The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 15

It was six o'clock and Rae was running late to her study session, since practice ran behind schedule. Rae tried to move quickly from the track field to the dorms, but let's face it, she was tried from running her ass off trying to seem like the running champion that they all thought she was.

As Rae got to the steps, a groan escaped her lips because freshmen had the fourth floor, which meant climbing four flights of stairs. Rae was about to start up them, when a boy with crutches wobbled over to the elevator carrying a bag.

Rae walked over to him asking, "Do you need help?" The boy with dirty blonde hair and square frame glasses seemed startled by her offer.

He said, "I'm fine. Thanks." He got into the elevator and Rae went between the doors so they wouldn't close.

"Could I possibly get a lift to the fourth floor?" Rae asked desperately sweet.

The boy smiled, "Sure, hop in." He pushed the button and said, "I'm Eliot Goodwin."

Rae leaned against the elevator wall, "I'm Rae Preston."

He glanced over to Rae, "You're on the cross country team."

"How do you know?" She said surprised.

Eliot ducked his head, "I'm on the team, too." Rae could have slapped herself right then and there.

"Oh, you must be a fast runner like Abby, because it's usually the slow pokes and me behind the pack. So is that how you broke your leg?"

Eliot laughed, "I broke my leg two days ago, because I tripped over a rock. And you are not the slowest runner, I am. That's why coach makes you guys take a cool down run, so I can catch up for stretches at the end of practice."

Rae laughed, "You remind me of my one friend. But you're so lucky to have broken a leg. I hate running."

Eliot nodded his head with agreement. He said, "I hate it too, but it's the only sport that doesn't involved me getting beaten up in."

When the doors opened and they got out, Rae said, "Well, I guess I'll see you at practice."

He waved awkwardly while holding his crutches, "Bye."

Rae power walked to room 427 and knocked on the door hoping Caleb wouldn't have his knickers in a twist because she was late. The door opened and Rae was about to tell Caleb her excuse until she stopped at the sight in front of her.

"Kira?" Kira gave a fake smile before walking out of the room. Caleb stood in the door way and Rae pushed her way into the room. She turned around to face him, "So why was Kira here?"

Caleb glanced up at the ceiling, "Umm…I got set up on a blind date last night when I went to hang out with Pogue and Kate at Nicky's."

Rae tried to keep a straight face, but she could feel her lips starting to curve up. "So Kate set you up with Kira?"

Caleb rolled his eyes going to the table filled with books, "Don't get too much enjoyment out of my situation. Let's just get started on geometry."

"Are you going on a date with her again?" Rae asked while taking a seat.

Caleb sighed, "Yes."

Rae asked completely grossed out, "Why?"

He glanced up at her, "She's nice and smart. Why are you asking? Jealous?"

Rae squished her face up in disgust, "Jealous, please. I have a man and his name is Scott, and he's hot…."

Caleb put a finger on her lips, "Spare me the details. Let's get to work."

They were half way through the lesson when Rae's phone buzzed in her pocket. She checked it and saw Scott had texted her.

It said: Meet me at the courtyard at 8.

She glanced down to see it was 7:45 and Caleb asked, "Everything okay?"

Rae smirked itching to leave now, "Yep. Do you mind if we continue this tomorrow? Scott wants me." Caleb went rigid as he placed his book down.

Quickly Rae turned toward the door and Caleb asked abruptly, "Rae?"

She looked back saying, "Yeah?"

He came close by her with that contemplating expression and finally said, "Just be careful."

Rae smiled at his words with appreciation. Caleb worried way too much. Rae responded, "Always am. See ya later, Caleb." She dashed off knowing Scott was a bad boy. He drank, smoked, and last time they were together they vandalized a wall by painting graffiti all over it and then out ran the cops.

What a rush, she began to reminisce.

In the courtyard, Rae walked over to Scott, who was smoking a cigarette by a pillar. "Hey, sweet thang. Ready for another excursion?" She nodded her head and they headed for the hummer.

As he drove down the road, she asked, "Where are we going this time?"

He smirked at her enthusiasm, "To a small club." The club he was indicating was a gentlemen's club. Scott led her to a table in the corner and they sat. A waitress came over asking what to get them and Scott said, "We'll have two waters."

Rae glanced over wondering, Why were we here of all places?

The place started to get crowded and two more people joined their table. Scott was sitting to her left and the other strangers were to her right. He greeted them and handed Rae a small plastic bag on her lap. She glanced down and Scott said, "Pass it over." She did and in exchange money fell into her lap.

The show had already started and Rae couldn't help but think, Holy shit, he's a drug dealer. Scott watched the show for a bit until Rae got up to go outside. He followed her and said, "That was exciting. You did your first drug deal well."

They were going back to the school and Rae just stared out the window in silence. When they reached the parking lot, Rae played it cool. "Thanks for a good time, Scott." She got out of the vehicle and Scott grabbed a bag of pills from the abundance of drugs that lay in the back of his car.

Scott said, "Hey could you hold onto these and keep them safe until it's clear." He added, "Oh, you can try some if you like, nobody ever counts the exact amount."

Staring back at the backseat Rae asked, "What about the other drugs?"

Scott smiled and said, "I have one more drop off. It's going to be huge. Want to come?"

Her stomach knotted as she responded calmly, "Nope. I don't want to do that." Rae passed the bottle back to Scott, who seemed annoyed now.

"What you can't hold a couple of drugs. But you can vandalize the Goodwin's house."

Rae's eyes widen when saying, "Goodwin? I thought you said that we're destroying an asshole's house."

Crossing his arms in amusement Scott replied, "He is an ass. He tried to rat me out."

Rae was already to the dorm building, when she told Scott, "You can take your pills and shove it," she flipped him off, "because we're done."

Rae turned around to hear Scott say, "Figured you'd be a prude." Rae's anger roared and she showed him just how much of a prude she could be. She concentrated on the cigarette that Scott had left in the ash tray of his car.

"You're cars on fire."

Scott ran over yelling at his car which was engulfed in flames and burning all his precious drugs. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Rae thought smugly as she went to her dorm calling it a night.

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