the fallen driver and helped him up. The husky male growled as he brushed himself off and inquired, “Who the hell is he?”

The droid responded as it brushed the dirt off the driver, “No idea sir. He will be dealt with I am sure. Long live the Emperor!”

The driver scowled at the droid and growled as he waved it off, “Get off me droid.”

Meanwhile, the medium sized taxi pod continued flying aross the large city as Tei continued searching for the girl. Finding her, he increased speed and kept his eyesight on her car. The sun finished rising and hit one of the buildings with light as it glinted off the skylight. It was noon.

Across the large Bazaar somewhere in the city, a cloaked feminine humanoid continued walking through the large crowds. She kept her right hand hiding in the cloak while her left gloved hand on her side. Her muscular arm swung back and forth as she pushed through. Her dual horns continued to show from under her hood. She had her head lowered hiding her red glowing eyes. Her mouth opened slightly as she brandished her fangs into a snarl.

Aescun stopped before one of the stalls. Taking a credit from her pocket, she flipped it toward the shopkeeper alien. The alien caught the credit chit nodded as she revealed her right clawed metal gauntlet from under her cloak. Gripping the medium rare Jumba meatball, she bit into the tender juicy meat with her fangs. She ripped it as she gripped the meat. The beast continued her way across the Bazaar as she continued chewing the tough meat. The red meat juices trickled from her mouth and her right clawed gauntlet.

Looking ahead of her, she noticed a shadow of a man disappearing around the corner. His trench coat swished behind him as his hat remained on his head. With a snarl, she gripped her food again and bit into the meat. Pulling it free, she continued to chew her food as she pushed through the crowds hunting the man that she was looking for.

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