Yeah, It Happened

Some time later, Deeks awoke. He had no idea what time it was. Kensi was lying on his left arm and he could not see his watch. In fact, his arm had gone numb. He didn’t care. It was worth it to have Kensi’s warm, smooth, and very naked body in his arms. Also, it was confirmation that last night really happened.

Last night. Wow! It was freaking out-of-this-world! Been waiting for this since Kensi showed up in that sweaty gym so long ago.

His heart rate sped up just thinking about it. He ran his right hand down her arm, over the curve of her hip, and leg. He’d slept with Kensi enough times to know when she was in a deep sleep. He smiled to himself. At least for one night he’d been able to restrain her from her preferred starfish sleeping pattern.

Even if we had a bed the size of a football field, we’d still wind up scrunched together.

Last night was wild and frantic, desperate almost. All their bottled-up frustration and longing rushed out. They could barely rip each other’s clothes off fast enough. But Deeks took care not to tear Kensi’s pretty lingerie. He loved seeing it on her as much as he loved taking it off to reveal her perfect body.

Gently, he eased her out of his arms. She stirred briefly, but did not wake up.

Did I wear you out, princess? Yeah, you rest up now because we aren’t done. Not by a long shot.

For a fleeting moment, he wondered how the team would react. There was no way they could hide their new relationship for very long. Everyone would pick up on the subtle changes in their partnership.

What the hell? No point worrying about it. And Hetty already gave her blessing.

He gingerly got out of bed and stretched. There was something he wanted to retrieve from the car. Wonder if I can slip out like this? Then he remembered Kensi’s elderly neighbors. They might see him and call the cops to report a naked prowler.

He stepped over and around their strewn clothing until he located his boxers and pulled them on. Next he got the car keys from his jeans. He crept to the front door and quietly opened it. Monty was on the couch and lifted his head.

“Back in a sec, buddy,” whispered Deeks.

He got a bag from the car and was just re-locking the front door when he heard another front door open nearby. A small dog began yapping.

“Tootsie! Be quiet!” hissed an old lady.

Deeks peeked through the drapes and saw a rotund woman in a green flowered housecoat and pink curlers.

“That was close,” he said to Monty.

Suddenly, his stomach growled. Right. We missed dinner. He went to the kitchen. For the first time, he noticed the candles and placemats on the table. Kensi was really making an effort tonight. It gave him a feeling he couldn’t quite describe.

The lasagna was still sitting on the counter and was stone-cold. He spooned large portions onto plates and microwaved them. Next to the microwave was a tray he remembered Kensi saying her mom gave her. He loaded the plates, forks, glasses, and wine onto it. For good measure, he grabbed the candles and matches from the table.

Kensi rolled onto her back and sensed something, or rather someone, was missing. Her eyes gradually opened. “Deeks?” She suffered a moment of panic and sat up, switching on the small bedside lamp. Surely, he hadn’t abandoned her after their epic lovemaking last night. Her entire body still tingled.

I’ll kill him.

The kitchen light was on and she heard him moving around. She sighed in relief. The smell of lasagna reached her as she pushed a pillow behind her back. Her stomach rumbled and her mouth watered. She sincerely hoped he was right about the middle being edible even if the edges were burnt.

We used up a lot of calories earlier. And we’ll need a lot more for later!

Deeks padded in and halted at the foot of the bed. Kensi’s hair was disheveled, reminding him of a wild, beautiful Amazon. And she’s all mine.

With his eyes boring into her, Kensi suddenly felt shy. She pulled the sheet up around her breasts.

“Seriously, Fern? I’ve already admired all your girl parts. They’re awesome, by the way.”

Just hearing those words caused a fluttering low in her belly and her nipples to tighten. She blushed. Why is Deeks the only man to make me do that?

“I could say the same about you.”

“You could?” His eyebrows rose.

“Yeah.” Neither spoke for a second. Finally, Kensi swallowed. “So why are you hiding your, uh, guy parts?”

“I had to go to the car.”


“Patience, Kens. You’ll find out later. Anyway, I didn’t want this Greek god-like specimen to give your neighbors heart palpitations . . .”

“You’re Norwegian,” Kensi interrupted.

“No matter. Then I’d have to call 911 and well, that would distract me from thoughts of how I want to spend the rest of our night,” he grinned cheekily. “Flashing lights and sirens aren’t conducive to romance.”

He was trying to be his usual goofy self, but the look in his eyes was pure heat.

“Are we gonna eat?” she asked. “I’m starving.” But not only for food!

He almost forgot he was holding the tray. “Oh, yeah.” He carefully placed it over her lap. He took the candles, set them on the dresser and struck a match. They flickered and gave off a light rose scent.

He crawled in beside Kensi and she handed him a glass of wine. “To us,” she said.

Deeks smiled broadly. “To us. Two people who were always meant to be.”

“Was it worth the wait?” wondered Kensi.

“Absolutely!” He leaned over and kissed her.

“Good to know . . . Marty.”

Deeks looked at her in shock. “Whoa. That was unexpected.”

“I know. It sounds weird.”

“It’ll grow on you. Like I did.”

She couldn’t let that pass without an arm punch. But it was a kinder, gentler one. “I can’t call you that at work.”

“I know. But we’re not at work all the time. Come on, let’s try your culinary masterpiece. The night is young and we need to fuel up.”


He nodded. “Marty always delivers on his promises.”

“I certainly hope so.”

He leered at her chest. “Is that sheet really necessary?”

She frowned. “Yes. I wouldn’t want you to be distracted while trying my masterpiece, as you put it.”

“Well played, princess,” he laughed.

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