The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 21

Her eyes moved back and forth watching Chase shoved some clothes, a jacket, and cash into a bag. His fingers last touch gently a picture of them together and he too dropped the picture into the bag. “Why are you going,” Serenity asked quietly making Chase jump surprised in the air.

“Serenity how did you get here?” Chase asked trying to tuck the bag behind his back as she moved closer to him.

Grasping his shaking hands, Serenity asked. “I’ll ask again, why are you leaving?”

Chase stared down at their hands as he contemplated what to say. When his eyes locked onto Serenity’s beautiful brown ones, his mouth seemed to lose its ability to speak.

“You can tell me anything Chase. I would never judge you,” Serenity could barely whisper feeling as if he would disappear forever.

He gave a small smile and patted her hand gently as if it were a precious jewel. “I know you would never do that. But I’m too different for even me to understand what is going on. I’m going to find my real father and get some answers once and for all.”

If he opened up, then she could help him with his struggles. Please talk to me, Serenity begged inside with her whole being. Why did we have to keep this a secret anymore?

“Let me go with you,” Serenity practical grabbed his bag to help carry it and Chase turned her away.

“No, cherry. I have to whether this one alone,” Chase hot breath whispered in her ear.

Panic was rattling Serenity’s body. She couldn’t lose him again. “If you leave me behind, I’ll never stop looking for you.”

I will just have to grasp his arm and transport with him, Serenity was trying to quickly form a plan.

“I hope you never do,” he said as Serenity’s eyes began to get heavy. Before her tired brain could compute the situation, the warmth of his body disappeared from her back and she gentle fell onto the bed falling asleep.


Bolting up from the bed, her eyes bounced around with fear. “Chase. Chase, he, he’s…”

Kylie hugged Serenity tightly, “gone. I know.”

Serenity pulled away from Kylie and demanded, “We have to find him now-” She paused once taking one look from Kylie.

Shaking her head, Kylie said, “Serenity he doesn’t want to be found.”

What does that matter? Serenity screamed in her head as thoughts were flying everywhere in dread. We will track his ass and make sure he doesn't get himself hurt or worse.

As if Kylie could read her mind, she final said, “He has some kind of barrier up, so I can’t track him like his father. I’m sorry, S.”

Serenity asked unsure, “What do I do now? Gabriel is still out there and Chase is vulnerable.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kylie shook her head, “If I can’t track him, he’ll be safe from Gabriel’s grasp. All we can do right now is keep an eye out for his return.”

Taking a seat next to Kylie, Serenity just couldn’t let this go. I was his guardian damn it.

Without warning, Serenity disappeared from the room and stepped forward in the only place she could think Chase would go for answers. The Putnam Barn.

“Chase,” she yelled out a few times, but only the echo of emptiness followed. Dropping to the ground in tears, she whimpered, “I know you need to find your answers from your father. But I could help you. I’m different too.” She glanced up to see a spider hanging from the barn and dropped her eyes on the puddle before her. “I love you so much,” Serenity barely whispered.

After Serenity wept a good while, she returned back to her dorm. But what she never noticed was the intricate web that formed in the barn with the words, I love you too.
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