Pillows That Talk

After leaving the mall, they’d swung by Deeks’ apartment to walk and feed Monty. Then it was on to Kensi’s place because she decided she would be more comfortable among her stuff, or junk as Deeks affectionately termed it.

“Stop moving. Pillows don’t move,” complained Kensi. She settled herself against Deeks’ chest as they sprawled on her couch. Deeks flipped through the TV channels trying to find something to watch.

Deeks laughed. “Is that what I am now – a giant pillow for you to punch?”

“Among other things.”

“Yeah? What other things?”

“Hmm . . . excellent donut selector and pancake maker.”

“Yeah, what’s not to love about a guy who can cook?”

She jabbed his ribs. “Selecting donuts is not cooking. You simply point to the ones you . . . Hey, there’s a good movie.” Kensi sat up and gestured excitedly at the screen.

“What? A Clown’s Revenge? Let me guess. It’s a horror flick.”

“It’s so creepy. This clown gets tired of people making fun of him so he starts following them home from the circus and when they’re asleep he . . .”

“I don’t get why people like to be scared like that,” said Deeks.

“It’s totally awesome, but I have nightmares every time I watch it. But you’re here so it’s okay.”

“Guess that means I’m staying.”

Kensi turned her head to look at him. “Of course you’re staying. I can’t sleep without my pillow. And I have a broken foot. What if I need something during the night?”

“I can put a glass of water and your pain pills on the nightstand and you have your phone and gun.” Deeks had no intention of leaving; he only wanted to annoy Kensi.

“What if there’s an earthquake in the night or zombies break in?”

“Zombies. . . really? You’re going to milk this for all it’s worth, aren’t you?” said Deeks with a chuckle.

“You got that right,” she answered. “Now can you throw that quilt over me? I’m getting cold.”

“As you wish, my ninja princess.”

During the day, there was a lot of bickering and insulting. It was a different story when they were alone together at night. They always gravitated toward each other and personal space ceased to exist.

Deeks spread the quilt over them and prepared to have the crap scared out of him. He hated clowns.

Next Morning at the Mission

“Hey, G. Did you see this?” asked Sam.

The small TV mounted behind their desks was showing the local morning news. The anchorwoman was telling a story from the previous evening:

“Off-duty LAPD cop nabs mall purse-snatcher. The attack was so upsetting to the pregnant woman whose purse was stolen that she went into labor a short while later. Fortunately, she delivered a healthy baby girl at Cedars-Sinai and mother and baby are doing well this morning.”

“Look like anyone you know?”

Callen peered at the screen. The “off-duty LAPD cop” was seen only from the back. “Don’t tell me that’s . . .”

“Yep, that’s Deeks. I’d know that shaggy head anywhere,” laughed Sam.

Five seconds later, Deeks walked in and dropped his bag on his desk. “Morning.”

Sam muted the TV and they looked at the pavement burn on his face.

Deeks looked from one to the other. “What? I showered. Although I did have to use Kensi’s coconut-mango-lime shower gel. But you don’t really need to know that, do you?”

Sam and Callen tried not to smile. “Did she beat you up for not rescuing her at the training exercise yesterday?” asked Sam.

“Oh this,” he said as he touched his cheek. “There was a little incident at the mall.”

“We know,” said Callen and unmuted the TV. The report was being repeated.

“Holy crap. Cell phone video,” said Deeks. “At least they didn’t get my face.”

Sam laughed. “You’re a hero, Deeks.”

“How’s Kensi?” asked Callen.

“She had a restless night because we watched a horror flick. It was her idea, I might add.”

“And how do you know this?” wondered Callen.

Deeks looked a little nervous. Callen and Sam were very protective of Kensi even though she was quite capable of taking care of herself.

“Okay, I stayed with her. Somebody had to look after her. Plus, she’s pissed that she has to stay off her foot.”

“She needs to let it heal properly. I can’t have a team that’s not at 100 percent,” said Callen.

“What about Hetty?” asked Deeks.

“Surgery was a success and she’s going to her sister’s house in San Diego to recover.”

“Hetty has a sister?” asked Sam. “Did you know that?”

Callen shook his head. “Not until this morning. It was a complete shock to me, too. And it’s her twin sister at that.”

“Wow. I thought they broke the mold when they made Hetty,” said Deeks.

“You mean there are two of them out there?” said Sam, still trying to wrap his brain around the fact.

“That’s a sobering thought, isn’t it,” said Callen.

“What does the sister do?” asked Deeks.

Callen laughed. “I don’t think this will come as any surprise, but she’s a firearms instructor for the DEA.”

“Double trouble. That’s what it is,” said Deeks.


Callen had to join another conference call with Granger and Vance and Sam and Deeks began reviewing cold case files.

By afternoon, Sam had discovered a pattern. Not in the cold cases, but with Deeks’ behavior. At 10 minutes past every hour, Deeks either sent or received a text. Usually he sent a quick reply and got back to the cases. Now he was snickering.

“You conducting some kind of covert operation over there, Deeks? At the same time every hour something goes down.”

“Just checking on my partner.”

“You better not be sexting,” said Sam in a threatening tone. He grabbed Deeks’ phone.

“Hey man!”

Sure enough, there was a naked picture of Kensi. Kensi’s naked foot, that is. It was propped up on the coffee table with a text that read:

My foot is purple!!!

Sam frowned. “Not good.”

Callen walked over from Hetty’s desk. Sam showed him the phone. “Definitely not good,” he agreed.

It was already 4:20 p.m. Probably not much more work will get done today, Callen decided.

“Deeks, why don’t you go check on her? We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’m on it!” he grinned. He snatched his phone from Sam and dumped the cold cases in the bottom desk drawer. He locked the drawer, grabbed his messenger bag, and sprinted for the door.

When he had gone, Callen said, ““Looks like the situation is about to reach critical mass with those two.”

“About to?” said Sam. “It started a slow burn the moment they laid eyes on each other at that MMA gym.”

“Should we let it play out?”

“Come on, G. You can’t fight Mother Nature.”

“I thought that was City Hall.”

“That, too. All I’m saying is, let this thing run its natural course. Then everyone will be happy.”

“I don’t know. What if it doesn’t work out for them? It could adversely affect team dynamics.”

Sam grinned. “Then we’ll have to beat some sense into Deeks. Show him he can’t jerk our little sister around.”

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