Obsidian and Emerald


Bryce and Cody are Burst Linkers from America. After their father is transferred to Japan the eventually meet Nega Nebulus and they begin a much more challenging and dangerous adventure.

Action / Humor
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The Foreign Linkers Arc: New Home Same Game

Obsidian & Emerald

The Foreign Linkers Arc: New Home Same Game

The year is 2046 and our story begins in a city on the west coast of the United States, where we see two brothers, but no ordinary brothers. These two siblings have powers that only a few people in the world has, called Acceleration. So far, only 70 people in all of North America have this power, and it is thanks to a game called Brain Burst, which fundamentally in a fighting game but is so much more. The brothers name's are Bryce and Cody Draekor, 15 and 14 years old respectively, and Bryce is the guardian of Cody and it is unknown who Bryce's guardian is. And so we now begin our story, the story of two brothers as well as their adventures, in the near future.

"Oh come on bro stop tease me like that!"

It was the in the middle of the school year. Bryce and Cody were just walking home and Bryce, being the older brother he is, was teasing Cody on his crush at school.

"Well it's not my fault you like a girl that is clearly out of your league."

"Well a guy can dream can't he!"

"Not unless that dream is unattainable."

"But isn't that what dreams are all about?!"

"Yeah i guess you do have a point..."

"Ha see! Guess i win."

"She's still out of your league."

"Oh shut up!"

Cody began to chase his brother across the neighborhood which Bryce was laughing the entire time. Despite the constant teasing, arguments, and the occasional noogie, they both know that its just what brothers do and in the end, they are family and that is a bond you can never break. Bryce then ran across to their street and ran towards their house and just before he could open the door he spotted Cody across the street running towards him and Bryce then quickly opened the door and held it back.

"Welcome home Bryce and Cody." Their father said from the living room.

"Let me in you fart sniffer!" Cody was banging on the door.

"Bryce is that your brother?" Their mother said from the kitchen.

"Ummmm maybe?"

"Son let your brother in."

"Yes sir..."

Bryce stepped back and opened the door of which an angered Cody promptly fell on the floor, swiftly got up, and grabbed Bryce by the collar of his shirt.

"Why you little...!"

"Little? I'm the older, taller, and more muscular one here bro."

Cody reared his fist before suddenly their mother grabbed his shoulder.

"Cody Fredrick Draekor! You let you brother go this instant!"

"Yes ma'am." Cody let go of Bryce, who was calm the entire time, and then his whispered in his ear. "Well deal with this later."

"Fine fine, if you want to be a spoiled baby." Bryce whispered back to him.

Cody just snarled in anger and was honestly about to grab his brother's collar again until their father spoke up.

"Boys settle down, me and your mother have some news we need to share with you."

"What? Is mom having another baby?"

"Oh Bryce, your such a wit!"

"Yeah i know, i'm charming."

"Olive for brains..."

"What was that little one?"

"I'm only a few inches shorter than you!"


"Sorry sir." They both said in unison.

"Please sit down." Their father signed.

Their father motioned Bryce and Cody to sit down in the couch in front of the couch their parents were about to sit at.

"Boys i know that for the bast 14 years we have been living in the United States, and you have grown quite fond living here but..."

"But what?" They said in unison.

"I've been moved to the Japanese branch of my company due to a low distribution of employees."

"So what your saying is that your..."

"Yes, well rather we, are moving to Japan. Tokyo to be more precise."

"But we are way to adjusted to life here! You can't just expect us to move to another country just like that!"

"Yes and that's why they gave us 8 months time to pack our stuff and move it all to Japan."

"Well were are we going to go to school then?"

"We have found a good school for you, but you have to wear a uniform."

"Great, add that to the list of troubles."


'Well what do ya expect! I don't even know what Berlin looks like! All i know is that i was born there, and Cody was born here!"

"Bryce i'm sorry but its out of my control, i asked them to switch me out but their minds are made up."

The brothers just sat there, they didn't want to move and they wanted to anything they can to prevent that but they knew it was pointless, this was beyond their reach.

"We'll give you boys some time to think."

Their mother and father left their room to leave the two alone.

"Bryce what do we do?"


"Nothing! I mean we have to do something right?"

"Cody don't you think that i want stay here, this place has been my home more than Berlin has. We have friends, memories, and bonds that we have to leave behind."

"Leave behind?! We just can't do that you even said it yourself! We have friends and memories here that we can't just leave behind!"

"Cody your so damn naive..."


"I love it here, this is were i made my first friends and got the only brother i'll ever have... Cody we can't do anything except prepare for the inevitable."

"But Bryce..."

"You heard dad, he tried but they already made up their minds, we have no say. All the corporate heads care about is progress."

"Bryce you know that..."

"Know what Cody?! now that we just can't sit here and do nothing, well that's what we have to do! We are just innocent bystanders in this crossfire we have no say to call for a truce!" Bryce began to tear up, he was never the crying type, it was just not him.

"Come on bro don't cry like that, wheres my brother that holds back his tears if he has any huh?"

"Cody don't give me any bullshit right now, and about what happened earlier, i'm sorry."

This was also another thing Bryce rarely does is apologize sincerely, mostly because he would make a sort of face which signals people that he knows what he did was wrong and that would be his way of apologizing.

"Nah man its okay, i mean were brothers right? Its just natural to mess around and get into trouble together right?"

"Hehe... Yeah your right again. Wow that's twice in one day Cody your on fire."

"Yeah well, at least i don't have olives for brains." Cody said turning his back on him.

"At least i don't have a crush on a girl that i'm way out of her league."

Cody turned around and shook his fist at his brother but then put his hand down, smiled, and began to chuckle. Bryce did the same thing and soon they were laughing with each other, not at each other. Cody then stuck out his hand towards his brother.


Bryce then grabbed his hand

"Yeah... Bros till death."

Bryce smiled as Cody pulled him up and they laughed at each other.

"You brothers shouldn't get along this well right right?"

"Well Cody... There is always that special case."

They looked at each other and laughed again then Bryce put his arm around his brother and the walked into their room, temporarily forgetting what they were just told.

6 Months Later

For the past six months the Draekor family packed all of their stuff and moved it all too their new home in Tokyo, Japan. In the end Bryce and Cody excepted their fate and they looked at the positive side of things, there are more burst linkers here than there are in America. Then, when they packed the last of their things and sent it to the international post transfer they bought plane tickets and flew towards their new home, Tokyo. It was their first day there and it was mid-afternoon, enough-time to unpack the couch and mattresses to sleep on for the night.

"So this is Tokyo huh, it's exactly what i expected, big and bright."

The Draekor family were on a bus that was taking them to their new home, which was a apartment in a really next complex.

"Wow Bryce always think the stereotypical way."

"Yeah but most of the time the stereotypical way is the way you see it when you finally get to the place."

"That's just what a stereotypical person would say."

"So what, i'm a little stereotypical big deal."

"Yeah, but then that stereotypical attitude turns into..."

His brothers sentence was interrupted by the whole world going blue and soon he dived into his avatar.

"Ughhhhh great i knew that i forgot something when we landed."

Soon the world becomes like a post-apocalyptic city with barrels lit on fire around the street. Then in front of Bryce appeared the word 'Fight!'

"The worlds end stage huh, it looks different, granted i am in Tokyo so..."

Bryce then walks over to a barely intact window to see his avatar. The body from the neck down is very sleek and shiny. Then there is his head, which is the source of his nickname, his head looked somewhat like a Vex, an enemy from an old game that still holds the record for most pre-ordered new game franchise for consoles. His nickname in Black Vex, but his avatar's true name is Obsidian Nova.

"Hey look at the new guy!"

Bryce turned around to see a crowd of people on the top of the roof spectating the fight.

"Never seen him before, like ever."

"He looks like a rookie so that's probably why."

Bryce just laughed at that comment and they looked a bit surprised.

"What's so funny kid?"

"Just look at my level and you'll find out." Bryce said putting his hands on his hips.

"Holy crap he's a Level 8!"

They were all surprised at his level, they were honestly shocked. They never have seen someone come out of the blue as a level eight.

Then suddenly Bryce saw a figure move very fast at him Bryce all of a sudden warped from the place he was standing to the side of the street.

His opponent, a blue color who was in a samurai looking body.

"What how did you dodge that?!"

"Let's see you avatar name is Zaffre Samurai, a level 7 blue color, how cute?"

"Hey you didn't answer my question!"

"Oh isn't it obvious? I teleported."

"What?! I never heard of a avatar who can teleport!"

"Well i actually have a limit to where i can go, but it is just long enough to avoid long range fire and close range combatants like you."


"Well i guess its my turn to attack."

Nova then brought his arms closer to him and formed an X across his chest. Then suddenly blades appeared from each hand's wrist, like wrist blades that were on top of the hand. Zaffre Samurai pulled out his sword to defend the attack as Nova moved in swiftly, he then jumped up and lifted his right arm up for and upward attack and Samurai lunged his sword at the now exposed abdomen of Obsidian Nova but before the sword made contact Nova then suddenly warped behind him and swung down his blade threw the center of his back taking out 98% of his health bar. Samurai then feel on the ground face first dropping his sword, Nova retracted his blades and lifted Samurai by the head and brought him face to face. Nova was about to do his signature finishing move.

"Vex Laser!"

Nova's red orb that was protruding out of his head then glowed and it fired a bright red laser that went directly into Samurai's head. He screamed in agony until his health bar dropped to zero of which Nova let go of Samurai's head, which now had a large hole threw it, as the avatar slump to the ground and then the word 'Winner!' appeared in front of him signifying his dominating victory. In the fight he lost no health and didn't use his special move what so ever.

Then he was back at the city bus where is brother finished his sentence.

"Into nationalism and racism my brother." Cody said holding up a finger.

"Cody someone just challenged me!" Bryce said in a whisper.

"What no way so what's the competition like then?"

"So far...mediocre, but that was just one guy, who knows how strong other people are here."

"What was your opponent like?"

"His name was Zaffre Samurai and he was a level 7 burst linker."

"How much damage did you take?"


"Holy crap Bryce!"

"Dude keep it down." Bryce was motioning to lower his voice

"Sorry, so what's the plan?"

"Well first i'm disconnecting from the Global Net." Bryce then twitched his fingers around and touched the button to disconnect from the Global Net.

"Then what?"

"We lay low. When we get to school tomorrow that's when we see if there are any burst linkers at Umesato Junior High."

"Oh yeah... what is the system like there again?"

"And you call me olive for brains... They do it by a year system, it goes first then second then third year, got it?"

"Okay, and what year are we transferring to?"

"I'm transferring to third year and your transferring to second year."

"Alright i remember now."

"Olive for brains..."

"No that's my nickname to you."

"But it's more fitting for you."

"Shut up olive for brains!"

Cody said punching his brother in the shoulder, in response Bryce gave his brother a noogie. Cody was going to punch him again Bryce raised his hand for a fist-bump. Cody just stared at him.

"Come on don't leave me hanging man." Bryce was smiling.

"Yeah sorry bro." Cody returned the fist-bump.

For the rest of the rid to their new home Cody and Bryce exchanged laughs and then they realized at the same time. Even though they would lose touch with their friends back in America, they still had their memories of them, and that they would make new friends and memories in Tokyo.

Elsewhere - A Few Hours Later

"Incoming dive call from: Takumu"

"Hey Taku what's up?"

"Hey Haru have you heard the buzz?"

"I don't know what your talking about?"

"You know you really should be in touch of what happens in the accelerated world."

"Well i mean i do through you so doesn't that count?"

"Yeah i guess that's true."

"So what happened?"

"One of the top tier players from Leonids was completely dominated by some random player."

"What?! What were their names?"

"The one who lost was named Zaffre Samurai, he specializes in close quarters combat and is one of the best in Leonids for that reason."

"And did he lose in close range?"

"Yeah, he lost to a player called Obsidian Nova a dark colored type."

"What no way!"

"The spectators who saw the fight say it was like it was nothing they have ever seen before."

"How so?"

"Well Samurai was a level seven, pretty powerful on his own. Nova was a level 8."

"Wait so a level 8 burst linker just showed up out of nowhere and challenged on of the top tier player from the blue legion to a duel?"

"Actually sources say it was Samurai that challenged Nova."

"Wow so what happened?"

"Well Samurai went in for the early kill but Nova dodged it so fast that when Samurai asked him Nova claimed it was teleportation."

"What i never heard of a avatar that can teleport!"

"Neither have i. Then Nova summoned wrist blades and ran at Samurai at full speed and then jumped up in the air, lifted is right arm and leaving his abdomen exposed."

"So what happened?"

"Nova did what he did earlier, he teleported behind Samurai, cut him from the back leaving only 2% of his health left and totally immobile."

"Incredible! In just one attack he took out 98% of an opponents health, he was a higher level than him but it still shouldn't have done that much damage!"

"Then get this, Nova lifted Samurai's head put it pretty much right in front of his head and activated a attack."

"What was it?!"

"I think it would be better if i show you."

Taku sent a file with a video link attached to it. The video showed the final seconds of the fight. Nova already had Samurai's head in front of him and then he called out, 'Vex Laser!', just then a bright red laser was fired from the protruding orb from Nova's head, leaving a hole in Samurai's head. After that the fight ended saying that Obsidian Nova was the winner and the video ends there.

"That's unbelievable Taku!"

"Yeah i know, and when they looked, that 'Vex Laser' move he did did not move down his special move gauge."

"So wait could have been an incarnate move?"

"I don't think so, if he does now how to use the incarnate system i don't think he would use it in a random duel."

"So what are we dealing with here Taku?"

"Well we are dealing with a very powerful burst linker, who didn't even lose a shred of health in that fight, who can apparently teleport and use it effectively."

"So what should we do?"

"For now nothing. But if we run into him then we will alert our master."

"That would be the best solution, but i wouldn't mind seeing him myself to see if he is friendly or not."

"I would like to do that to Haru but if it comes to it were going to have to fight him."

"Okay than, do you want me to alert senpai?"

"Yes please, until then i'm trying to find out more about this Obsidian Nova guy."

"Okay talk to you later Taku."

"See you later Haru."

"Dive call ended."

"I wonder how senpai will react to this, i wonder who this guy is and will I ever meet him in a duel...or even in real life."

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