The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 19

At Spencer Academy rumors were flying around about the biggest unsolved mystery, what did Scott Warner do so bad to get expelled?

I heard he did marijuana in the locker room.

I can't believe he drank three bottles of whisky at school. He can sure hold his liquor.

Abby set her tray down and tuned out the gossip. Thea frowned at her apple, "Why are you so late to lunch? We got ten minutes left."

Abby sighed in frustration, "Been dodging Kate and Kira. They want their BFF to come to Nicky's with them; which includes their dates. Apparently their going to set me up with Aaron Abbot because they think we'd be a super cute couple." Abby stuck her tongue out as she pointed to her mouth. “Yuck.”

Rae gave a not-so-lady-like snort, "Why are you avoiding them? It sounds like a blast. You can watch Caleb squirm as Kira molests him and see Pogue loose brain cells from listening to Kate's stupid ideas that she thinks are great for conversation." Abby was about to reply when someone's thought caught her off guard.

Mrs. Jones and him. That's awesome.

Abby mumbled to her table, "It seemed the rumors are only making him more of a legend than the scum ball he is."

Rae started to eat her taco aggressively, "Well, what I expect is, he's going to be in more shit than just getting expelled."

A wannabe drug dealer.

Abby choked on her water at hearing Rae's inner thought. "What?"

When did she miss this? Abby thought astonished.

Rae rolled her light blue eyes, "Long story. Bottom line is the cops talked to me today before Geometry, which was funny as hell to let Caleb watch me skipping out of the room with glee with the cops. Anyway, they asked me questions like how I knew him. If he did drugs, stuff like that."

Thea said shocked, "Did he?"

Rae shrugged her shoulders as the stuff in her taco fell out the other side, "I won't put it past him. But I know he definitely dealt them. That's why I broke up with him." The memory played in Rae's mind; the drug deal, giving her a bag to use, break up, and his truck on fire. Abby tried not to smile because using in the public eye was a no-no, but it just was too funny.

"You set his truck on fire." Abby stated trying to hide her satisfaction.

Glancing around Thea sighed and said, "Our table looks so lonely today."

Abby replied with only a small smile, "We're only missing one person."

Laughing at Abby statement, Rae interjected, "You're forgetting Kylie makes up three people with all the food she buys. Do you think she's better yet?"

"Guys you missed me already?"

Everyone glanced up to see Kylie smiling and holding a water bottle.

Tapping the seat next to her Rae said cheery, "Sit your butt down, skipper."

She plopped into the ridged seat and Thea asked, "Feeling better?" Thea could feel hints of uncomfortable, distraction and tiredness off of Kylie.

She took a swig of her water, "Yep. I'm just nervous on the amount of homework I’ve missed."

Rae stared at Kylie dissatisfy, "You're the genius of the group. If you can't do it, then there is no hope for us."

Abby countered back, "That's not entirely true. If you actually put your brain to use on more important things than evil plan making…."

While they bickered Kylie caught Tyler's eyes from across the lunch room. His friends were in an in-depth conversation not noticing Tyler getting up and nodding his head for her to come.

Kylie excused herself from the table by saying, "I'm going to tinkle. Be right back guys."

She walked through the doors and Tyler was leaning against the wall. He smiled and said, "I was wondering if you were ever going to come back."

I was thinking the same thing too, Kylie thought glumly. She fiddled with the hem of her skirt and said sarcastically, "Wow. Did you miss me, too?"

He ran a hand through his hair saying, "Definitely. I had no one to keep me awake through History."

She gave a small laugh and said sarcastically, "That must have been awful. Taking a nap instead getting poked, or hit with a paper football."

Tyler teased, "It was…I had no idea class let out until my Spanish teacher walked by the room and woke me up for my last class."

Kylie bit her lip at Tyler’s entertaining story and spit out, "He put you in a coma."

They headed for their history class together since lunch would be over in a minute. She quickly text Abby so she wouldn't worry: 'Going to class. See you in Swim.'

Continuing her conversation, "I know Mr. Call stares at the wall when he teaches and ignores students."

She thought, Probably could have a barbeque in there and he won't notice.

Kylie continued to say, “But he didn't wake you up?"

Tyler shook his head, "Nope. He turned the light off and left."

Patting his back Kylie stated, "Well I'm back on duty. So no more worries about missing any more classes."

They were getting closer to the door and Tyler asked, "I'm only going to ask once, so be honest."

Kylie glanced up with interest and asked sarcastically, "No those pants don't make you look fat."

Tyler shook his head, "You okay?"

Kylie stopped and turned to face him, "Yes." Tyler didn't expect a hug from Kylie. But once his shock was over, he relaxed and he wrapped his arms around her. Kylie whispered, "Thank you, Tyler."

She backed up and a faint blush was on his cheeks as Tyler said, "Not a problem."

Sitting in their seat for History, Kylie asked, "So what chapter are we on anyways?"

Tyler scratched his head, "Umm…last notes I took was on Chapter 2."

Kylie smiled since second quarter would be starting next week, "That sounds about right. Now that I'm caught up in History, fill me in what I missed the past few days. I heard Kate and Kira are sitting at your table. That's sounds like fun."

Tyler dropped his voice to a whisper as the lecture began, "Oh it is…." And they began to pick up their routine of discussing the current events that were happening in school.

Meanwhile, Abby sat in her assigned seat for English class and placed her earphones on hoping to give the idea to Kate and Kira that she didn't want to be bothered. The two chairs screeched across the linoleum floor and she glanced over to see Kate with a shit ass grin on and on her other side was Kira.

Shit. I'm surrounded.

Kate tapped her shoulder repeatedly until Abby turned to her fully, "We were wondering if you want to go to Nicky's with us tonight."

Kira added, "It'll be fun."

It's so funny to see her flustered. Abby glared over at Pogue. Damn she's looking. Pogue turned around in his seat quickly and another tap hit her shoulder.

Abby internally sighed thinking, Can't they bother someone else? With less brain cells. Damn, Rae was rubbing off on her.

I can keep poking forever if I have too, Kate thought while Kira lost in her own thoughts like, Will she just accept it already? I have other important things to think about. Caleb for one. I have to break him. He needs to be more aggressive when he kisses….

Oh dear Peter, will it ever stop! Abby yelled blocking out other thoughts for a brief second.

Abby glanced at Kate getting ready to rip off her arms and Kate said, "You" poke "have" poke "to" poke "go" poke "to" poke "Nicky's" poke "with" poke "us" poke "tonight!"

She's not going to last two minutes. Pogue seemed to mock as he kept taking peeks to see if she would crack under pressure.

Now Abby was determination to show Pogue she could hold her own ground. But as long as Abby tried to ignore the constant pokes into her side and listen to the lecture, her patience was wearing thin. Only thing she could pray was to not commit a felony by the end of class.

Class had ended early so the teacher decided to give them free time to talk.

Jerk. Abby bitched in her mind, We pay 20,000 dollars for this school and he stops teaching in like ten minutes. I wonder how much money I just wasted-


Abby glaring at Kate had ripped the damn ear phones and yelled, "What!" Kate stared and Kira fell out of her seat, while Pogue gave a barrel laugh.

Kate said unfazed by Abby's actions, "We're going to Nicky's, want to come?" With the girls tag teaming she began to wear down and just wanted them to leave.

Abby pulled her hair and mumbled, "Fine." The bell rang and K and K left holding arms and walked out with triumph.

Pogue stood by her desk trying to hide his smile and Abby said, "Don't even say it."

Grabbed her books, he taunted, "You're still too nice."

Abby grumbled, "I hate being nice." She pulled out her cell and text: 'Girls were going out tonight.'

Rae text back: 'Didn't need a vision to see this one coming. ;p'

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