Star Wars: Sith Hunter

The Boltslinger

A single lone man brushed through two large alien shopkeepers. They parted to let him through and continued grunting at each other in Huttese. As he stopped before the crosswalk, he looked his side. On his features was a cold scowl. He was shaven with some facial hair around his mouth and a tuff of hair on the center of his chin.

An outback designed hat with curved ridges on the top was on his head as it was dipped down his front. He wore a vest and long pants that was covered with a long brown trench coat. His hands were in medium armored gloves. On his waist were twin blaster pistols on each holster.

Kael’s eyes narrowed as he searched the path that he will take. From a distance on his left, he noted the running figure of a man in a regular tunic and dark brown hair. Gathering spit in his mouth, the gunslinger spat to his side and turned to his direction. Putting his gloved hand in his pocket, he took out his credit chip and flipped it into the air. Catching it, he pocketed it as he continued forward brushing past people in the search for the man who cheated him out of his credits.

Above him, the sun stayed on the top. It was the afternoon just past noon. The alley Kael walked across was medium in size across from each other. An arrangement of shopping stalls and other carts was laid across the ground with a variety of human and alien walking among each other selling and buying wares. Across from the gunslinger was the man running from his prey.

Jasper Rust gasped in fear as he turned to look behind him. He recognized the man who was after him. However, he blundered into a free standing crate and plowed into it spilling its contents on the ground. Amid the protesting of people around him, Jasper scrambled on the floor. Getting up, he watched Kael take out one of his pistols. He spun it once around his finger and pointed the muzzle toward him. A scowling glare was across his features as he snarled baring curling lips with anger.

Immediately, Jasper reacted as he scrambled to his feet and twisted with his hands. Using the force, he pulled objects from around him and targeted it at his stalker. With force, he used his energies to direct the objects toward the man.

Reacting with the attack, Kael pulled the trigger on his main pistol shooting off a few crates toward him. His bolts exploded the fruits and vegetables aimed toward him. Taking out his second pistol, he continued walking forward and firing on the objects. The people around him screamed in fear as they ran to cover. A gust of wind blew through his trench coat as he continued forward. His hat stayed on.

Jasper continued backing as his eyes darted around looking for more objects to throw. With his entire arm, he pulled another crate of fruits and force tossed it at the man. Kael fired as the crate blew. A piece of him barely missed him as he ducked down. The wooden plank brushed against his arm as he dropped his main handed weapon to the side.

Priming his second pistol, he moved his body forward and fired at the retreating man. The bolt caught him on the leg as Jasper yelled out in pain falling onto the ground. With a pained gasp and fear, Jasper turned to see Kael’s features turn into a cold smile as he smirked. Lowering his left offhand pistol, he stopped and pointed with his main right handed weapon. He primed his trigger finger at him.

Jasper looked up to see a sign across from him and above the man. Holding out with his hand, he used the force to pull at the sign. With an enforced grunt, he pulled down as the metal holding sign broke. Hearing something above him, Kael looked up. He gasped with surprise as he jumped back to avoid the falling sign. As the dust cleared, he pointed again at his target. However, his target vanished as the crowd continued running around in fear.

Kael snarled annoyed that he lost his target. Across from him was several Sith Guards who came to investigate the disturbance. Quickly to avoid being noticed, he put away his pistols and turned away. Touching one of the people in the crowd on the shoulder with his gloved hand, he touched his hat to move it down and blended into the scene as several more guards came to investigate the disturbance. They were shouting at each other trying to find the culprits.

From behind the crowd near the stall, Kael vanished into the dark alley as he continued walking. His trench coat continued fluttering in the light wind gusting through the alley. Touching his hat, he moved it down to cover his eyes. He had blended himself completely into the darkness of the alley as the Sith guards continued searching back and forth the alley in vain.

Meanwhile at the same medium sized alley as people gathered around the scene, the dual horned cloaked hooded strong feminine figure continued pushing past as she touched each people with her left gloved hand. On her right gauntlet, she continued to eat her Jumba meatball as she bit into the tender steak. Pulling it, she continued to chew the meat with her sharp fangs. Looking up, her harsh angry glowing red eyes continued to stare at the Sith Guards.

The Sith Guards was totaled to up about ten. Each of them had their own duty of investigating the scene of the attack while keeping the people back. As Aescun pushed through the end of the crowd, she walked through the circle into the scene. She was trying to walk pass but one of the guards shouted at her. Pointing with his blaster rifle, he shouted, “Hey you! Stay off the scene.”

Aescun turned to the guard with a snarl and responded as her glowering red eyes scowled, “You speak to Aescun Shiion, the Huntress of Paerilous Khan. What happened here?”

As the guard approached her, he scanned with his device. Satisfied, he nodded responding, “Huntress, several witnesses saw a fight happen between two men. No one was badly hurt, but they escaped that ways. We lost them.”

As the guard pointed off the direction before him, Aescun nodded. She moved on as she cut through the crowd again on the other side of the alley. Popping the last bit of her juicy meatball into her mouth, she hid her juice laced gauntlet under her cloak. It continued to drip onto the ground. The beast continued to chew her tough meat getting the protein from it. As she swallowed it, she kept her left hand forward and continued pushing through the curious crowd.

Her quarry wasn’t far now. Before her eyes, Jasper Rust will simply die for being who he was; a spy, a traitor, a force sensitive and simply a cheating swindler who pissed off several huts before joining the Galactic Republic. He was the enemy of state. The beast’s red eyes continued to glower as she kept her cloaked hooded head down with her dual horns pointed diagonally forward.

Asia’a continued rushing forward across the large circular area. She looked around as her gray pale eyes searched for something. All of a sudden as someone came through limping and half running, she gasped as she put on her serious face and ran forward toward him. Stopping before the man, the Umbaran pointed with a shout, “Found you!”

Jasper turned to look at the innocent little pale girl with white hair and purple makeup on. He opened his mouth and responded with a confused expression, “Huh?”

From behind the fountain, someone shouted, “Stop right there you little twerp!”

Asia’a gasped as she turned to see Tei approaching from behind the fountain. He was pointing at her. However, Jasper thought the man was pointing at him. Reacting with misunderstood intentions, he thrust forward with his hand and force pushed Tei onto the stone fountain. He turned and limped away quickly.

Tei gasped with pain as he hit the fountain and splashed onto the water. Asia’a’s features turned into a scowl as she turned to shout angrily at the retreating back of the limping man, “Hey!”

She started running after him. Meanwhile behind her, Tei groaned as he got out of the fountain and stumbled onto the ground. He was soaked wet and angry. With a shout, he pointed at the retreating back of the little girl, “You stop right there!”

As Asia’a left the large circular area, she turned the corner and searched for the man with her mind. Before she could continue on, Tei caught up with and grabbed her arm. He growled with anger as he turned her around harshly while twisting her arm.

The little girl yelped in pain as she grabbed his wrist, “Ow, you’re hurting me Tei!”

Baring his teeth as his features turned into an angry scowl, the damp Lieutenant bent down before her and pointed his finger toward her face, “Will you stop running this time!”

Asia’a scowled at him and bit his finger. Tei yelped as he pulled his hand back and aimed to hit her, “Why you!”

The Umbaran girl raised her arm to defend. However, a harsh shout from behind froze the man in place as the angry tone of a Siriian Sith Hunter broke through the alley, “Lieutenant!”

Tei felt his throat constrict as he let go of the girl and held his throat. He was harshly flipped aside and rammed against the wall of the alley with force. Several stones fell from the wall. Tei grunted in pain as he held his throat. He whimpered softly before the scowling red eyes of an angry beast.

Aescun scowled at him angrily as she held her right metal gauntlet forward in a clutched position. Her teeth were bared and she uttered a growl. Letting Tei go, Aescun dropped her gauntlet watching the Lieutenant scamper onto his knees and lowering his head averting his eyes. He shouted, “Huntress! Forgive me!”

Hiding her gauntlet into her cloak as her cloak swished, Aescun ignored Tei and turned to the little girl. She spat holding her left hand out, “Asia’a, come!”

The little girl gulped and obeyed her as she approached grabbing her hand. Aescun knelt before her and touched her chin with her clawed metal finger. She inquired with a growl, “Are you hurt?”

Asia’a nodded as she responded, “He pulled my arm and hurt me. It hurts.”

Aescun’s red glowing eyes returned to those normal dark eyes as she responded with enforcement as she whispered, “He won’t hurt you. Not while I am around. Do not worry. He will be punished.”

Asia’a sniffed as she nodded wiping her eyes. Aescun placed her right gauntlet on the girl’s white hair and stroked it. She pulled her close as the thirteen year old girl hugged her new caretaker. With a scowl on her white gray features, the Umbaran looked at Tei and stuck her tongue out.

Tei looked up for a few brief moments before gulping to dip his head down again as Aescun turned toward her Lieutenant and shouted again furiously, “Lieutenant, you will return to the ship and prepare for my return. You will not leave the ship until I have commanded you. I deal with your punishment later when I return. Is that understood?”

The beast continued to scowl at the Lieutenant. She despised the man with every fibre of her being. Tei bowed his head agin and responded, “Yes Huntress. I shall return at once and await your coming!”

As the Lieutenant scampered away, Aescun turned back to Asia’a. Keeping her clawed metal gauntlet behind the girl, her scowl returned as she spoke, “Why did you run off like that?”

Asia’a wilted before her scowl as she gulped. Keeping her hand on Aescun’s left gloved hand, the girl twirled a strand of her white hair that fell across her face with her other hand. She spoke, “Umm, well when you said that I needed to be useful, I didn’t want to fall behind so I was looking for him.”

Keeping her scowl, the beast inquired with a growl, “My target?”

Asia’a nodded as her body started moving sideways while she twirled her hair. Aescun bared her fangs as her lips curled in amusement. She inquired again, “Did you find him? Where did he go?”

Asia’a turned her head to her right side and let go of Aescun’s left hand as she pointed across. Aescun stood as the girl turned to face her. The beast offered her left hand as she kept her right hidden under cloak and rested on the hilt of her saber. Asia’a grabbed her left gloved hand and led her across the alley toward Aescun’s next target. A wind gusted through her cloak again as she continued on. Aescun uttered another fanged snarl as she licked her sharp canines and lips.

Jasper Rust continued running along the small alley. His limp caused him to stumble a bit. He looked behind him in fear knowing that his days were numbered. Several people were hunting him and his allies were growing short by the minute. As his foot stepped into the puddle of the broken pavement, Jasper turned the corner. With a gasp, he skidded a bit right into the muzzle of a pistol. The Boltslinger had found him.

With a snarl, Kael pressed the muzzle against his temple as he backed Jasper into the small alley. The small man gulped before the bigger muscled man as he raised his hand. Kael’s mouth was curled into a snarl as he pointed his main weapon forward imprinting a round spot on his head. He kept his left gloved hand on his left side near his offhand pistol. His trench coat fluttered in the wind as his hat remained slanted down forward.

Jasper gulped as he stuttered in fear, “Have mercy?”

He yelped in fear as Kael shouted while pushing the burning muzzle further into his head, “Shut up. You don’t get to beg for your life. You cheated me out of my credits! I will kill you.”

As Jasper limped backwards, he knelt while shivering in fear before him. Kael thrust his main pistol forward and pulled his second out. Twirling the hole of the pistol around his finger, he pointed his left toward the man. Jasper whimpered as he spoke, “Please. I will give you my credits. It’s all I have.”

Kael spat as he pulled the trigger on his right, “You don’t get to buy your life, coward!”

As a bolt escaped from the muzzle of his right weapon, it missed the man’s hand by a few inches as it hit the crate beside him. It was a warning shot. Jasper yelped in pain as he held his hand against his chest. He shouted again holding his other hand out, “Wait! I have something of interest to you!”

Kael pointed his pistols again and spat with anger scowling at him, “What? Speak plain!”

Jasper quickly jabbered as his hand shook, “The Sunken Treasures of Taiken Murkdoon!”

Kael paused. Jasper gasped as he continued breathing hard praying for his life. Kael’s itchy trigger finger continued to touch his pistols as he mused. He inquired, “The Sunken Treasures of Taiken Murkdoon? It’s a legend as the secret location was lost over time. No one ever found it and even if they did, none came back alive. I’ll kill you if I find out you are lying.”

Jasper gulped as he shook his head. He reached into his pocket and took out a holo chip speaking with enforcement, “No! No the treasures are real. I saw it myself and escaped alive. I swear it! Look, it’s all in here! The coordinates and my holo journals. Everything!”

Kael hesitated. His pistols wavered. The wind continued blowing. Finally with an exhaled sigh, he dropped his left pistol and placed it back into his holster. Keeping his main pistol pointed, he extended his hand, “Give it here! If I found out its fake, I will kill you and this time there ain’t no mercy.”

Jasper gulped and nodded. He stood slowly as he tossed the holo chip toward him. As Kael caught it, he inspected it. Jasper moved forward slowly. Kael placed the chip in his pocket and pointed his muzzle as he spat, “Not so fast Rust.”

As Jasper got close to him, he gulped as he spoke, “But you promised to let me go!”

“Did I,” Kael mused keeping his pistol at his head. With his left, he rummaged through the man’s uniform and took his credit bag. He responded as he flipped the bag up the air and caught it, “I did. Go ahead.”

Jasper gasped as he stuttered, “But-but that was the last of my credits. How am I supposed to-“

Kael spat coldly as he shoved him back, “You’re a force sensitive. Use your skills to get more. I got what I needed. Turn around. You’re going back the opposite direction. Now!”

Jasper gulped and backed defeated. Not wanting to argue against the man with the pistol at his head, he turned. Suddenly he gasped with fear as he froze. A medium sized cloaked female with dual horns was facing him. Jasper’s face turned white with fear as his legs and arms refused to budge. However, Kael casually patted him on the shoulder and responded as he tapped his hat with his main pistol, “I do keep my debts and promises, Rust. Thanks for the holo coordinate to the legendary treasures. I’ll be sure to check it out when I’m in the neighborhood.”

However, Jasper continued to be paralyzed with fear as he stared into the glowing red eyes of the Sith Hunter. On her right arm was Asia’a as she continued to observe Jasper. Suddenly, she turned to the approaching gunslinger as Kael tapped his hat again and nodded at her, “As promised Huntress, your prize. Enjoy.”

With her left hand, Aescun removed a small of credits. She tossed it at the man as Kael caught it. With glee on his face and a glint on his eyes, he murmured at his prize, “Jackpot!”

Putting the bag away, he turned to the staring little Umbara and tilted his hat toward the girl in respect, “Hello, little girl.”

Asia’a gasped as she closed her mouth to gulp and continued staring at the retreating back of the Boltslinger. Feeling the sudden movement of the female beast beside her, the little girl turned back as Aescun moved forward. Touching the girl on the head, Aescun lightly snarled, “Observe.”

She stood by as Aescun moved forward and lowered her head. Taking both hands, she removed her hood and revealed her crown of horns in front of Jasper. Jasper gulped as he shuddered in fear. He was unable to use his force powers around the huntress. He was caught with his guard down and the beast wormed her way into it.

Lifting her left gloved hand, Aescun gripped as she force choked Jasper. Jasper gasped holding his throat. He spoke with a quivering tone of fear, “Please.”

The glowing red eyed Sith Hunter snarled baring her fangs. She growled as she forced the man onto her knees, “You don’t get to talk! I am Aescun Shiion, personal Huntress and Right Hand of Paerilous Khan! You will kneel before me and fear my power!”

As Jasper whimpered getting onto his knees, Aescun placed her right clawed gauntlet onto her lighsaber hilt. She removed it from the holster from within the cloak. Her voice continued to enforce harshness into the man as she continued, “You have been accused and found guilty of the following. You have betrayed not only one Hutt but seven Hutts across the galaxy. You joined the failed Galactic Republic. You betrayed the Sith Empire. You have cheated, stole important documents and spied for your allies. You are a force sensitive and you have abused your powers in such a way that I must deal with it.”

Jasper gasped as he remained petrified with fear. Asia’a looked on with increased cruel interest. As Aescun moved forward while keeping her left hand forward clutched, she removed her lightsaber with her right. It activated as it glowed a harsh Fuchsia color. This harshness nearly matched the beast’s eyes as she brought the weapon diagonally across her side. Her cloak feel free as her clawed metal gantlet gripped the handle.

The wind continued to gust through the beast’s mane of hair as she responded with finality in her tone, “It is through the command of both the voice of my Lord Khan and the Emperor you will die!”

As Aescun got close to him, she opened her fangs with a snarl raising her weapon. Jasper whimpered as he shivered before her. Asia’a continued to watch and gasped watching the beast cut Jasper down. His lifeless body thumped on the ground as his fearful expression stared on frozen in place. Asia’a gasped with cruel interest as she looked at the beast’s eye. Aescun smirked as she curled her lips into a snarl baring her fangs.

Kael walked along the docking port with his bag over his shoulder. His hat remained on his head as his coat fluttered in the wind. The sun continued to fall behind the horizon as it was evening. Stopping before the docking port, he looked up as he faced the D5 Mantis, Paerilous Blade. He smirked as he walked forward. However, a uniformed man of Khan’s personal colors blocked his way.

Tei responded to Kael’s snarl, “Do not come any further. You are in Paerilous Khan’s personal territory. State your intentions or be punished.”

As Kael moved his hand down to his pistol, he snarled moving close to him, “I ain’t stating my intentions to a slave. I come here on the Huntress’s bidding. I must speak to her.”

Insulted, Tei pushed him back and responded, “I am no slave. I am Lieutenant Tei Rauges, the Hand and Voice of the Khan himself as well as the Huntress. You will leave at once!”

“Look here,” Kael started forward. However, he was interrupted by a snarl behind him.

As Tei and Kael faced Aescun, they stood by. Tei moved forward as he spoke, “My Hun-“

He was stopped as he felt his throat constrict again. Aescun scowled at him as she raised her left hand clutching it. Tei gasped as he was brought to his knees, “-tress.”

Kael casually stared at the poor lieutenant at the floor. With a shrug, he unclenched his hands from his pistol and nodded as he tipped his hat responding to her, “Huntress, forgive my intrusion but I couldn’t help wondering if you needed an extra gun hand. I have both pistols named Boltslinger and I believe they would be much help. Since you helped me out greatly earlier on, I felt the need to repay my service. I have sold my ship and gathered the credits that we might need for this journey. For that, I am prepared to donate a generous amount for the Khan’s personal Huntress if you will allow me to come along.”

As he shifted the heavy bag on his back, Kael continued to gaze upon the Huntress’s scowl. Aescun thought for a few moments. With a snarl, she growled as she waved her left hand with a dismissal toward the kneeling man, “Return to the ship, Lieutenant. Start her up. We leave. Now!”

Tei scampered to his feet and bowed quickly, “At once Huntress!”

Turning back to Kael, she walked forward toward him. Asia’a continued to follow as she stared at the man curiously reading him. Aescun spoke with a snarl, “Your name?”

Kael responded with a nod and a glint in his eye, “Kaelion Revel at your service, Huntress.”

Aescun responded straightforwardly, “Kael, you will take the bunk near the stairs at the bottom deck. You will be closer to the ramp of the ship and the lockers. We will discuss payment later.”

With excitement in his tone, the gunslinger bowed his head and responded at the retreating back of the beast, “Excellent, Huntress. You will not regret this.”

Asia’a continued staring at him. Kael turned to the girl and tapped his hat as he dipped his head in respect, “Hello again, little girl.”

Asia’a scowled at him and puffed her chest as she spat, “I am not a little girl. I am Asia’a Il’ithium, Huntress in training!”

Kael bowed his head again as he responded with a courteous smile, “Forgive me, little Huntress.”

Satisfied, the little girl nodded with a satisfied grunt and scampered after her caretaker. She quickly stepped in behind her and followed her up the ramp. Shifting the bag on his back, Kael turned and adjusted his hat. Taking the credit from his pocket, he flipped it across the air and caught it. He responded with a glint in his eye as he moved forward to his new home, “This will be a fun adventure.”

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