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The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 1

Present Day

Today was move-in day for all students, which meant the parking lot would be overloaded with legally and illegally parked cars, making it difficult for parents and students to maneuver their stuff to the dorms. In the school's lot was a path where a traffic cop directed cars that were only dropping a student off.

One of the cars that pulled forward was a sleek black limo holding a very spoiled girl, named Serenity. She previously lived in the exciting city of L.A., California were drama occurred faster than she could throw back a shot of tequila. Why would she trade in her fabulous city life for a place that was in the middle of nowhere?

Truthfully everything Serenity was and had worked for wouldn't matter to anyone in high school. Her reign of being queen at Ocean Charter had ended and she would have to climb at the top of the social pyramid again.

But what took the cake, making her decision to get out of L.A., were three reasons. Reason one, her boyfriend, the popular guy of the school, was a cheater. Reason two, her besttie, Tiffany, was the cheatee. Reason three, her boyfriend wanted best of both girls, which surprisingly Tiffany was okay with. Yuck. So after searching high schools on the web, Spencer Academy came across the screen and for some reason Serenity was drawn to it.

"Ms. Bennett, we have arrived."

She placed her Bvlgari designer sunglasses on and said, "Thank you, Carmen." Her driver quickly got out and placed her bags on the curb.

While she grabbed her room key, 413, from her purse, Carmen opened her door allowing her to take her first steps in Ipswich. Flattening the crinkles on her white summer dress, she looked around at where she would be spending the next four years of her life.

It was rather depressing, the back of her mind echoed with the gray sky above.

Pulling her away from her critiquing, Carmen was being told by the cop to move the limo because he was blocking the flow. Turning to face Serenity, he asked, "Should I park the limo and help you carry your bags up, Ms. Bennett?"

A smile graced her face as a couple of boys turned toward her, obviously checking her out. She said nonchalantly, "No need Carmen. You can leave for home." Placing her sunglasses on top of her light brown hair, she batted her striking brown eyes to attract the boy's attention.

And like always they came to introduce themselves thinking they stood a chance and ended up carrying her luggage like pack mules. After climbing four flights of steps, Serenity unlocked her dorm and allowed the boys to place her bags down. With a luring smile she said her thanks and goodbyes to them.

Sitting on the edge of a bed, Serenity realized the only thing wrong with the room was that she would have to share. And with the closet as small as it was, she would be lucky to get all her designer clothes and shoes, and oh, her new ugly uniform in there. “Oh well, I guess I’ll have to take the second closet as well.”

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