The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 10

Kylie Evans was going to become a legend by holding the party of the year. But besides the fact that the party had blasting music, assortments of junk food, a bar and keg; the location of her house was also perfect. It was isolated enough so that neighbor's couldn't complain and call the cops, yet close enough to the school that students could just walk back to their dorms.

Everyone was having the time of their life, except for Kylie. Not only was her house getting completely trashed, but the plan to get Abby's memory back tonight also seemed like a bust. Rae told her before they transported, "A party is a perfect idea. Abby will get drunk and it'll be way easier to give her memory back. Plus we're going to have so much fun."

But so far the reason for having this party wasn't even in her sight; actually none of her friends were. In search for them, she saw people laughing and playing Frisbee in the dining room. Kylie quickly dodged the flying disk and grabbed her vases off the top of her buffet table and placed them in her china cabinet. Couldn't they take it outside, off of my table?

Walking to the living room she grabbed a drink to calm her nerves. Many kids were dancing and grinding to the music with a cup of beer in their hands.

Kylie went to clean up, from one girl, who was too drunk to walk a straight line, and bumped into the lamp and let it smash. As she was cleaning the glass, another boy spilled his drink on her new throw pillows and someone else had thrown their body over the couch and was vomiting behind it.

Everything was hectic and Kylie wondered if anything could get worse? Screams came from outside and Kylie ran to see what the commotion was about. When Kylie looked up, she saw a bunch of kids standing on her roof, including Rae.

Kylie yelled, "Rae, what the hell are you doing?"

She waved at Kylie, "We're going for a swim." She pointed to her in ground pool just below. Kylie swore if she died from her stupidity, she would kill Rae in their next life. "Cow-a-bung-a." Rae dove off and, thankfully, landed into the in ground pool and not the cemented side walk.

Kylie put her hand on her head feeling a headache was coming on. She was beginning to regret not going to Justine first; at least she could keep them in line.

"Are you okay?"

Kylie turned around to see Abby and replied, "Yeah, I just need a drink. Let's get some."

Abby walked beside her to the house and said nervously, "I'm not much of a big drinker."

Kylie laughed when patting her back, "Neither am I, but after this party I might be. Plus my one friend introduced me to this new drink. I love it because it tastes really good." Kylie handed her the concoction of many different liquors, "Try it. You'll like it. So you're new, right?"

Leaning against the table, Abby took a sip and smiled, "Mmm. This is good. Yes, I'm new."

Kylie sat on a bar stool, "Where are you from?"

Abby sat down too while slurping down her drink, "Iceland. Aren't you new, too?"

Kylie smirked, "Yep, fresh from New Zealand. I guess us foreigners should stick together. Need a refill?"

Abby glanced down her drink that was almost gone, "Ahh…"

Kylie handed her another cup and glanced over to see Rae dripping wet and Serenity placing a slip and slide on the floor.

Feeling her blood pressure already rising, Kylie muttered, "Oh for the love of all that's holy," she turned to Abby red in the cheeks, "I'll be right back." She stormed over, "Excuse me! What are you doing?"

Serenity was dropping empty bottles upon bottles of beer before her feet. She answered, "Having fun. Live a little."

Kylie asked her, "How much did you drink?"

Rae took Kylie's drink from her hands and chugged it. Wiping her mouth, Rae said, "Come on, you can do the honors."

Kylie shook her head, "You mean I can test drive it. What about the plan?"

Rae pushed her to the edge of the slip and slide, "Baby, will you just relax. Trust me," she tapped her head, "We're good."

Kylie sighed in frustration, "Fine."

She backed up getting a running start and flew to the other side of the room. Getting up she gave her friends a thumbs up and realized they used beer instead of water. That's when she noticed her pull to Tyler had been in the same place, sitting on a chair watching other people, all night.

As she approached him, he asked amused, "Where you in a wet t-shirt contest? What happened to you?"

Kylie sat on the arm of the chair, "Beer. Slip n' slide. And peer pressuring friends." She added sarcastically, "You look like you're having fun. Where's Reid?"

Tyler gave a coy smile as he glanced around, "Yeah. Reid's somewhere." Kylie looked around to see where his bleach blonde friend went, but instead spotted a brunette girl peeking at Tyler. And of course Tyler was too oblivious to notice.

Kylie threw it out there, "Why don't you ask that girl over there to dance? She has been making eyes at you all night."

Tyler glanced over to where Kylie pointed, "Nah, it's cool. So how are you holding up with people destroying your parent's house?"

Kylie gave a slight smile before her green eyes turned irritate as she glance around the messed up room. She responded, "Considering on how many drinks I've had, I feel great."

Tyler gave a soft chuckle when sitting up more in the chair, "Aren't you afraid your parents will show up? Or are they away?"

Kylie shifted uncomfortably and said slightly melancholy, "No worries." She paused trying to get the words out again. "My parents died in a car accident last summer. So technically it's my home."

Tyler's expression dropped into a regretful surprise, "I'm so sorry. I didn't know…."

Kylie put her hand up giving him a sad smile, "It's okay. No one in school knows yet."

Playing with his cup unsure how to comfort her, Tyler sadly asked, "So you live by yourself?"

Kylie shook her head, "No. Actually I live with a friend I met back at home." Kylie quickly added so she wouldn't have to introduce Ben to him, "But he's not here right now." Tyler glanced down into his cup, looking disappointed. Kylie asked, "What are you drinking?"

He stopped in his mulling and sheepishly smiled at her, "Coke."

She raised herself up, "Alright, stop dilly-dallying and ask that girl to dance. A girl will only wait so long for a guy. So move your butt before your opportunity is gone."

Tyler was a very good looking guy; short untidy dark brown hair, deep midnight blue eyes that seemed to penetrate your very being, he held a fit, medium built body and was tall. Of course a lot of people were taller than her. Kylie knew he shouldn't be watching from the sidelines…no he just needed a push and some confidence.

Staring into his dark blue eyes, she saw that they held uncertainty and his body had yet to move. She pulled him up, "Women like a man to take charge. Make the first move." Kylie started to push him into the right direction and whispered, "It's just one dance, Ty. Now grow some balls and go."

Tyler gave her one more glance before he asked the brunette for a dance. At least one thing was going right tonight.

Shifting her green eyes over to the other side of the room, Serenity and Thea were holding Abby from swaying and Serenity waved Kylie over to move quickly.

The night seemed to get better with the plan back on track. Yes!

Kylie made her way over and directed, "Let's go up to my room. Where's Rae?"

Thea said, as they all hoisted Abby up the stairs, "She said that we needed to keep Pogue away and left."

Serenity groaned while carrying Abby, "God, could she get any heavier."

Coming to her bedroom door, Kylie said, "Okay, you guys teleport Abby to Thea's dorm. I'll go find Rae. Serenity you come back to pick us up."

Opening the door, a lump with giggles was moving under her covers. The last of Kylie’s patience snapped at the idea of this stupid party. Kylie yelled revolted, "Taigh na Galla ort! Not in my bed!"

Two heads popped out, a girl with short black hair and Reid. Kylie turned around feeling her face turn red as she was going to close the door. "Thea stop staring, you'll hurt your innocent eyes. Come on move."

Reid froze in shock as Thea stared hurt and murderously toward him. As they closed the door Reid went back to finishing business, but felt in the back of his mind a little guilty. Why he did, he didn't know.

Kylie sighed, "Rae's going to have to burn my sheets, maybe even my bed." Kylie looked up and down the hall, "Just teleport, now. I'll see you guys later."

In a flash they were gone and Pogue came around the corner charging up to her. He yelled, "Where did they take Abby? In here?"

Kylie waved her hands up in warning, "Pogue they're not in there. Don't go in…." And Pogue still in his rage flung the door open and walked in. Kylie leaned against the wall to see Pogue backing out, apologizing with a surprised and disgusted expression.

Closing the door again, Kylie shook her head and said knowingly, "Told you so. Abby was taken home because she was beyond trashed."

Rae came up smiling, "Hey Pogue. Caleb was looking for you. Said something about helping him get away from Kira, or was it Kate." She laughed, "Well it was either one of those…both start with K. Hey, if they add another K they could be…."

Kylie yelled to stop where her thoughts were going, "Rae!"

Pogue left the hall to go down the stairs to find Caleb and Serenity popped back and asked, "Ready?"

Ben scurried up the stairs to them and screamed, "What about this monstrosity you call a party?"

Kylie twisted her head at Rae and said on edged, "I say it's more like Rae's party…."

Rae interrupted Kylie's banter, "Ben just cut back and get drunk. Or in the back yard, some kids were hitting it up. That sounds like fun."

Ben snorted as he sat on his butt, "Nice to see Lucinda is plastered. Kylie those rotten kids are throwing my antiques around."

Crossing her arms Kylie said with no care, "Sorry Ben, but my bedroom door wasn't locked."

Ben pause thinking and he finally said, "Oh, how am I supposed to lock your door. It's not like I can sprout opposable thumbs."

Kylie bent down eye level to her sandy talkative cat and replied coolly, "Ben that's such bull. You locked me out of my room last week. So, admit it, you just forgot to lock it."

Ben sighed in frustration, "Fine I forgot."

Standing up Kylie said with equal frustration, "Let's go. I've got to finish what I have started."

They grabbed hands and were transported to Thea's small dorm to see Abby freaking out. What was happening now, Kylie bewildered mind pondered.

Instantly Thea answered her thought of shock and said, "She saw a spider and I'm trying to calm her, but she keeps refusing it."

Rae grabbed to restrain Abby and said, "Let's give her memory back and she'll remember spiders are the least of her worries-"

Instantly the stinging sensation of her left cheek left Rae stared in shock. Abby how somehow slipped out of her grasp and swiped Rae right across the face. Oh, it was war now bitch, Rae angered thoughts emerged.

With more body masses, Serenity and Thea helped hold her down as Abby seemed to flail and scream louder. "Let me go. Not cat litter. Please. Please." The room started to fill with electrical static.

Serenity said with her light brown hair flaring out, "Hurry up!! She's charging."

Kylie tried to reach Abby’s swinging hand and commanded, "Hold her still."

Thea said in a panic, "It sounds like someone's being murdered in here."

Serenity hastily slapped her hand over Abby's mouth to shut her up. "Ouch! She bit my hand." Serenity yelled pulling her hand back as if she was bit by a mad dog.

Rae laughed saying, "Hopefully, she doesn't have rabies."

As Kylie had a firm grip on her arm the dorm's power abruptly shut down. In the dark room Abby's struggles stopped and in a small voice she said, "Sorry, Serenity."

“Wait a minute, Serenity gets an apology, but I don’t,” Rae chastised while stumble around to find a flashlight with her one hand inflamed.

Knock. Knock. All their head turned to the door and Rae flicked her fiery hand out. Kylie bravely went to answer it, "Yes?"

The hall way was pitch dark and she could barely make out it was Kate. Kate asked snooping around, "Is everything okay? I heard screams."

Kylie forced a laugh out to cover their tracks, "Oh sorry about that. We were watching a horror film and then Abby saw a spider, so we all freaked out. And now this black out just topped it off."

Pulling her robe sleeve down, Kate responded back, "Oh, the lights going out scared the shit out of me, too. Well, night."

"Night." Was she waiting for an invitation to come in? Kylie thought before closing the door in her face.

After a few monuments of silence, Abby said bitterly, "Gosh, she is so annoying."

Kylie angrily turned to Rae saying, "Dinnae ye say thae this wudna be a fankle?" Kylie's patience was beyond stretched and her true accent was breaking through.

Abby slurred angrily, "She lied. And that was mean. Kept thinking creepy things like, 'did we bring the body bag'," she paused, "when I didn't have my memory yet. Jerk. "

Rae shrugged her shoulders, "What! You're just too funny to mess with."

Kylie opened the door saying aggravated at Rae’s childish pranks, "Hilarious. Now that my part of this stupid mission is over I'm leaving to go back to Ben." She thought to Abby, It's all yours now. I'm getting another drink.

As the door was about to be shut closed Rae’s voice called out, "Oh, come on, Kylie. In a couple of hundred years we'll look back at it and laugh."

Throughout this cycle, Kylie never complained about the gods gracing her with this honor just as her father asked. But right now she didn't want to think of her life in a hundred years. Actually, it was sad that Rae had lost all hope that this cycle would never end.

Sitting on the steps outside the dorms, Kylie thought, Out of all the times she gave their memories back, this was the most exhausting and worst one ever. Kylie hoped that this would be the last time because she never wanted to go through that again.

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