The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 12

As records claim, John Putnam had broken his sworn silence of the covenant and at a price, he had perished in the Salem Witch Trials. It sounds like a simple story, but there was much more to this mere piece of history.

Nowhere in their records was the name of the woman that burn to the stake along with John Putnam. This woman had been charged with many accusations. She had been caught doing witchery. She was evil. Or even she was suspected of being a succubus of his.

Looking for any excuse from fear, the fair blond woman had the mark deeming her to be a part of Satan's work. It was a perfect intricate shape of a heart.

It nearly killed Kylie after being too late to track them down and found both of John and Serenity giving their last screams of death. Everyone including the Covenant, Guardians and Gabriel, believed it was the end of the Putnam line as well as Serenity.

Serenity glanced quickly over to Kylie in the passenger side as she drove down a deserted road. Kylie never really got over it; hence why she’s constantly being there to take care of me. Always protective, Serenity thought.

The sudden vibration of her cell phone surprised both of them and Serenity glanced down to see of all people, Carmen calling her. Kylie turned her head curious at the interruption while Serenity answered. “Hello?”

“Ah, Miss Bennett. Word has got around for your transfer to another school. Shall I offer my assistance?” Carmen said in his dead pan voice.

“How?” We lived in California. Was he seriously going to take a flight out just so he can carry my belongings?

With Kylie shifting the gear to the car in park, Serenity listened to Carmen explain with an unsure tone, “The private jet, of course. I can be there in 5 hours.”

“Umm, no need to come, Carmen. Just relax. I made a few friends to help me move there,” Serenity said as she shifted her eyes over to Kylie smiling. “Thank you.”

Carmen gave a cough and responded back in a surprised manner, “Well, ah, thank you Miss Bennett. Good bye.”

“Bye,” she answered quickly at the awkward moment. It probably was the first time she genuinely treated him kindly. Gosh, was I a spoiled brat, Serenity added to herself.

“What no butler to help you unpack this time?” Kylie joked and Serenity responded, “Oh, no. I’m looking at one right now.” She laughed carelessly before saying, “Really thank you for letting me keep most of my stuff at your house.

Kylie waved her hands and replied, “Serenity, how many times do I have to tell you. That room is yours. Honestly, what would I do with five other bedrooms? I only need one bed.”

“I know,” Serenity sighed with the keys still jingling in the ignition. Feeling a warm grasp, Serenity eyes followed it to Kylie holding a small smile.

Kylie said, “It’s okay to be nervous. This is the first time in your life you get to attend high school.”

Shifting in her seat, Serenity said, “Alone.” Kylie shifted away suddenly to grasp her two bags. I knew what she was thinking. Shouldn’t I be used to being alone by now? Serenity thought sadly.

Actually a few years after the cycle had reset, all hope had seemed lost until Kylie had a strange and yet familiar pull. Following her instincts and power, she had discover one of the most shocking and grateful news ever. Serenity was alive, but this brought along a deeper secret as well.

John Putnam never had children with his wife up to that horrible day and yet, his line truly never died out.

How this could be possible, you may ask. Simple. Mr. Putnam himself had an affair with Goodwin Pope and knocked her up. Haggen, Goodwin Pope's son, was now the bastard child of Putnam.

So as hard as it was, both of them hid this information and Serenity from the world. After all, whose going to go after a line claimed dead?

Kylie broke Serenity from her relapsing in memories. “Hey, you’ll be fine. Take my advice and enjoy this new freedom.”

There was an underlying sad tone in her voice. No matter how much Kylie tried to swallow what the gods did to us to benefit the world, Serenity knew deep down Kylie hated not having a choice to choose. Freedoms were rare for us.

Serenity bobbed her head and grasped her two bags, “To freedom.”

“Good. Do you need anything else? Lunch break is about to be over soon.” Kylie said glancing at her watch.

“Nah, I’ll see you this weekend,” Serenity said taking slow steps away to the campus.

Kylie turning toward her car and responded, “Great. If you need me, you know my number.”

Serenity continued onward as Kylie pulled away. Slowly she stopped in her pace to study the stone structure of the school to focus on the carved letters.

“Hasting Academy,” Serenity said with a slight excited and nervous tone rattling through. “Well, time to meet my new destiny,” Serenity trying to put on a brave face when entering the main building.

Clicking her heels through the hallways, Serenity made her way to the office and plastered a bright smile on her face. “Hello, I’m Serenity Bennett. My parents called to enroll me and got me the best room possible.” Lie. I would never inform my parents on my life. It was best to keep those two worlds apart, Serenity thought.

The fluster man brushed through the piles of papers and stuttered, “Ah, ah. Yes we have you in the, the syste-m. Um, we have been, um, waiting for you. S-s-sorry about the delay. We are, ah, going under some construction,” he glanced up at Serenity like a deer caught in headlights and he suddenly couldn’t barley get a sentence out. “S-s-sche-dule. Keys. Ah, here. Yeah. 415.”

Maybe I should have used less charm, Serenity thought as the keys shook nervously in his hands. Serenity smiled slightly in hopes to not make the poor soul anymore flustered. “Thank you,” she said as she grabbed the keys and papers.

Feeling pumped, Serenity climbed the stairs with her heart beating more and more. In agreement to her ‘parents’, a.k.a. Kylie, donating money to Hastings, Serenity was to get the biggest room on the top floor by herself. Abby figure it would be best in case Serenity had to pop in and out of her room to get to training and such.

Finally reaching the flat, the bed room door was open allowing Serenity to view the immense natural light of the space. Oh my lord, Serenity cheered inside, I wonder if it was big bay windows?

Stepping through the room, her jaw dropped in disgust. Not that the room was any disappointment. It was rather large, open, big windows and a full size bed. No what made her annoyed were the boxes and luggage already set into her room.

“This is my room,” Serenity said as she started to shove all the crap out of the door. No one is going to steal my room when I could help it, Serenity thought when placing the last box outside the door.

Taking a deep breath, Serenity place her two bags in her room and figure she should scope out the school for the boy she would have to protect. Locking the door with her key, Serenity made her way down and wandered the halls to find the cafeteria.

But after a half an hour, Serenity failed to find him around there and she made head way back to her bedroom disgruntled. At least I’ll see him in my classes tomorrow,” Serenity thought before staring at her two bags neatly placed outside the bedroom door.

“What the shit,” she sprinted over to find the door locked again and jabbed the key to find most of the boxes and luggage unpack in the room. Grabbing a frame that held a boy and his parents, Serenity gripped, “I don’t know who this handsome guy think he is, but this is my room.”

Serenity suddenly straightened up to feel her pull right behind her. Hearing a small cough, she turned around to find a rather tall solid boy leaning against the door frame. He had brown spiky hair, fair completion, and blue playful eyes. He was more than handsome now as he stood in front of her.

“You won’t be talking about me, would you?”

Trying to be ineffective by his own charm, Serenity stated, “How did you get into my room?” Was he using magic to get what he wanted?

He raised a key up and said, “I used this to get into my room, miss?”

“Bennett. And you?”

“Chase,” he smiled over to her charmingly.

Serenity looked at him with curious eyes. I found him finally. After being killed right out the gate to protect his stupid father, who exposed their long secret from Gabriel, they couldn’t find any trace of his son until Chase turned thirteen and gained his powers for the first time. And what a shock it was to find out he was now in the possession of the….


What ever happen to his birth mother or father is unknown. They just vanished. And the creepier part of this soap opera was, there are no legal records of Chase’s adoption. If anything it seems he was kidnapped at the age of two.

Either way, I was going to get to the bottom of this mystery fast. Serenity thought as she started toward Chase.

Bring on a full wave of charm Serenity began to fix his tie and said, “Wouldn’t it be alright if I just had the room. I’m new and a man with your stature should easily be able to find a roommate.”

Chase nodded his head in a daze and responded, “I guess I could get another room.”

“Thank you,” she whispered into his ear sending a chill down his spine. Turning out the room, Serenity smiled as she sat on her own bed. “That was easy.”

Before she could stand up to unpack her belongings, Chase walked back in with his finger waving. “Wait a minute here. That's not fair.”

He stood in front of her and Serenity said, “But you said-”

Chase placed his finger over her pouty lips and responded, “Oh, no. Your puppy eye dog trick isn’t going to work this time. We are going to fight over this room fair and square.”

Standing back up on her feet, Chase moved closer and suddenly caught Serenity off guard. His sweet cologne over took her senses and he whispered in her ear, “Unless you like to give me the room. After all I’m new.”

Breaking away from his mesmerizing eyes, Serenity was annoyed that her charm wasn’t working to her advantage. She huffed, “Fine. Let’s see what the office thinks about that Mr. Collins.”

Chase seemed entertained as he waved his hands for Serenity to go first and responded, “As you like Miss Bennett.” She kept walking forward trying to hide the sudden blush from her face. It thrilled her when this one particular boy said her name.

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