Repeat Performances

They attacked the lasagna like they were condemned prisoners having a final meal. “This is really good,” said Deeks between mouthfuls.

“You don’t have to act so surprised,” said Kensi. She pretended to take offense, but secretly she was pleased that he liked it.

“I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I first got here and caught that burnt smell. But I think with some coaching, you could be a pretty decent cook.”


“Sure. Which is good since we are officially an item now.”

Kensi laid her fork down on the tray and looked at him. “An item. Right. How is this going to play out at work?”

Deeks took a sip of wine. He could see the concern on Kensi’s face and he didn’t want her to be anxious about anything. “You aren’t having second thoughts about us, are you?”

She touched his forearm. “Oh no, not at all. I love the sexy new version of us.” She bit her bottom lip. “How will Hetty and Callen and Sam react? What if Hetty decides it would be in the best interest of the team to pair me with Callen and you with Sam?”

A look of horror crossed Deeks’ face. “Sam. That would be a death sentence for me. I mean, I respect the guy and all, but he doesn’t get my vibe.”

“Ditto for Callen,” added Kensi. “I can’t see me punching our team leader.”

Deeks burst out laughing. “Yeah. Assaulting a federal agent is a big no-no. Whereas assaulting an LAPD detective is deemed acceptable behavior.” He leaned away before Kensi could do just that.

“Shut up, Deeks. I’m serious about this.”

“I know, but I think you’re borrowing trouble. We don’t have to go in first thing Monday and announce that we’re together together. We just play it cool and roll with it. Everything will be fine.”

Kensi still looked worried. “You think so?”

“Absolutely. Kens, you trust me, don’t you?” He gently rubbed her forehead to smooth out her frown.

“Of course. Every day I trust you.”

“Then say it. Marty Deeks, I trust you completely.”

She almost protested, but then repeated, “Marty Deeks, I trust you completely.”

Deeks smiled. “Excellent. Don’t you feel empowered now?”

She nodded and Deeks leaned in for a kiss. “I know something that will help you.”

“Does it involve us being naked and working up a sweat?” teased Kensi.

That caught Deeks off-guard. “Wow. Touché. Yes, but there’s something else. Hang on.” He got out of bed and headed up the hall.

“Where are you going?” called Kensi. She leaned over and set the tray on the floor.

Deeks retrieved the bag he’d brought in earlier from the car. From the kitchen, he heard Kensi’s phone buzz. Oh man, I hope there’s not some emergency. He went to check it. Nell’s picture popped up. It was 2:40 a.m. Do you ever sleep, Nell-a-saurus?

He couldn’t resist. He read the message. It was brief and to the point.

How was dinner? I want details ASAP!

Deeks debated for a moment. Then he set the bag down and tapped out a reply. Words can’t describe it!!!

He smiled to himself. Kensi may kill me, but I don’t care! Words truly cannot describe the single best night of my life.

“Deeks, it’s lonely in here,” called Kensi. She straightened the sheets and secured it over her chest.

“Patience, my ninja princess. You will be rewarded.”

He sat on the bed and plopped the bag down. Kensi looked at the ratty grocery bag and then at him. “What’s this?”

Deeks shrugged. “Check it out.”

“I won’t be sorry, will I?” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“You will definitely not be sorry. In fact, you will be ecstatic.”

Finally, curiosity won out and she peeked in the bag. She let out a squeal of delight and lifted out a box. “Godiva chocolate! Deeks, this is awesome!”

“Only the best for my girlfriend.” He paused. “I love saying that.”

Kensi tore off the lid, selected one, and bit into it. Her eyes closed as she savored it. “Hmmm. It’s . . . it’s . . .”


Her eyes flew open. Deeks was looking at her longingly.

Kensi swallowed the delicious piece. “Almost. But I’m not sure anything can compare to . . .”

“To what?” Deeks scooted closer to feed her another chocolate.

“To us,” she said simply.

Their eyes held for a long moment. “Let’s test that theory,” said Deeks. He moved the chocolates to the nightstand. Kensi let the sheet slip to her waist.

Sunday – Noon

Deeks woke to Monty whining on his side of the bed. “Hey, buddy. You gotta go?”

“What time is it?” mumbled Kensi “Are we late for work?”

Deeks chuckled. “It’s Sunday, Kens.”

“Thank goodness. I don’t think I can move.”

Deeks was already up and pulling on his jeans. “Stay put. I have to take Monty out.” He leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

“Sure.” She rolled over and said something into her pillow. It sounded like Must call Nell.

Fifteen minutes later, Deeks and Monty were back. Only moments before, Kensi had opened her eyes enough to make it to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Deeks quickly stripped out of his clothes and stepped in with her.

They stayed in there laughing, lathering, and loving until the hot water ran out. “Yeow!” shrieked Kensi when the first cold droplets hit her back. Deeks reached out and snagged a towel and wrapped her up.



“How about some lasagna?” he asked with a grin.

“You can think about food after all we just shared?”

“Of course. Can’t you? Passion needs fuel.”

“You have a point. Bring it,” said Kensi.

He got out, toweled off, and dressed before retreating to the kitchen.

Kensi took her time combing her hair and rubbing on lotion. She studied her reflection in the mirror. The line of their “thing” had been crossed. Big time!

There’s no going back now. Deeks doesn’t seem worried about tomorrow so I’ll try to put it out of my mind, too.

As the lasagna heated, Deeks found the salad and garlic bread in the fridge and prepared them.

The wonderful aromas soon drew Kensi from the bedroom. She was wearing a tank top and shorts.

Deeks pointed to the small table. “Sit. It’s almost ready.”

“You’re ordering me around in my own kitchen?” she laughed.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, we both know you’re not that well acquainted with your kitchen, so yes.”

“Touché, Marty.”

Deeks threw her a startled look.

“I know. I’m still trying it out. It’s so new for me,” she said.

“Roger that.”

Her phone buzzed. She got up and looked at it. Deeks had a moment of panic. He hoped his expression didn’t betray him.

“Nell. She knew I was attempting to make dinner last night.” She stared at the phone, debating whether to respond or not. She spoke aloud as she texted a brief answer.

All good. See u tomorrow.

“This is our time. I don’t want anything to spoil it,” said Kensi quietly.

Deeks breathed a sigh of relief. “I couldn’t agree more.”

Kensi stepped close and put her arms around his neck. “Kiss me, Marty.”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am.”

After eating, they lounged on the couch and watched ridiculous TV shows. Monty joined them, sprawled across their legs with his head in Kensi’s lap. They dozed for a while until Monty had to go out again. As they were coming back, they encountered Kensi’s neighbor with the yappy dog.

Once they were back inside, Deeks started laughing. “What’s so funny?” asked Kensi.

“Last night I almost got caught in my underwear by that lady.”


He related the story. Now Kensi was snorting. “She’s the kind who’ll call the cops at the drop of a hat. Callen would have loved that.”

They resumed their places on the couch and settled on one of the Jason Bourne movies. Half-way through, Kensi began yawning. Deeks clicked off the TV and picked Kensi up in his arms.

“Time for bed, princess.”

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