The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 22

Conclusion of Freshmen Year:

I'm happy to say that after the bar fight at Nicky's, everything was rather uneventful.

In amazement, Rae passed A.P. Geometry thankfully with Caleb's tutoring. Speaking of Caleb’s tutoring, their swimming lessons didn’t progress unless she had a death grip on Caleb at all times.

Oh also, Rae did find a way to make Chess an official sport at Spencer, allowing many people, including Eliot, the opportunity to not get involved in any cardio exercise. So Rae quit cross country and became the captain of the chess team. Figures she would be the best competitor at the school, what with being able to see her opponent's choice before they even moved the piece.

For Caleb, he had found out that dating someone you pity and had different ideas in the way you want the relationship to go, can lead to a disaster. When in doubt, it's best to jump ship before they wreck you.

So as you can tell, Caleb and Kira officially broke up before summer vacation, which lead to an interesting relationship to bloom. Aaron and Kira.

Speaking of couples, are you wondering about Pogue and Kate? Yep, they are officially a couple. I guess the Sons of Ipswich aren't the only ones who can cast spells.

Meanwhile, Abby basically kicked ass at districts for the cross country team. First place baby! Later on in her free time, since she was in the friend's zone with Pogue, she trained with a punching bag. Not only helping her become stronger, but giving her a great outlet to take out her frustrations as she imagined hitting Kate's face repeatedly.

With great success, Thea was just happy to survive the year without serious injury or causing serious injury to Reid or anyone else.

For the rest of the year Reid seemed to be driving her crazy. Given example is Reid being the sweetest guy ever. One day he brought her a basket filled with medicines, tissues, and a teddy bear when she caught a nasty cold. But as the day went on he do something by being incredibly stupid. Well it's Reid. Do I need to explain any more?

As for Reid, his friendship with Aaron was officially over once he caught Aaron having sex with Kara. Apparently, being drunk and her telling Aaron that she and Reid were over, and liking her, made it okay in Aaron's eyes. Reid didn't see it the same way - he ended up slugging Aaron and screaming, "Friends don't fuck their friend's girlfriend."

Serenity was happy being at her new school and took an interest in her studies surprisingly including anatomy. Wink. Wink. But after Chase did a disappearing act like his own father, Serenity secretly cried herself asleep at nights. I wish I could do more, but all any of us can do now was continue our lives and wait for his return.

For Tyler, he had finally pulled himself to the top of the swim pack in the breast stroke. I never thought I see Tyler smile so much as we cheered him on during the race. His parents never showed up for one of his meets.

Also as the school year was wrapping up, I could sense something was bothering Tyler. He seemed to suddenly be going home. Worry, of course, rattled my body, as I wondered the dreaded question. Was Mr. Simms alright? Or was Tyler keeping his father a secret like Caleb did with Will? I will have to do some digging to uncover with shy boy’s secrets.

And as for me, not a lot happened. For our History final exam, Tyler and I crammed the night before and surprisingly enough, we both passed.

Oh and Scott got tried in court in both a criminal and a civil case. In the criminal case he was found guilty for…drum roll please…possession of drugs and alcohol and the use of drugs and alcohol. Shocker. So bottom line is he has a mandatory loss of driving privileges for six months, had had to pay a fine of $500, now has a disorderly person's record, and had to participate in an alcohol treatment or rehabilitation program for the next three years. The civil case, I won very easily, and sued him for all he was worth -which isn't much- so I settled for everything he had.

I'd say it was a very good year.

Now that summer's here we, the guardians, shall be in boot camp thanks to Rae's brilliant plan to work on expanding our powers. Granted we never done it before, but who's to say we won't be able to come up with any new tricks? Well, we'll see.

Love, Kylie

Sneak Peak to the Sequel: The Year of Separation


Life is too short to see the lasting differences we imprint on this earth. Yet one small action, or ripple in the pond, echoes and spreads affecting the future. We don't know if these actions will ultimately lead to good or bad. All we know is there are things we are willing to die for.

This is the way of the Guardians.

And in junior year the covenant will feel the effects of this ripple when one pebble is dropped; the presence of Chase Collins.

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