The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 2

Abigail Channing searched desperately through her purse for the small bottle of prescription pills that aided her from the immense migrating headache soon to come. Her honey blonde bangs fell over her grey eyes as she dug deeper. Finding out that she must have packed them in one of her numerous cases, she sighed in frustration.

The waiting line outside the office was beyond believable.

This is such a joke. We'll be here forever.

This is so unorganized. Someone should really talk to….

I hope I'm roommates with Sheryl….

Abby tried to focus on her own thoughts and couldn't help but to agree, this sucked. She closed her eyes wishing the crowd would just disappear or at least she could pump into her system some painkillers.

Abby tried to go into her bubble, when a gentle thought interrupted her. She doesn't look so well. Should I….

A tap on her shoulder made Abby's eyes open and turn toward the person behind her. He was rather a tall boy with long dirt blonde hair that came to his chin. She skimmed his nicely built body and strong broad shoulders with a quick glance before meeting his eyes. When her grey eyes connected with his, she stood there mesmerized by the beautiful shade of hazel. They were so deep with whirling mixture of many hues of browns and dark greens.

Abby was so wrapped up in this sudden connection with this stranger that she didn't hear the people behind them yelling for them to move forward. She snapped out of her daze and was bombarded with many thoughts again.

It's about time.

Gees, they were basically undressing themselves with their eyes. Get a room!

A blush crept up her neck as she dragged her bags to where the line moved up. Trying to regroup herself, she was determined to talk to this mysterious man. Turning half way she said confidently, "Hi, I'm Abigail Channing."

He gave her a genuine smile and said, "I'm Pogue Parry. Are you a freshman too?"

She returned with a small smile, "Yes. Are you from around here?" The line shifted again and she was in reaching distance to the door.

Pogue answered, "Yeah, born and raised here. You're definitely not from around here because I would have remembered a face like yours." Her blush deepened with his compliment. Wow. She's beautiful….

Abby tried to shield her mind from his thoughts knowing even if a guy was a gentlemen, it could still lead to some dirty thoughts. And the crazy part was she kind of wanted to know what he would do to her. Pogue nodded his head and she tensed at the thought he knew what she was just thinking. Giving him a query expression he said, "It's your turn."

Realization dawned on Abby when understanding what he meant and she quickly grabbed her bags to the office's closed door. She was about to drop her bags on the ground when Pogue grabbed three of her bags from her arms and opened the office door for her. Abby smiled with appreciation and marched to the front desk. A young woman glanced up at her with frazzled eyes and said timidly, "Name please."

"Abigail Channing."

She shifted through many connected papers searching for her name. The secretary eyes brightened when she found the name, "You're in 416, fourth floor, and here's your key, Miss. Channing. Next."

Abby waited on the side as Pogue went closer to the desk. "Pogue Parry." After more searching for his room number, 427, and key, they began to climb the stairs to their dorms.

Abby had made it to the third floor before she decided she needed to take a break. After catching her breath Abby asked Pogue. "Isn't there an elevator, or something?"

He cracked a smile, "Yeah, but it's only reserved for the handy cap or injured." Of course if you have an extra key to the elevator, like I do, it makes it a lot less hectic.

Abby muttered exasperated, "That's dumb!" She quickly added to covering up hearing his last thought, "By the time I get to my room I shall be injured with possibly a slip disk or a hernia from all this luggage." Hastily trying to change the subject she glanced over to him and was now aware he only had one bag, "Why don't you have more stuff?"

Pogue gave a charming smile, "I've got all the essentials I need right in this bag."

Abby asked fascinated, "What about a computer, or a mini frig?"

Pogue picked up three of her heaviest bags with his strong arms. He said as he started to ascend the stairs, "I can get away without those. The library is filled with computers and as for the mini frig thing, I'll let my roommate bring one and I'll borrow."

Reaching the fourth floor, she said, "Smart. You really did think of everything, Parry." Dragging her bags down the hall way she asked, "Where are your dorms?"

Pogue smiled more, "Go across the adjacent hall from here, through that door, and then you'll enter the boys dorms. But the connecting doors only open for emergencies…alarms are attached to them." She glanced up at him and he answered her unheard question, "I'll have to go back down the stairs and go through the entrance for the boy dorms."

She gazed at him amused, "Are you a mind reader?"

Pogue shook his head, "Nah, just a good guesser, that's all. And here we are Miss. Channing." She didn't even get to drop her bags to the floor, before the door swung open.

Gosh could these people be any louder. I should tell them to shove it….Wow. He's hot, a whining voice echoed in Abby's head.

A very frizzy, red haired girl, wearing very short shorts that hugged her ass way too tight and a tight cotton shirt with no bra, answered the door. The red head introduced herself directly at Pogue, "Hello, I'm Kira Snider. What's your name?" Abby's headache was returning with each irritatingly shallow thought from Kira.


He turned back to Abby and said, "I'll see you later. Goodnight Abby." He sent one last smile to Abby before leaving.

"She has to be a girlfriend or something. Damn I don't care what this little blonde twit is, he's so mine…."

"I wonder if this is our other roommate. Hopefully she is not as much of a bitch as Kira."

Kira just walked back and Abby had this feeling she was going to be walking into her own personal hell. Entering the dorm room, Abby noticed another girl laying on a bed with short shorts and, shockingly, no bra under her white beater.

Was it mandatory for them to dress half naked here? Abby thought sarcastically.

Great, Goldie locks from the puritan age is here. Where the hell did she get her clothes? At a ugly charity. Kate internally laughed at her joke, and continued to think unkindly, She looks like such a low life prude. No way is she going to make it through the first day before having a break down….

Abigail glanced down at what she wore. It was a white v-neck shirt that clung nicely to her body and a green pleated skirt with a brown belt tied at the waist. Sure the skirt came to her knees, but that didn't mean she looked like a pilgrim.

Better introduce myself and get it over with…. Abby finally caught onto Kate's last thought.

The mocha skinned girl said, "Hey I'm Kate Tunny."

Abby plastered a smile on her face and greeted her with as much fakeness as Kate, "Hi I'm Abigail Channing."

A war was on the horizon with these two bitches and thankfully Abby would always have the element of surprise.

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