Giving HIm the Boot

Callen and Sam started up to Ops with Kensi and Deeks bringing up the rear.

“Why doesn’t this building have an elevator?” fumed Kensi. “This boot is getting really old.” She and Deeks paused on the landing.

“I guess when this place was built they figured a two-story building didn’t need one,” said Deeks.

“That was a stupid idea. I’d like to kick the architect who made that decision.”

Deeks looked down at her foot. “You only have a few more days in it, right?

“Twenty-seven hours and 45 minutes until I see the doctor.”

Deeks laughed. “But who’s counting? Look, I could carry you the rest of the way, princess.” His eyes slid over her perfect body. “Doesn’t appear that you’ve packed on too much extra poundage while on desk duty.”

Kensi’s lips compressed into a line. “You’re on thin ice here, beach boy. I may have to re-think my plan of cooking dinner for you one night.”

Kensi was a bit testy this morning. Last night they slept at their respective apartments since Kensi and Julia had gone out to dinner. Bonding with her mom was nice, but she missed not waking up next to Deeks, whether on the couch or in one of their beds. Then Deeks’ alarm didn’t go off and they missed their usual sugar-fueled breakfast.

“Come on, Kens. I was joking. You haven’t gained a single ounce.” He bent and scooped her into his arms.

A shocked Kensi hissed, “Put me down this instant!”

“Hey, consider this a trial-run for the honeymoon!” laughed Deeks. He loved nothing better than catching Kensi off-guard.

Before he could take a step, Callen called out from upstairs, “Will you guys be joining us anytime soon?”

“In a minute, mom. Kensalina’s having a little issue with her foot.”

“But my fist is fine,” she said as she landed one on Deeks’ upper arm.

“OW! Is that any way to treat the future father of your little ninja?”

Below them, a couple of computer techs from another team walked by, snickered and quickly averted their eyes lest Kensi come after them later. These workplace displays of whatever were nothing new. The whole building knew about Kensi and Deeks and was rooting for them to resolve their sexual tension in a non-violent manner. In fact, there was a pool going as to when that might happen.

Reluctantly, Deeks let Kensi slide out of his arms and they continued up to Ops.

“About that dinner invitation . . .” whispered Deeks.

“It’s been rescinded.”

“I know the way to a man’s heart is supposedly through his stomach, but you’re already in my heart so even if you never learn . . .”

Sometimes Deeks said things that really stunned her. She stopped short, causing Deeks to bump into her. “You don’t think I can learn to cook, but I’m gonna make a dinner that will knock your socks off,” she declared.

Everyone turned to look at the squabbling partners. Eric and Nell shared a wow! glance.

“As long as that dinner doesn’t knock him off,” said Callen. “We can’t afford to lose another team member.” He looked to Eric. “What have you got, Eric?”

Eric explained the situation and pulled up store surveillance and traffic cam footage.

“Wasn’t there a robbery on that same block about a month ago?” asked Sam. “I think Michelle bought some clothes from one of those boutiques.”

“Yes, there was,” confirmed Eric. “In fact, witnesses are now saying it may have been the same get-away car in both cases.”

“Okay, Sam and I will meet with LAPD. Deeks, talk to the store owners. See if there are any other similarities,” said Callen. “Kensi, help Eric with . . .”

“Callen, can I please go with Deeks?” begged Kensi. “He might need back-up. And Nell’s back so I’m sure Eric would rather have her expertise.” She shot Eric a quick look. “No offense. Not that I don’t want to work with you.”

Eric smiled. “None taken.” And I am glad Nell’s back!

“Besides, I haven’t turned up any new leads in those cold cases.”

Callen blew out a sigh and looked at the two couples. Working with your significant other had its advantages and disadvantages. At least it brought comic relief into the workplace. Was Kensi simply bored sitting behind a desk all day or did she miss being with Deeks all day, fighting and flirting? He suspected it was both.

“How much longer in that thing?” he asked, pointing to her boot.

“Twenty-seven hours. . .” she began.

“And 45 minutes,” finished Deeks.

Callen shook his head and laughed. “Fine. If you feel you’re up to it.”

“I am,” said Kensi with a huge smile.

Deeks motioned to her. “Come on, partner. But be warned: If you slow me down, I’m leaving you on the side of the road,” he threatened. He wore his goofy grin and jumped out of the way before Kensi could slug him again.

“It takes so little to make them happy,” noted Sam.

Downstairs, Deeks and Kensi gathered their gear. “Seems like forever since I used this,” said Kensi as she inserted her earpiece.

“Ready?” asked Deeks.

“Let’s do it.”

“Are you referring to the case or maybe something else?” asked Deeks with raised eyebrows.

Kensi paused in checking her gun. “Well, I was referring to the case. I have no idea what you might have been thinking about.”

“You sure about that?”


“Alrighty then,” said Deeks and grabbed his keys.

So it begins, thought Kensi with a little smile. I really missed this!

They interviewed the store owners and employees. Everyone agreed that it was the same suspects in both cases. While Deeks waited to get some surveillance footage from a store on the opposite corner, Kensi stepped outside to update Callen.

Suddenly, she heard shouts behind her and Deeks was in her ear. “Kensi! Purse-snatcher headed your way. Skinny guy in a red shirt.”

She turned and saw the teenager sprinting toward her, a black purse in his hand. “Got him.”

She shoved her phone in her pocket and waited as the kid got closer. She leaned against the car door and stuck out her booted foot. The kid tripped and went sprawling on the pavement. The purse sailed over the car into the middle of the street.

“Dammit!” she muttered as the shock traveled up her leg. She dropped down and flipped the kid onto his stomach and grabbed his wrists.

“NCIS. You’re under arrest.”

The kid turned his head. “N what? You ain’t no cop!”

“You’re right. But I am a federal agent and you’re still under arrest.” She pulled handcuffs from her back pocket and secured the guy’s wrists.

Deeks jogged up with the surveillance tape. “You good?”

“Never better. That was fun!”

“You must be into the kinky and rough stuff,” said the punk thief.

“Shut up,” said Kensi.

Deeks couldn’t help but laugh. “You have no idea, buddy.”

“You need to shut up, too,” said Kensi with her trademark glare at Deeks.

An LAPD cruiser slid to a stop at the curb and they turned the kid over to the officers.

At the end of the day, Kensi sat in Deeks’ car and unstrapped her boot. She slid it off, threw it in the backseat, and massaged her foot.

“Guess you won’t be making me that ‘knock your socks off’dinner tonight, will you?”

“Nope. I will be soaking in a bubble bath - alone - while you whip up something for dinner.”

“I like a woman who knows what she wants,” laughed Deeks and cranked the engine. “Should you need it, I’m available for back scrubbing.”

Kensi cut her eyes to him. “Good to know.”

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