The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 9

Outside of Nicky's bar, Pogue, Abby and Kate stood by the road waiting for the other boys to get their butts here. Scanning the road Abby hoped they would show up soon.

Kate said, "Thanks again, Abby, for letting me join you guys."

Abby glanced over with a small smile, "It was nothing." Lie. Having Kate here took a lot out of Abby because of the amount of restraint it took not to tell Kate to leave with her fantasies of Pogue. She cringed as Kate undressed Pogue with her eyes, again.

In the distance a green Hummer pulled up behind the many motorcycles.

Damn I got to get me one of these when I get my license.

Cops didn't know what hit them.

When will he ever learn? He saw what my father's using lead him to, and he still pulls this shit.

Shit. What a rush.

Piling out of the car was Tyler, Reid, Caleb, Aaron. Opening the passenger window, Abby noticed two older boys that were in the front.

Aaron said exuberated, "Scott that was awesome."

Caleb gave a small nod, "Thanks for the ride, guys."

Scott waved his one hand in the air and responded, "Anytime, my fellow swimmers."

The other boy, who was the driver, said, “See you in Swim practice tomorrow.” The green Hummer took off down the road while the boys were talking about the adventure they just endured.

Pogue stepped closer to Abby so he could whisper, "May I ask why you brought Kate. I thought you hated her?"

Abby shifted, "I don't hate her." She thought, Maybe extremely dislike. Abby continued to say, “She asked to come. What was I supposed to say? Sorry you annoy me to infinity."

Pogue said joking, "You could have said no. It's a very simple word to pronounce. But I guess you're just too nice of a person." Yes she was too nice. Kate apparently had a huge fight with Kira, so now Kate had been following Abby everywhere. If Abby didn't know any better, she might have been selected to be Kate's new BFF.

Caleb came over to them, "Hey Pogue, Abby." He glanced over to Kate and said unsure, "Kate?" Pogue nodded his head in the direction to Abby, obviously pointing the blame to her.

Abby muttered as she pulled Pogue inside, "Let's just go in," making him chuckle. Looking around for a place to sit, Reid, Aaron and Tyler pushed past them.

Reid stated, "We're going to head to the pool tables." He winked at Abby, "See you later."

Caleb shook his head and pointed to the back, "There's a booth over there."

They all sat down. Kate was on Abby's right side while Caleb and Pogue sat across from them. Pogue cracked his knuckles at the awkward silence and Caleb tried to start up a conversation, "So what sport do you play, Kate?"

Her eyes brightened with the attention on her, "Cheerleading and Tennis. What do you guys do?" Abby had to stop her eyes from rolling because the direction of her question was aimed at the male population of this group.

Caleb said, "We're on the swim team."


Abby's head snapped up at hearing Thea’s thought over by the bar. She was sitting on a bar stool drinking a chocolate malt by a red head, who was eating a burger that was bigger than her. Abby pondered. Where were the others that were usually in Thea's group? Could they be here?

"Abby do you want anything?" Pogue asked. Abby searched his mind to find out what he meant. Oh, he was getting food with Caleb.

She said, "I'll have whatever you're having."

Caleb moved out of the booth as Pogue sat up with a smile, "Alright we'll be right back, ladies."

Abby turned toward Kate, who was playing with a strand of her hair. "Do you know who that red head girl is?"

Kate perked up telling Abby the gossip, "That's Kylie Evans. She moved from New Zealand. Oh, and she's like one of those borderline-geniuses." Abby scoped the room and found Serenity dancing with some guys and the crazy dark haired girl was by the pool tables where Reid and Tyler were playing.

She asked pointing to the dark haired girl, "And her?"

Kate said, "New girl. Her name is Raechel Preston, but I heard she goes by Rae." At least Kate was good for one thing.

She probably won't want to come. Theadora’s sweet voice echoed in Abby’s mind.

Shaking her head, Abby couldn't understand why she was so attuned to this one girl. Maybe because her mind was so calming?

Kylie and Thea approached the table and the red head said, "Hi, I'm Kylie and this is Thea. We're wondering if you would like to come over for a dorm sleep over in Thea's room."

Kate turned back to playing with her hair disappointed. Shifting her eyes to see Serenity glancing over, Abby felt all of a sudden excited and happy and agreed fairly quickly. Kylie gave a small smile saying, "Great. Room 413, tonight." Serenity ran over to them and grabbed Thea and Kylie by the arm.

She said while bouncing around, "This is my jam, guys." Getting pushed to the dance floor the jukebox started to play "California Gurls" by Katy Parry (feat. Snoop Dog). "Come on, guys, dance." Serenity whined and with her persuasion, they began to dance.

Meanwhile, at the pool tables Reid and Tyler had been betting all night. The recent bet was on what this voluptuous woman at the bar was wearing underneath her dress.

Reid slapped a twenty down on the pool table, "Red thong."

Tyler smirked as he took out the last of his money. Ten bucks hit the table when saying, "Pink satin."

Pogue overheard and joined in, "No way, it’s black lace." Reid was about to reveal the best view in the world, when another slap of money hit the table.

"Yellow cotton with pink polka dots and a bit of white lace around the waist band." They turned to see Rae with a smirk on her face. "Now we just have to wait for the air vent to kick on and I'll win the bet." Relief coursed through them, knowing she didn't figure out their secret.

Reid glanced back at the fine blonde saying, "Yeah, we just have to wait for the vent to kick on." His eyes momentarily changed black making the light material of her dress lift up, revealing yellow cotton panties with pink polka dots and white lace.

Rae racked in the money saying, "Thanks boys."

They all stared at her dumb-founded because she gave the exacted description. The new girl gave them all a cocky smile and took off toward the bar so she could get some grub. As Rae went, she saw Caleb giving a death glare to Reid.

She said, "You know, that dark, disgruntled look doesn't suit you very well." Caleb glanced over at Rae clearly not amused. Another song started to play, "Evacuate the Dance Floor" by Cascada. Determined to make him smile, she said, "You need to loosen up. Dance with me."

Grasping his hand, she pulled him past the pool tables to the dance floor. She started to dance as Caleb stood in place, a little uncertain what to do. Rae placed a hand on her hip and arched an eyebrow, clearly indicating that she was waiting for a better move. Come on Caleb, loosen up, she thought with hope.

Caleb began to bob his body up and down and Rae sighed shaking her head. Oh, dear lord! Where did he get these moves from? The oompa loompa’s from Willy Wonka? Rae stared in horror.

She took a hold of his waist showing him how to move and she whispered in his ear, "Close your eyes and follow the beat."

As Caleb began to loosen up and grind a little, the sensation of feeling the beat and the friction of their bodies touching was amazing for them.

When Rae twisted her body toward him and lifted her arms around Caleb's neck, a jolt of electricity ran through their bodies. While the fast beat music continued they were paralyzed as they stared into each other's eyes.

Before Caleb could say anything a short, black haired girl with big breasts, cut in between them and took Caleb away.

On the other side of the bar Abby, Pogue, Reid and Tyler were in an intense game of foosball, well except Reid who had throughout the game been taking sneak peeks out by the dance floor.

Abby heard his train of thought as they played. He was at first hypostasized by Serenity's seductive moves, just like most of the males in the building. But then all of his thought stopped when seeing Theadora. Reid couldn't keep his eyes off of her as Thea awkwardly danced to "I'm a slave" by Britney Spears. It was as if she was too innocent for this slutty song, yet the way she swayed her body captivated Reid.

I have to meet her, Reid was now lost in his thought which was better than Kate.

While Kate stood by Abby at the end of the table, watching Pogue, Abby was becoming more and more aggressive in her playing. I wonder how good in bed he is. He has big hands so that must mean he has a huge-OUCH! Abby innocently threw her hands up in victory as she made the winning shot.

Abby said, "Yes! Oh, sorry Kate, didn't mean to hit you."

Tyler's shoulders slumped as he said, "We definitely would have won, if Reid could keep focus. Who are you looking at? Serenity?"

Reid started to walk away, "I don't know, but I'm sure as hell going to find out."

Kate clapped her hands saying, "Sweet, I can play now." Abby internally sighed wishing something would save her from spending another second with Kate.

"Party at Kylie Evan's house!"

Rae yelled at the top of her lungs and Serenity jumped up saying, "Yes, now I can show you girls how to take a straight shot of tequila."

Pogue stood very close behind Abby and moved her honey blonde hair out the way as he whispered into her ear, "Ready to ditch the bitch and have some real fun." Abby leaned back into him and smiled keeping Pogue's thoughts hidden. She figured that the surprise would be half of the fun for them.

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