The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 14

Serenity knew she had to wake up, but just couldn't will her body to move just yet. Waking up at six was something Serenity never did, not even for classes. Waiting a couple more seconds in bed wouldn't be bad. I mean after all I was their only transportation. Nothing they could do until I came to retrieve them, Serenity tried convincing herself.

Finally after a few minutes, she couldn't stall any longer. Serenity stretched her arm out searching for the warm body that slept with her last night and found nothing. She peaked with her one eye to see that he was gone, but a note was left on her dresser.

Sitting up on her bed in her new dorm at Hastings, she admired how everything was better than she expected. For one, I had my own dorm, which meant all my clothes could fit. I also became quite popular and had a hot, secret boyfriend that would sneak in my room at night for a little nookie.

Serenity dressed in her Juicy Couture velvet brown jumpsuit, tied her hair into a high ponytail and threw her Nike running shoes on. She began to read the note as she brushed her teeth. It said:

Hey Cherry,

Sorry I couldn't wait to see your beautiful face wake up, but I had to sneak back to my dorm. But have fun with your girl's night out-which you seem so thrilled about and I'll see you later tonight.

Love, your Boo.

Serenity did a little happy dance as she grabbed a water bottle from her mini fridge. Yes, I knew I swore to never fall in love ever since I gave my heart to William, but my boo made me feel whole again. Plus the whole, sneaking-around-keeping-it-a-secret thing, made our relationship even hotter.

Serenity took one more glance around the room to check if she had everything she needed and poofed into Thea's dorm. Thea sat on a bed brushing her long dirty blonde hair, while Rae slept fully dressed on her bed. Serenity asked, "Did she fall back to sleep already?"

Thea shook her head smiling, "No, she decided to dress last night. That way, she could wake up when we're ready to leave." Thea turned a curious eye on Serenity and said, "It's early in the morning, we're going to train hard because Abby's still angry, and yet, you're cheery. What gives?"

Sitting at their computer desk, Serenity said, "I don't know. I just woke up feeling good. Anyway I thought I'd be the late one." Abby and Kylie entered the door quickly carrying a bow and arrows inside.

Kylie said with humor, "Well, that was exciting. Sneaking weapons into the school."

Abby stepped closer inside saying, "Rae, get up. We're going now."

Rae turned her face saying, "I saw us leaving at six thirty."

Thea laughed and said, "Rae, it is six thirty."

Rae propped her head up, "Damn, I thought when I said that in the vision I would have more time to sleep."

They gathered together and Serenity asked, "So what site am I taking us to?"

Abby thought for a second, "Christchurch Park."

Surrounded by the woods where no one could see them, Abby took charge telling them to do laps, and after that, they would train with each other. A half an hour of running and Rae was ready to pass out with Serenity right behind her. They stopped to catch their breath and Rae wheezed, "No way in…hell…I'm I going to…survive track." She placed her hands above her head trying to remember if this motion helped you to breathe easier.

Serenity was bent over holding her side, "Why do I have to run…I can just poof there….Oh shit."

Thea slowly caught up with them and said, "Running wouldn't help me anyway. I'd trip before I could get away. Gosh I'm so happy I thought of bringing the medical kit."

Back tracking on the trail Abby came over to them, "Guys, why did you stop." Abby glanced over to Thea, "It'll get better in time, Thea. You just need to get used to walking in your new feet. We have one more mile to go."

She glared over to Rae and Serenity, "You guys know you have five more miles to go. Better hurry because we need to train with each other." Abby started off and Thea grimaced as she began to stumble her way down the path.

"Rae, this is entirely your fault that we have to run extra miles," Serenity argued.

Rae snorted at the blame, "My fault. Are you forgetting that you agreed to get her drunk and leave her for last, too?"

Serenity retied her hair back up again and said, "I was referring to the part where you tormented her mind."

Rae wiped her forehead, "Well, you shouldn't have thought it was funny at the time cause now you're paying for it."

Serenity sheepishly smiled, "It was funny until she bit my hand."

Rae put a hand on her shoulder, "And I got slapped in the face."

A yell echoed from the woods, "Move your butts, now!"

"Angry Abby, is on the prowl, now," Rae muttered to Serenity.

Serenity joked, "She's like 'the Hulk'. You won't like her when she's angry." They both looked at each other and cracked up before starting their never ending jog.

It was later at night and Serenity now lay on her back exhausted from training. She got her ass kicked by Kylie, who had no extra powers, just agility and great combat moves. Apparently, I was predictable with teleporting and needed to add variety to my fighting, Serenity thought deflated.

Kylie sat down, worn out too, by their camp fire and watched Abby, Rae and Thea practice with their elements on each other.

Thea whipped water blocking Rae's ball of fire while Abby attacked Rae with a shock of lightning. Rae caught a glimpse of it in her peripheral vision and dove to the ground. Rae shot a line of fire back at Abby, who twisted around it easily because she had caught Rae's thoughts.

Thea quickly concentrated on the emotion of confusion as she formed a bubble of water. Abby and Rae glanced around puzzles long enough for Thea to hit them with a blast of water. They fell back wet and Abby quickly got up smiling, "That was awesome thinking, Thea."

Rae sat up with a disgusted look on her face, "Ew. I'm wet." She heated her body making steam rise off her skin.

Finally they all sat by the fire and Abby said, "We need to talk about our situation with our boys. I feel that we are all getting to close with them and that's not our job. We need to protect them, and if we get involved more than just friendship, our judgment could be clouded." She glanced around to each of them, "So I ask for all of us to agree and take an oath not to get romantically involved with whom we are guarding."

Rae stretched her arms up saying, "Not a problem for me. Caleb isn't my type, at all."

Thea smirked, "Same. Reid's a womanizing idiot. So I'm in."

Abby turned to Serenity, "You?"

Serenity laughed, "I swore to never fall in love with anyone. So I think I'm good."

"What choice do we have anyways? We aren't even guaranteed that this will be our last life. So it would be stupid to love someone until this battle is over. So, I agree fully on not getting attached," Kylie responded softly.

Abby placed her hand out, "We all agree then?"

Everyone placed their hands on top saying, "Agreed."

Pushing herself up, Abby said, "Let's go one more round, and then, we'll call it a night."

Rae stared at Abby and said, "Are you nuts? We're all tired…it's time to call it a night."

Abby's anger was rising with Rae always defying her orders, "Oh, is that what you're going to say to Gabriel when we're fighting him." She mimicked Rae's voice, "Time out, Gabe. I think we should reschedule this fight next week. I'm pooped." She continued back to her normal voice, "He won't give you a chance to catch your breath."

"One, I don't sound like that. Your voice was too baritone for me." Rae sat up more and continued to say, "Two, are you done with your rant? Us killing ourselves tonight isn't going to improve anything right away."

Abby and Rae glared at each other for a couple minutes having an internal conversation.

Thea sighed and Abby threatened, "Thea, don't try to calm me down. Serenity, not you either."

"I don't care what's going on with you two, but its midnight. I'm very tired, sore, itchy from the grass and possibly have the West Nile Virus from all the blood sucking leeches that bit me," Serenity whined angrily.

Kylie thoughts grabbed Abby's attention quickly and Abby surrendered, "Fine. We should rest."

Serenity jumped up and then groaned at her soreness. I definitely needed either an ice bath or a nice massage. Serenity transported them into Thea's dorm and said "Night," and disappeared quickly to her dorm.

She hastily threw her dirty clothes into the hamper and hobbled over to her bathroom to take a quick shower, relaxing some of her tense muscles.

The better part of my evening would be arriving, Serenity thought excited.

Serenity ran over to her dresser and slipped on her Victoria Secret white satin slip that had an empire waist and landed to her mid-thigh. She draped a matching satin kimono wrap on her shoulders and placed lip gloss on her plump lips.

A knock was on the door and she opened to see her handsome boo leaning against the door frame. He smirked as he swept his gaze down her body and back up to her face. He said in a husky voice, "Miss me, already?"

Serenity pulled him closer, running her hand through his brown spiked hair and said, "More than you know, Chase."

She pulled him in for a soft kiss and Chase licked his lips after, "Hmm…Cherry."

When I said I swore to never fall in love again with anyone, it was true. But you see Chase just wasn't anyone. No, he was a someone who turned my world upside down the first day we met. It seemed a little risky, but definitely worth it, She thought with her mind made up.

Serenity thought pulling Chase into a hug, I would never wonder what it would have been like to be with Chase. I guess the saying was right, 'Getting told you can't have something, only makes you want it even more.'

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