The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 16

In the middle of a Thursday night, a small knock woke Serenity up from her slumber. In her groggy state, she slowly glanced at the clock to see it was three-forty two a.m.

Who could that be knocking at this un-godly hour? Serenity thought disgruntled. Another rap on her door made her more conscious of her surroundings. It was Chase.

Bolting up in her bed, Serenity assessed if she was right. Yep, her pull to Chase was coming from the other side of the door. Serenity hastily grabbed her robe and opened the door to find a dim lighted Chase.

As Chase walked into the room, he said softly, "Sorry for waking you, but I couldn't sleep. Do you mind if I crash with you?" Serenity took his hands noticing they were shaking.

Was she imagining this, Serenity thought trying to stay alert.

Sudden the moonlight showed through the window revealing the truth. Chase honestly looked like death warmed over him. He had a slightly coat of sweat on his pallid hue skin tone. Dark circles seemed to be carved under his tired and blood shot eyes.

Swarmed in worry, she moved quickly closer and wrapped her arms around him.

Serenity whispered with her heart in her throat, "What's wrong? You seem twitchy. Are you sick?" Chase breathed in her coconut shampoo when resting his head on top of hers.

"I was just restless. But now I'm good. Let's go to sleep." They climbed into her bed and pulled the comforter over their bodies.

Serenity turned into his body saying groggily, "You sure?"

Chase wrapped his arms firmly around her waist and smiled, "I am. Good night, my cherry." In an instant Chase felt at ease having Serenity by him.

Stroking his head calmingly, Serenity smiled at Chase. His color was returning to his cheeks and the fever had seemed to vanish along with his shaking body. Yes, he looked like the person she first meet when starting school. That innocent and yet charming stubborn boy.

Glancing around her room that she ‘won’ fair and square, it really seemed to be a stalemate when Chase practically stayed over most nights. Serenity rested her head back on the pillow and shook her head at the sudden thought of when they both discovered they both had keys to this room.

“You what?” Serenity yelled, but took a deep breath seeing Chase smile at the humor of the situation. “You gave us the same room.”

“Ah, ah s-s-sorry miss. I, uh, uh, I, can find a-a-nother room.” The man at the computer began shake when trying to type.

Chase still smiled and whispered, “If worse come to worse we could always share the room.”

Serenity rolled her eyes and responded, “I don’t think they would approve.”

“It’s co-ed dorms. I highly doubt they would care,” he said mocking.

Turning back to the administrator she asked in almost demanding tone, “There must be another room??”

Facing back at the man behind the desk, he seemed struck in fear when he spat out, “N,n,n,o. With the, the co-n-structt-ion there, ah, won’t be ah, ah, rrooom until ah five days.”

“Will it be a single room?” She asked and the man nodded his head. “No.”

Serenity bit her lip as she tried to think of her options.

One, she could make a huge fuss in hopes the school will pay for a hotel room for her to stay until the room was complete. It would be promising, but....

Her thought disconnected when she glanced over to Chase’s gloating face.

But there’s no way I could let him have a room by himself. There would be too much temptation to use, this thought suddenly occurred to her.

Option two, she could try to make some negotiation with him. Or three, just commute to school every day. Uh, that still didn't resolve Chase isolation, Serenity thought.

Walking out of the office, Serenity could sense Chase was following right behind her. Turning around she asked, “What do you propose we do about this?”

“You could just let me have the room,” he said with a smile threatening to be released.

Serenity squinted her eyes and added sarcastically, “Yeah, no.”

“How about we flip a coin. That’s fair enough,” Chase suggested.

It was now or never, Serenity had switched her tactic fast. Pleading with her eyes fluttering, Serenity said back, “Come on I have so much clothes and shoes to unpack. Let me have it?”

Amusement was laced in his eyes as he responded, “So much with your two bags?”

“The rest is coming later,” she snipped at Chase.

Why was he such a persistent little brat, she thought angrier. There was no way I was going to win this fight. I guess Rae would have to keep an extra eye on Chase.

“Fine, you can have it. I’ll just stay at some friend’s house,” Serenity said defeated and Chase said quietly, “Why don’t we come up with a resolution to this problem over dinner? Serenity?”

Serenity halted in her steps when Chase softly called her by her first name.

Why did he have such an effect on her, Serenity thought dumbstruck.

With her eyebrow arched when peeking back at him. He wanted to discuss this over dinner, eh? Serenity pondered intrigued, Maybe she still had a chance?

Finally giving him an answer, Serenity said quickly, “Fine. Five o’clock at the Bisto.” Chase brightly smiled at her as Serenity added, “You’re paying.”

Serenity remembered that carefree laughter of his when she bossed him around on the precise information. They did later meet and come to some terms of agreement.

One, they would share the room by dividing it.

Two, Chase would sleep on the futon while Serenity got the bed.

Three, if Chase did one false move of not being gentlemen like, he would be tossed out.

And four, once the new room was finally ready from construction, Chase would move there leaving Serenity the room she desired.

Kissing his hand to her lips, Serenity smiled. Having the school screw up the dorm rooms was one of the best things to happen. Not only could she keep an eye on Chase, but slowly she was getting to know and figure out the story behind Chase Goodwin Pope Collins.

Later on when the morning had approach, Serenity woke up thinking that dream seemed so vivid. She remembered feeling Chase's chilled skin touching hers as they hugged. Serenity was kind of thankful that it was only a dream because the signs he was portraying were the beginnings of an addict.

Turning to check the time Serenity bumped into something warm and solid. A gasp almost escaped her mouth when realizing that last night did indeed happen when she found Chase wrapped up in a blanket still fast asleep.

Running a hand through her hair she thought, How could I stall this addiction or stop him from using? He wouldn't use if I was around because that would mean exposure. So plan A formed: Basically be around him whenever I could and distract him.

Chase began to stir awake and said, "Hey." He glanced at her clock to find out it was ten o'clock and turned back to her. Chase said sarcastically, "We slept in late and now we're missing our classes."

Serenity smiled and responded joking, "When have we ever gone to morning classes? What I can't believe is that you forgot to sneak back this morning."

Chase placed his arms back behind his head, "I guess I'll just have to stay here all day. Care to join?" Serenity climbed on top of him and bent her head down to give him a kiss.

"You know what I love the most about transferring to Hastings?" Serenity asked with a smile.

Chase placed a puzzle expression on and asked, "What could it be?"

Serenity laughed, "Well besides you, of course."

Chase waited for her answer as he kissed her neck slowly, "Tell me, sweet pea."

Serenity tried to concentrate on what she was saying, "Fire escapes."

He pulled away and said amused, "Fire escapes?"

Serenity giggled, "Yep. Why don't we make our great escape and go out for the day? I know a place that sells the best ice cream."

Chase sat up with Serenity still on his lap, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's move."

They spent their day going around the town window shopping and buying really good ice cream. As they walked around the town holding hands, Serenity stopped in place.

Chase asked, "What's wrong?"

Serenity was in shock. Sure they preserved the small town the best they could, but Serenity couldn't believe she spotted the same wishing well from her first life. Serenity smiled and skipped to the old, cracked, and mossy well. "Look, Chase! This is a wishing well."

Chase chuckled, "I take it you made a wish here before."

Serenity glanced down the well, "Yes and the shocking thing is," she glanced up to Chase, "it came true." She remembered asking for someone to love her and there he was right in front of her.

"We should make a wish." Chase rummaged through his pockets for loose change. He pulled out a couple coins and told Serenity, "Pick which coin you want."

Serenity grabbed a penny, which was made out of the same material in her time, and said, "I used a…penny last time." They both made a wish and tossed it into the well.

Walking back to school, Serenity couldn't help but hope her wish would come true. That they would win so she could be able to stay with Chase for this lifetime.

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