The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 20

It looked like a bomb went off in Rae's dorm with the tons of scattered articles of her clothing littered every inch of the floor. Groans came from the closet as another shirt flew to the floor.

Rae stepped to the side of the closet to avoid getting hit, "Abby what are you doing in my room?" Rae laughed as Abby came out of the closet.

She rolled her eyes, "Oh grow up. I just wanted to borrow a shirt or something."

Rae scanned the shirt she was wearing; it said, 'Be nice to your boyfriend. I just broke up with him.' Rae sat on the bed, "Nice choice of tee."

Abby collapsed on the bed and said angrily, "I just want to prove to Kate I gave up Pogue. Not that she won him because she's…."

Rae interjected, "Easy."

Abby laughed and looked down at the piles of clothes, "The only reason she wanted me to come is to flaunt Pogue."

Rae pointed to her closet, "Well you'll just have to flaunt back. So pick an outfit you think would be good and I'll let you know if it passes inspection." Abby showed Rae a blue and grey plaid shirt with grey vest over it with her skinny jeans.

Rae wrinkled her nose, "Too conservative." Abby tried on another outfit with a yellow tank that had lace on the v-neck.

Rae was hanging upside down off her bed, "Too simple. Though, it does show some nice cleavage." Abby turned back to the closet and this time was wearing a short dark grey romper that held a stud black belt in the front and had cinched pockets.

Gasping out loud Rae asked, "That's what you're wearing?"

Abby said, "Why what's wrong with it?"

"Nothing. It's fabulous!" Rae cracked a smile and said, "I just felt it would be something Serenity would say if she was here."

Abby started to grab her black pumps when Rae asked, "Where's Thea?"

"I kind of sent her away after the sixteenth outfit she said looked nice," Abby replied.

Rae rolled her eyes, "Sounds like our Thea. Clothes are just clothes to her."

Down stairs many feeling and emotions were at play. Thea could sense Caleb from a mile away from the cloud of overwhelmed, patient, trapped, flattered, and hint of pity that surrounded him. With those emotions they might not even make it to the Winter Dance, which was in a month.

Pogue was a close tie to Caleb with having the strongest emotions. Pogue and Kate were in the corner sucking each other's faces off. Yes, lots of lust radiating there, but surprising embarrassment leaked from Pogue a little. Kate on the other hand gave off boastful strongly.

Thea was descending down the stairs to see Reid holding his arms around Kara, his new girl friend, whom she met the first time when they were in Kylie's old bed.

She examined him and could feel adequate, lust and…boredom? Thea stopped at the last step catching Reid's attention and that's when his emotions became hard to decipher because they all became mushed together. Thea thought, What a very conflicted man.

Kara annoyed her the most, she pretended to be the sweetest thing and yet Thea felt the concoction to make evil was inside her.

Reid asked Thea, "Ready to go?"

She nodded her head, "Yep, just have to wait…."

Rae yelled with her fists pumping into the air, "Everyone's here. Let's party!" Abby followed Rae and smirked as Pogue pulled away from their kiss to look at her.

Abby added suspiciously to Rae, "Except Kylie and Tyler."

Rae laughed as to where Abby’s mind was deducting. She responded, "That's too good, you thinking Kylie and Tyler are getting it on…." She wiped the wetness from her eyes, "If you knew Kylie the way I do, her mission always comes first. Besides, Kylie texted me saying they're studying for Geometry. Such nerds."

Abby glanced over at Rae, "And you're not worried about it?"

Rae smiled and swung her arm around Abby’s shoulder. "Already saw my grade, so there's no point studying." Abby lips pulled down and thought, That wasn’t what I was talking about.

Thea joined in the conversation, "Why don't you seem worried about Serenity?"

Abby said confident, "I know Serenity and falling in love is definitely last on her list. Besides she's dealing with Chase's maybe addiction problem."

As they entered Nicky's the group split up. Rae, Reid, Kara went over to the pool table by Aaron, while the rest of them went to find a table.

When Rae passed by she said, "I'll make sure they don't get a chance to set you up with Aaron. Have fun with tweedle dum and tweedle dee."

Abby sat down by Caleb at the end of the table and across from her was Thea and the two love birds. She slouched down as Kate flirted with Pogue making her sick, especially the constant thoughts.

Poor Abby. Watch your man fall into my hands.

Caleb jumped a little making a coughing noise. Abby turned to him and wonder what that was about. I can't believe he moved my hand away from his….

Abby internally sighed and thought, Oh good, she's giving him physical. Please, someone shoot me now!

Thea sat up and said, "Excuse me I have to go to the restroom." Abby begged her with her eyes for her to stay and not leave her with them.

Sorry, Abby. But I can't stand one more second with all these emotions.

Traitor, Abby called out silently to herself.

Thea disappear walking into the bathroom as Kara did. Abby mentally slapped herself; of course, she's keeping tabs on Kara.

Oh look at Abby. She's about to cry. I should get her attention then make out with Pogue.

Abby sat up from her seat and leaned over the table giving Pogue a view. She asked, "Want to dance Pogue? It's my favorite song."

Pogue stood up quickly and Abby winked back at a shocked Kate saying, "See you bestie," as the machine played, "Bad Girlfriend" by Theory of a Dead Man.

At Spencer's Dorms, Kylie laid on Tyler's bed flipping through a ratty book.

Kylie asked after ten thousand girl's names, "How about Jamie Davison?"

Tyler sat on the floor by the edge of his bed, "No, she scares me."

She sighed, "I never knew you were so picky. I have the rough draft of the new yearbook, so we can find a freshman for you to take and so far you've turned down half of the freshmen class."

Tyler put his head back, "I want to take the right girl."

"How about Martha Simons?" Kylie asked sarcastically.

He glanced up at Kylie, "I never heard of her. Is she new?"

Kylie said mocking, "No. I made her up because you're going to go alone with Martha if you don't pick a girl soon."

Tyler sighed frustrated, "Why can't I go stag again?"

Staring at Tyler with an-unbelievable-look, Kylie stated, "Because you deserve to go with someone and have a good time. Besides, do you want to be the seventh wheel in the group? Trust me you'll want someone to talk to when they get busy with their dates."

Tyler turned to face her with a coy smile, "I talk to you. Why don't we go together?" Kylie stared at him not expecting him to ask her.

She finally said, "I'm not going. The girls are going out of town the day of the dance. So you need a date." Tyler placed his face in the bed and Kylie said uplifting, "Don't worry. I'll be the best wing man you ever had. I can be an insider. I promise you won't be rejected."

Tyler glanced up at Kylie with a frown and then a buzz of his cell went off.

He checked his phone and told Kylie, "It's from Reid. He wants us to come to Nicky's."

Kylie closed the yearbook and said hesitant, "I don't know, Tyler."

He held her hand, "Come on, Kylie. You can't hide forever. Let's go to Nicky's and have a fun time."

She took a deep breath, "Maybe, for a while."

Tyler gave an encouraging smile, "Good."

Back at Nicky's, Rae was making her awesome combination shot and kicking both Aaron's and Reid's asses, even though her partner, Kara, cue rolling of eyes, went to the bathroom. Probably too throw up the bread she ate.

As she put the balls into its pocket, a voice asked behind her, "Can I join?" Rae turned around to see Scott; only instead of his clean shaven face, he had this scruffy hobo look going on.

Reid asked viciously, "Shouldn't you be doing time?"

Scott smirked, "Woah there Reid, just wanted to play a friendly game of pool. But it's amazing what you can do with money and being good on probation."

He scanned Rae's body and said, "Lookin' good Rae."

Rae snorted and said bluntly, "Can't say the same for you. You look like shit."

His lips twitched at her comment and he asked, "Want to make a small bet."

"What?" Rae seemed intrigued.

Scott grabbed a stick from Reid and said, "If I win I get to kiss you."

Reid went in front of Rae, "If she wins you never step foot in Nicky's again."

Nodding his head, Scott agreed, "Alright ready to play, chica?"

Rae rolled her eyes and answered back, "Aliste cuando usted son, asno mudo." Scott stared at her for a second, completely taken aback and unsure what she said.

With Rae keeping the lead, Scott was now making his shot and glanced up with smiled. Rae saw him nod at Kylie and Tyler when they walked in.

But what Rae couldn't see was Scott actually wiggling his eyebrows to taunt Kylie. Frozen solid Kylie stared at Scott in fright while Tyler angrily glared at Scott until he gently pushed Kylie to where Abby was sitting.

Not knowing a bar fight was going to break out, Nicky went to the bathroom. Three minutes pass by and Reid, yelled, "She kicked your ass." Scott turned Rae for a forceful kiss since he figured he lost everything else, he may as well get one last something. Rae shoved him away wiping her face in disgust and a fist flew into Scott's face.

Aaron shook his hand, "I know you're going to court for sexual assault. So don't you ever touch her again!"

Scott got up with help from his friends and laughed as he said, "I'm sorry, but you got your facts wrong, Aaron. Isn't that right, Reid?"

Reid said through tight lips, "Get out."

Rae stood there shocked and Scott said, "Rae is good, but my type is more of the screaming and kicking red head variety."

Catching on quickly and Rae whispered in disgust, "Kylie?"

Aaron was holding back Reid from giving Scott another black eye, when Rae took charge by surprising him with a soccer kick in the nads, thus starting the bar fight.

Before the bar fight broke out Kylie and Tyler joined the table that held Abby, who was literally banging her head on the table as the other couples were eating and talking. Abby lifted her head, "Hey guys. What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost?"

Kylie plastered a smile on her face trying to seem calm when Abby knew Kylie was coming apart from the seams. Abby could only get flashes of Scott in Kylie's brain.

Tyler glanced over to the pool table and said in a deadly tone catching Pogue and Caleb's attention, "Scott's over by the pool tables."

Caleb said "Oh no," making Abby curiously gaze over to the other side of the room to see Reid being held back and Rae winding her leg back to…oh no, was right.

Abby shouted, "Rae," simultaneously as Caleb muttered, "Reid." They looked at each other and both went over to help stop the fight.

Tyler got out of the seat and said to Kylie, "Stay here with the girls."

"Tyler…." But he left before Kylie could argue. What was happening, the Guardian was told to sit on the side line, with no less than Kate and Kira, while he went off to join the fight her friends were in. Not likely.

In the girl's bathroom Thea followed Kara to see if she was up to any evil scheming since she was radiating dark, thrilled and cautiousness. Entering the room quietly, Kara had her body turned to the mirrors by the sinks. She kept the water running so no one out the door could hear her conversation on her cell. Thea manipulated the water to hit her pants, so as she looked down Thea managed to get into a stall and stand on the toilet seat.

Kara yelled, "Fuck! Stupid sink." She returned back to her call, "Anyway Carmen, it work on the idiot. I got him easily wrapped around my finger. He does exactly what I demand." She paused, "Yeah, he got me that diamond necklace I wanted." Pause. "I'm just getting bored. I want to do some one that's more of a challenge?"

Thea saw her pout through the crack of the door, "You're right. But how?" Pause. She laughed, "Perfect idea. Use Aaron to break Reid's poor heart." Pause. "I love painful drama as much as you. Got to go."

Kara closed her phone, applied her cheap lip stick and walked out the door. Thea almost fell into the toilet twice when getting down. But there were a lot more important things to worry about. She was going to march up to Reid and tell him everything she heard, and then when the bitch started to deny everything, Thea would throw lots of guilt on her making her practically confess how much of a bitch she was.

As Thea stormed through the door of the bathroom, she got hit in the head with something and blacked out. So much for telling Reid.

Meanwhile Aaron was dragging a tall boy across the bar hitting drinks as Caleb decked another guy about to push Rae. Kylie decided to weave through the crowd to help Abby with Thea. Thea got caught in the cross fire of a chair someone rose to hit another person with. Abby began shaking Thea's shoulders to wake her up and Abby lifted her face toward the men's room.

She yelled to Kylie, "You got to do something. Nicky's going to call the cops."

Reid heard this announcement and not wanting to end his fun let his eyes flash black making the door stuck for the duration. Kylie glanced around wondering how the hell she was going to stop this.

Crawling to the door was Scott and like that a plan formed in her head, which Abby nodded in agreement. The worm that was retreating was the key.

Kylie grabbed a utensil from the floor and step hard on his back as she yanked his head back with his hair. He yelped as the cool metal touched his neck.

The lights all of a sudden went out and Kylie whispered in a lethal tone, "Tell your goons to stop fighting or else I'll won't hesitate to cut your throat."

The lights flickered back on creating the moment they needed. Scott yelled grabbing everyone's attention, "Sean. Lars. Stop, you idiots!" She pressed it closer to his neck forcing him to say, "We're leaving now. GO!"

Kylie said low, "Good. Now take your fat ass out of here and leave me with the dismay of not killing you when I had the chance." She shoved him to the door and Scott lifted himself up rubbing his neck.

He hissed as he hit the door, "This isn't over, sweetheart." When they left, Kylie's legs gave out from all the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

Tyler cautiously sat by her saying softly, "Kylie, can you give me the knife?"

Kylie glanced up and laughed-either relieved or on the horizon of hysterics. She said softly, "Tyler, I highly doubt he would have died from a spoon."

He pulled her into a hug, "You were brilliant."

Thea was coming around as she heard people talking and feelings of worry and caring was around her. A cloth was being dabbed on her face and she slowly opened her eyes to see Reid.

She said groggily, "Reid?"

Reid placed the ice pack on her head, "Yes."

Her eyes opened wide and she sat up quickly saying, "What happened?" She got dizzy and Reid pushed her back on the table.

He answered with a grin, "A bar fight. The guys are cleaning up right now."

Nicky said after the door miraculously got unstuck. "Thanks for cleaning up kids. And that Scott kid and his friends aren't allowed here anymore. I'll make sure of it."

Kylie gave him a small smile, "Thanks Nicky."

The girls gave Kylie a group hug and Abby said, "Don't ever keep us in the dark again, okay?" Kylie nodded as they went out the doors.

Reid pulled Thea into his arms and she protested, "Reid I can walk. The dorms are too far away to carry me like this."

Reid carried her for three minutes ignoring her complaints until he said, "Your right." He placed her down and she held onto Reid for support.

Thea agreed, "I knew you would see it my way," even though the earth still seemed uneven.

Reid quickly placed Thea into a piggyback and Reid said, "Yep that's much better." Thea placed her head on his shoulders and sighed in defeat.

She was about to doze off when it finally hit her. Reid was guilty and still something else she couldn't put her finger on. But it definitely was guilt mixed up with happiness, amusement, caution and maybe fondness. She shook her head and breathed in his cologne, thinking he was the most confusing boy she ever met.

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