The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 4

Beep…Beep…Beep…. Serenity tossed in her bed trying to ignore the annoying sound of her roommate's alarm clock. She was building up to the point of yelling at her to shut the damn thing off, when it stopped. With the sunlight entering through the cracks of the blinds, Serenity covered her face with a pillow disgruntled. A couple minutes passed and she was just about to doze off again, when her roommate asked, "Are you coming to class?"

Serenity's blood pressure was rising with every second of this dumb conversation. She mumbled through the pillow, "No. Now go." The door clicked and her annoying roommate left allowing her to catch some more z's. “Really, who the heck cared about History, especially this early in the morning? It's not like it would change,” Serenity thought.

Around ten Serenity awoke and went to the small bathroom to comb her hair and put some makeup on. Serenity knew she was stalling the inevitable as she took fleeting glanced to her bed that held her uniform.

Sighing Serenity threw her white blouse on and buttoned the grey plaid skirt that went to her knees. This wouldn't do, she thought. Quickly Serenity rolled her skirt up revealing her thighs and left the shirt un-tucked. Rolling up her leg was her favorite Francesca Dotted Paisley tights and she placed her prize possession, Loeffler Randall Wendy Black Leather ankle boots, on her feet. After adding her diamond heart necklace and silver hoops, she was ready for school.

Grabbing her purse, notebook and a pen she went to the McCall Building that contain the science department. Without a hitch, she marched confidently into room 210 where class had officially started fifteen minutes ago.

"…is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons." He paused in his lecture when noticing Serenity standing there waiting.

She said innocently, "Sorry sir, I got lost finding the class."

The middle age man, with a bad comb over wave her off, "That's fine Miss. Bennett?”

Serenity nodded her head and her teacher continued to say, “Oh, I'm Mr. Wilkes. Any way you can take a seat in the back by Mr. Garwin. Will you raise your hand up for her?"

In the back Tyler nudged Reid, who had fallen asleep. Reid's head snapped up and he blurted an answer out, "Atoms?"

Mr. Wilkes smiled, "Ah, Mr. Garwin close, but no cigar.

Tyler rolled his eyes and whispered to his friend that obviously had no clue, "Raise your hand up." Serenity petite figure strutted down the aisle toward them and Reid just focus on the beautiful view before him. She slid into the seat next to the lanky bright blonde hair boy.

He introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Garwin. Reid Garwin. And you are?"

She shook his hand and answered, "Serenity Bennett."

In one glance she knew he wasn't her type; she liked a little more meat on her men. She shifted her eyes over to the other boy that had a mop of dark brown hair. Reid continued to say, "This is baby boy…,"Tyler hit him in the side, "hey."

Tyler turned his glare from Reid and sheepishly smiled at Serenity, "I'm Tyler Simms." A smile played on her lips as she thought. This class might not be so bad with their entertainment.

Serenity replied without another glance at them, "Nice to meet you." She faced forward to the class doodling on her notebook waiting for the lecture to end.

As Serenity glanced up at the board she caught a girl with fiery hair sneaking peaks in her general direction. Serenity loved these intriguing games. This girl had a crush on one of these boys, but which one?

As the girl was looking over, Serenity asked Reid, "Do you know her?"

Reid had his one arm propping his head up and followed the direction her eyes pointed. He shook his head, "Nope." Tyler curiously looked too and the red head quickly dodged under his gazed. Serenity smiled now knowing Tyler was the one. Her target was picked, so now she let her talent of match making begin.

The bell rang and she collected her stuff hastily too caught up with the red head.

Reid said, "Do you want to go…."

Serenity cut him off, "Got to go. Bye."

She scurried away without a sparing glance as Reid finished his sentence deflated, "…out."

Tyler put his hand on his shoulder saying, "Tough luck man."

Meanwhile Serenity was on the prowl and saw the red head go into the restroom. Perfect. Serenity leaned against the sink replying her lip gloss until the girl opened the stall door and walked to the sink to wash her hands.

Serenity said, "Hey, I'm Serenity Bennett. I think you're in my bio class."

The girl nodded her head, "Yeah, we do. I'm Kylie Evans."

Kylie extended her arm to shake as Serenity said taunting, "I think you've got a crush on someone in class."

Kylie replied amused, "Really?"

Quickly Kylie grabbed Serenity’s left arm and a flash of light radiated from where her tattoo of a heart laid. Before Serenity could rip her arm away, memories of her past lives came to her rapidly.

She slowly took her hand away and sighed. "Damn, why am I always the first one to get my ass kick in battles?"

Giving Serenity a hug, Kylie responded, "Welcome back Ella." Serenity asked, "Am I the first? What did I do to be honor like this?"

Kylie said mocking, "I just know you're so easy."

Serenity joked back, "You know it."

Swiping her hair back from her face, Kylie said, "Thank you for being a sucker with love matching. Anyway I know you're so keen to going to lunch, but I would really appreciate it if you would give me a magical lift to the Orphanage. "

Serenity asked amused, "Who got stuck there?"

Kylie grabbed Serenity hand, "Who else but, Lucinda." In a blink of an eye they did the best vanishing act known to man.

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