The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 18

Spending two hours at the big house wasn't what she wanted to do on a Sunday afternoon. But Officer Sherman told her if her recorded confession matched up with the other two, then the case would be simple enough. She wouldn't even have to go to court to see Scott Warner being charged with a countless number of things.

Officer Sherman sat down on the other side of the table and addressed her, "Miss. Evans we're going to start recording, now. But let's just start with some simple questions. How old are you?"

Kylie replied, "Fourteen, sir."

"And you go to Spencer Academy right?"

Kylie nodded her head then realized she needed to speak, "Yes."

"How do you know Tyler Simms and Reid Garwin?"

"We're friends at school."

"Good. And how do you know Scott Warner?"

"I know him from Rae, one of my best friends. She used to date him until…." She paused unsure to say anything further.

Should I mention it? Would Rae get into trouble?


Kylie sighed and knew she shouldn’t hold anything back now. "Well she told me the reason she broke up was because she found out he was dealing drugs."

He mumbled more to himself, "Hmm…that sounds about right. It wasn't only alcohol found in his system, but a quantity of drugs." He glanced up from the folder and asked, "I know this might be difficult Miss. Evans, but can you tell me what happened on the night of November 18?"

Kylie glanced down feeling her throat slightly closing. Breath, Kylie commanded herself and finally confessed, "I don't know where to start?"

He gave her a comforting smile, "How about where you where before this incident happened?"

"I was with my friends in Theadora Hastings' dorm for a sleep over and we ran out of food…." Kylie continued on her story only twigging a few details here and there. But the real story was reeling through her mind, she remembered….

Laughter echoed loudly from room 413 as the girls celebrated their hard training Friday to Saturday. It was now late into Saturday and Abby was painting Rae's toe nails white with purple polka dots, while Serenity was playing with Thea's long, wavy, blonde hair. Thea sat still flipping through T.V. channels trying to find something to watch.

Rae said scanning a magazine, "That was one of the better practices we had in a while."

Thea piped in, "I know. I didn't fall once."

Halting in mid braid Serenity laughed, "And I kicked Kylie's ass with my new move." She made a noise, "Hi-ya!", as she karate chopped the air with one hand.

Kylie threw popcorn at Serenity's face and said in her guy voice, "You've won this one, young samurai. But for now we need more food."

Picking up her head from her painting Abby asked, "Oh, can you get me a granola bar and a water bottle."

Rae smirked as she sassed Abby, "Don't over indulge yourself too much there, Abby."

Concentrated back on her purple dots and countered, "So I like to eat healthy. Sue me."

Rae waved her hands, "No, don't get me wrong that's great; more power to you. It's just do you have to make us look bad."

Kylie opened the door, "If she makes anyone look bad, it shall be me. I eat more than Brad Pitt in Ocean's 11."

Thea smiled up to Kylie and added, "And that's saying something."

They went into another giggle fit and Kylie left to go down by the laundry room for the vending machine. She began to cram ones into the machine and push certain buttons to get an abundance of food and drinks to replenish their sugar high.

As Kylie gathered the assortment of junk food, squeaky footsteps came down the hall. She recognized the figure who was dripping wet was Scott Warner, Rae's new ex-boyfriend. Kylie straightened up and marched down the hall because it was the only way back to the main hallway.

Scott blocked the hall and Kylie asked, "Can you please move, Scott?"

His brown eyes were blood shot and he asked rudely, "Where's Rae?" She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck raise at his cold voice.

Kylie lied, "I don't know?" He staggered to the wall and Kylie asked a little concerned, "Are you drunk?"

Out of the blue, he smacked Kylie aggressively hard across the face sending her into the vending machine. He yelled something about, "Mocking me?"

Her head throbbed and she couldn't get a sense of where she was. Pressure was on top of her body and she focused enough to make out she had been dragged in the laundry room and now Scott was holding her down and undressing her.

Kylie tried to push him off, but he was too strong. The only thing left she could do was to scream and even then he muffled her with his hands. Her vision was going blurry, not only from the tears, but the jumbled memories of terror from her past mixed with the new ones she was about to experience.

All she could think about was this monster holding her and feeling helpless again.

"This might feel impersonal Miss. Evans, but did he rape you?"

Kylie glanced up with color slightly draining her face. She responded quietly, "No, but he tried. He removed my shirt and couldn't get my bra off so he lifted it up. My pants were some way off, but not fully. He touched and kissed me, but didn't a…." She took a shaky breath at the dark thought.

"He didn’t violate you, Miss?"


In the next room Officer Brown asked, “Mr. Simms, can you please tell me what happened on the night of November 18th?"

Tyler began to tell him what happened only leaving out using magic to get the door open and almost killing Scott in the process of saving Kylie. The real story would forever be a secret.

Tyler and Reid were just coming in the main entrance for the dorms soaking wet from the sudden rain fall outside.

"I don't get him. Sure I took his spot, first string in breast stroke, doesn't mean he has to be an ass." Reid said bitterly since his bruised eye was slowly dissipating after Scott's free shot in the pool.

Tyler shrugged his shoulder, "You know he's just jealous." Tyler tried to joked, "He probably thinks you're after his title as captain too."

Reid snorted, "Like I want any more responsibility. Being us is enough." Reid added, "But besides that, baby boy, he's going to lose everything, including that title, all by himself. He didn't even show up for practice today." Tyler turned his head to the hall way and put his arm in front of Reid to stop him too.

Reid asked confused by his startling action, "What gives, baby boy?"

"Do hear that?" Tyler asked with his eyes dancing around in concern.

Reid cocked his head, "Yeah. It sounds like screams."

They began to walk faster down the hall to the source of the noise. Screams became more prominent as they went further down the hall and they suddenly stopped for a second seeing food, drinks, and blood all over the floor.

A piercing scream from the laundry room brought them back to reality and Tyler pulled at the door to find it locked. He pounded on the door yelling, "Open the door."

Reid pushed Tyler out of the way and said, "I got this." His eyes flashed black and a click of the door could be heard. Nothing could prepared them for what they were about to see. Scott had his hands all over Kylie as she bled from the head. Tyler's eyes flickered black with rage and threw him across the room into the cement wall.

Reid, on the other hand, went over to Kylie to help her up, but she pushed him away while grabbing her clothes. She ran through to the door of laundry room and Reid was about to follow her when choking noises caught his attention.

Tyler had Scott pinned to the wall slowly closing his wind pipe. Reid placed his arm on Tyler saying, "Stop man. You're going to kill him."

Tyler said through clenched teeth, "HE WAS GOING TO RAPE HER!"

Reid placed his body in front of Tyler, "Kylie needs you. Now stop and help her." Tyler hesitated truly thinking if he should stop, but in the end he chose to find Kylie, so his eyes returned to their dark blue color.

Reid sighed in relief, "I'll deal with him." Tyler nodded giving one more death glare at Scott before running out the room.

"Now tell me Mr. Garwin what happened after Mr. Simms left?" Reid smirk at the cop, "I called the cops to arrest his ass." Simply put, thought Garwin.

Reid turned around shaking his head, "Not being first string is least of your problems, Captain." He pulled his cell out of his pocket and started to call the cops when a groan escaped from Scott’s lips. Reid sat on the washer and told the cops everything and knew they were on their way. Scott started to push himself up using the wall as a support.

He said in a strangled voice, "Your dead." Scott charged Reid for another fight and Reid with glee punched him square in the nose knocking him flat on his back.

Reid said happily, "Nope, we're even."

“Mr. Simms what happened after you left the room with Mr. Garwin and Mr. Warner?”

“I went after Kylie to make sure she got home safe and was truly okay." Tyler said.

Officer Brown stood up saying, "Well, Mr. Simms, you're free to go." The truth was far more in-depth than that. As he walked through the conference room door, he remembered vividly….

Tyler yelled for Kylie and was ready to go up the stairs when he noticed the outside doors weren't closed all the way. He ran to the doors and his eyes squinted from the rain as he searched the parking lot for her. There she was. Kylie was walking her scooter out of the lot. Catching up to her, Tyler noticed her face was impassive and she was violently shaking. He had no clue what to do or say to help her.

Taking a deep breath he softly asked, "What are you doing?"

She kept looking straight forward, "I'm going home."

Tyler grabbed on to the scooter, "Let me drive you there."

Kylie began to seem less shook up than before and asked, "Can you drive it?"

Tyler said jokingly, "I'm insulted. You can barely call this an operative machine."

She glanced over and her eyes began to soften a bit, "Okay."

When they entered her quiet house, Kylie went into autopilot to get them towels to dry off. Tyler said as she came from the bathroom, "Why don't you get changed into dry clothes and I'll start the fire place."

Kylie said quietly, "I never use it because Rae's the only one who can start the damn thing up."

Tyler smiled, "Well today's you're lucky day. The eagle scout is on the case." She gave a smile before turning to her room. Tyler noted to go into the kitchen to get her an ice pack for the bruise on the left side of her face.

The fire was ignited after several tries and an ice pack with a dish towel wrapped around it was ready. He glanced up when he heard small footsteps descending the stairs to see Kylie carrying a blanket and a sandy color cat trailing behind her.

She sat on the couch by Tyler and handed the blanket over, "Here you're still wet."

Tyler smiled in appreciation, "Thanks, but I'm almost dry from standing in front of the fire."

She glanced over to the fire place, "Good job." Tyler was still concerned with her voice still deadpan and her motions not seeming natural for her.

He placed the ice pack gently on her face and tried to distract her by saying, "I didn't know you had a cat?"

A smile graced her face for a second as she answered, "Yeah, this is Mr. Whiskers." Mr. Whiskers meowed and jumped onto her lap for attention. She leaned her head back looking very tired all of a sudden.

Tyler placed a pillow by his side and said, "Lay down." As she rested back onto the pillow, he asked, "Where's Ben?" Mr. Whiskers head popped up and turned toward Tyler as if he understood him.

"Away?" Kylie answered.

He gave a small snort, "Some friend."

Kylie opened one eye up at him and said, "Ben is a good friend. He just has a job that occupies his time constantly.” She snuggled Mr. Whiskers tightly into a hug and continued to say, "But he's always been there for me through rough times and that's what I love about him."

Tyler was so occupied with figuring out how old this guy must be, that he almost missed the word love. She was going to sleep soon and Tyler just needed to know what he was going up against.

He asked swiftly, "How old is he, that he has a job? What does he even do?" Kylie removed the ice pack off her face and bent her face back to fully see Tyler.

"Are you asking me all these questions because you think I have a concussion?"

Tyler momentarily froze and then agreed with her assumption to cover up his real motives. Now that he thought of it, maybe he should take her to the hospital to get checked out. He noticed butterfly bandages holding the cut on her forehead from bleeding now. Kylie patted his arm, "No worries. I have no concussion."

Tyler rolled his eyes saying, "Now you're going to tell me you have a medical degree."

Kylie's face lit up, "You be surprise what I know. Anyway I didn't hit my head that hard on the machine. It just nicked my forehead. Head wounds always seem worse than they are."

She paused, "Besides Doctor Simms, you've done a wonderful job making sure my face doesn't swell up like a balloon." Tyler smirked at her comment, "Tyler?" Tyler glanced down at her weathered tone, "Please don't tell anyone about this yet." Her green eyes held sadness and wanted trust.

"Kylie until you're ready to say anything nothing will slip from my lips," Tyler complied. Her eyes closed as she thanked him. Tyler stroked her red hair and knew there was nothing else he could do to help Kylie. The only thing now that she need was time to heal. The fire was slowly dying out as all three of them fell asleep on the couch.

After a few days Ben jumped on her bed saying, “Kylie, it's time to move out of your bed. The girls are seriously beginning to worry about you having the 'flu' this long."

Kylie shifted in her bed and said, "I know."

She sat up and Ben glanced up at her, "Are you sure you're well?"

Kylie smiled saying, "I'm okay. I lived through much worse. Besides the only reason I stayed at home was because of this bruise. Is it better?"

Ben examined it closely, "Only a slight discoloring."

Kylie pushed her covers off, "See with a little make up I'll be fine to go back and continue my duty."

Ben sighed, "Alright, I'll let you get ready for school then." Ben jumped off her bed and closed the door with his tail as he went out.

Kylie collapsed in her bed praying she could pull this off. I mean after all Abby hadn't found out yet from Tyler or Reid. So if they could do it without even knowing Abby's abilities, she surely could too.

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