The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 3

Early morning before school started Kylie was in the bathroom straightening her fiery red hair. Placing the straightener down on the counter she look intently at her reflection that held a 5'6” red head with deep dark green eyes. Her porcelain skin was almost flawless with the exception of her small freckles. With her close examination, Kylie jumped at the call of her name from the other side of the door. The muffled voice said, "Why are you taking so long?"

Kylie teased, "You know it takes women a longer time to get pretty."

She could feel him rolling his eyes as he said sarcastically, "You didn't need make up or these useless necessities back then, so why do you insist on them now?"

Kylie opened the door to her sandy colored feline familiar. She responded back, "Cause, Ben, I have time. And taking a warm shower should have been mandatory back then. How we ever lived without them I'll never know."

Ben chuckled as he followed Kylie down the stairs. "You're going to be late if you don't move faster Isobel. Tell me your cover."

She said quickly, "Its Kylie now. My parents died in a car accident leaving me with an enormous fund of savings. I got my emancipation papers and moved from New Zealand to America for a fresh start. Not hard to remember because it's all true."

Ben nodded, "I know, I just want to make sure you don't confuse your story with your past lives. Now remember to befriend them. The faster we get them up to date, the faster we can train. "

Kylie grabbed her lunch bag saying, "Yeah, yeah. I know the drill. Blah, blah, time is of the essence."

Ben ignored Kylie's sarcastic remark and pondered out loud, "I still find it strange that all the priestesses are already here. The protection spell is supposed to separate you all so it's harder for Gabriel to get a location."

Throwing her lunch into her decorative shoulder bag, Kylie replied, "They were in different locations, like Georgia, California and Iceland. Just all of them registered to Spencer. Well except Lucinda, or shall I say Raechel rather. She got sent to the Bramford orphanage."

Kylie giggled before she added on, "Besides it comes as no surprise to me why they came. The pull is a lot stronger than before." Kylie shook her head with no understanding of it, "What's more unnerving to me is how much I look like my old self."

Ben slouched down on the couch, "Yes it was a bit unsettling to find you looking like you did 300 years ago. That's why I'm worried if the spell is wearing off."

Turning to face Ben outrageous suggestion, Kylie asked disheveled, "How could it? The gods themselves cast it and until Gabriel is dead, we are protected and trapped in this never ending cycle."

Ben sighed, "You're right, Isob-, I mean Kylie. Hmm…,” he paused in sudden thought and continued to say, “Before I forget, how did you know where they're all coming from? You just started tracking today. So there's no way you're that good of a tracker to know where they came from. You only sense where they are presently and that's Ipswich."

She gently slapped his head and mocked, "I'm insulted. You know as well as I do that Artemis made me the best damn tracker ever." Ben stared at her waiting for the truth. Kylie huffed at his lack of sense of humor, "Fine. I hacked into the school computer to see their files."

Walking toward the front door Ben asked curiously, "What is your plan this time?"

Kylie opened the door letting Ben walk out first. She hoped he wouldn't question her motives if she switched the topic. "Do you think it'll rain? I brought my coat just in case."

But Ben being Ben, insisted in a disapproving tone, "I hope for your sake you're going to get Abigail first. She was uh…well…very upset the last time she was the last to be awakened."

Kylie cracked a small smile, "Oh I remember the last temper tantrum."

Ben warned, "Isobel."

She walked to her scooter annoyed, "Uh, I would if she wasn't so pushy to take charge all the time. I have it planned out and besides Abby is the most difficult person to give her memory back too. She hears my thoughts, freaks out, and then runs. Such a bampot ars-,"

Ben coughed, "Language, lady."

Kylie smiled cheekily, "Gaelic."

Ben scowled and asked annoyed, "Tell me your amazing plan."

Kylie straightened up and informed Ben. "One. I'm going to give Ella,” Ben cut her off, “You mean Serenity.” Rolling her eyes, “Yes, I will give Serenity her memory. Phase two, at lunch we will make a quick trip to Raechel.” Kylie chanted in her head to not be corrected again, or Lucinda before all this happened.

Ben asked, "How are you going to do that?" Kylie glanced at him incredulously and Ben grimaced, "I know teleportation, but you'll be in a public place. It's too risky."

Kylie rolled her green eyes, "It's called the girl's bathroom. Anyway after phase two is complete we'll get Savanna-,” Ben gave her a look to not screw the names up, “I mean Theadora, so she can calm the untamed beast.” Justine, who now goes by the name of Abigail Channing, Kylie thought as she was becoming annoyed more.

A black SUV sped down the road and she bent down to rub Ben's head. "Now I got to stop chatting with you in public or else people driving by will think I'm crazy." Ben choked down a laugh while giving her his snarky smile. Kylie climbed her stupid scooter and turned it on. She said, "Have fun hunting, Mr. Whiskers."

Ben smile dropped in an instant, "Just be safe on that thing."

She laughed, while putting a helmet on, "Trust me, this thing probably only goes up to 20. This is a real pathetic excuse for any type mode of transportation. Couldn't I have gotten an awesome car?"

Ben swished his tail saying, "No, you want to blend in for right now. And this is about the least suspicious as you can get for a freshman." She pulled out of the dirt drive way down the road to her "new" school, Spencer Academy again. Hopefully, they would be able to defeat Gabriel without getting destroyed in the process this time.

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