The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 5

Unwanted. Trouble maker. Different. These were all words that described 17 years of Raechel Preston’s life. When she was just a baby her parents dropped her off at Bramford Orphanage and never looked back. She should have been a disgruntled girl fed up with the idea that they would never come back, but Rae wasn’t.

Rae held a gift that made her special, even though her parents thought otherwise. She was blessed with foresight, you know seeing the future. At the age of twelve she got glimpses of people coming for her and taking her away from here.

Rae, deep down, had hoped it would be her parents, but as time went on, her vision got stronger and her presumption was wrong. And with other visions of these strangers, she felt as if she already knew them. That’s why Rae crushed any of her chances of being adopted; well besides the fact that it was a fun way to pass the time.

Rae was now sitting on her bed drawing in her sketch book and glancing anxiously up at her door. Because her vision was stronger and clearer than before, she was able to easily draw these people with immense detail. She zoned out again concentrating on the vision and let the darkness seep through her. When all her senses disappeared, her vision would play out to her like a movie.

A light knock hit the door making her jump. The door opened to her room and a light brunette popped her head in. She smiled as she said, “Mrs. Smith told us we could visit. Can we come in?”

Rae nodded her head and her naturally straight, dark brown hair slipped in front of her shoulder. As the brunette entered, a not much taller red head trailed behind carrying a bowl of macaroni and cheese. They silently stared at each other and the brunette introduced them, “I’m Serenity and this is Kylie.”

Kylie was slurping down the remains in the bowl and Rae asked sarcastically, “So what took you so long?”

The red head piped up as she sat on the edge of her bed, “Sorry we’re late, honey.”

Rae placed her pencil down and stated, “Let’s cut to the chase. Why are you here?”

Serenity moved closer to Rae trying to get a glimpse at her sketch pad. “Hey, my thighs aren’t that big. Nice tattoo?”

Rae glanced down to her upturned wrist which held a sun that had been there since she could remember. “Thanks.”

Serenity showed hers, “Mine’s a heart.”

Rae studied it and asked, “Do you have one too Kylie?”

Kylie’s eyes glistened with mischief, “Shouldn’t you know that?”

Rae challenged, “Should I?”

Kylie raised her hand up revealing her Celtic moon. Kylie said, “Give me your hand and everything else will fall into place. Then we can get the heck out of here.” Rae stuck her hand out and Kylie lined their tattoos up with her hand.

Rae’s senses were returning and a soft knock made her jump. She laughed and thought, Here we go. The door opened to her room and a light brunette popped her head in. She smiled as she said, “Mrs. Smith told us we could visit. Can we come in?”

Rae nodded her head and her naturally straight brown hair slipped in front of her shoulder. As the brunette entered, a not much taller red head trailed behind carrying a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Rae put her hand behind her head, “What’s up, Kylie, Serenity?”

Serenity started over toward Rae, “Whatchya drawing?”

Rae closed the sketch pad, “Oh nothing of importance. Enjoying the food, Kylie?”

Kylie replied with a mouthful, “I’m starving.” She placed her bowl down, “Ready to get this show on the road, Rae?”

Rae confidently placed her hand out, “Ready.”

When Rae received her memories, she said, “You know I thought you were into chicks when you asked for my hand?” She laughed at Kylie, who rolled her eyes. It was starting to become a habit she was picking up from Ben.

Rae shook her head at Serenity in disbelief, “Designer clothes and manicure nails? You’re rich again? How come I always end up in places like this?”

Serenity simply replied, “Because the gods know if I was sent here I’d kill myself before Gabriel could get his hands on us.”

Kylie looked down at her feet, “That would suck. We would have to kill Gabriel and then ourselves just start the stupid process over again.”

Rae tried to lighten the mood by saying, “This place isn’t that bad. I’ve had an awesome life here with lots of friends and a boyfriend, which I’ll have to dump.” Serenity gave her an is-that-the-best-you-can-do look and Rae racked her brain for another reason.

Trying to help Rae’s point, Kylie stated, “The mac and cheese here is great. Plus your life sounds way better than Serenity’s.”

Rae asked curiously, “Why?”

With her full lips pulling tight at the conversation, Serenity mumbled, “I’ll tell you later. Let’s just get your release forms.”

Another knock came from the door and they both turned to Rae for an answer. Rae whispered, “I don’t know. They haven’t decided to come in or not.” She said louder, “Who is it?”

The voice on the other side of the door said, “It’s Marcus.”

Serenity asked, “Who’s he?”

Taking a deep sigh, Rae responded, “Shit. That’s my boyfriend.”

Kylie started to walk toward the door saying, “May as well kill two birds with one stone today.”

When Kylie opened the door, a boy with golden short hair was revealed, and he began to say, “So I was thinking….Oh you’re not Rae.”

Kylie smiled sheepishly, “Sorry for the confusion.” She turned to Serenity and winked, “Serenity let’s get going. Nice seeing you again Rae.”

Rae had to contain herself from rolling her eyes after seeing their decision to pop back into her closet to hear the whole scenario.

After the door was shut Marcus asked, “Who were they?”

Rae smiled, “Oh just a bunch a creepers I met the other day.” She glanced down, “Marcus we need to talk.”

His shoulders slumped at those words, “What did I do, now?”

Rae said quickly, “Nothing. It’s just I’m moving away.”

“You got adopted?” Marcus asked skeptically.

Looking away from Marcus, Rae said annoyed, “No. I’m getting my emancipation papers signed, and then moving to Ipswich with a friend. I think we should make a clean break.”

Marcus said upset, “So that’s it! You move and poof I’m gone.”

Rae tried to soften the blow, “No we can still be friends. I just want to break up with you before I leave.”

His voice cracked, “Whatever. You can go with your friend. And just to let you know you’re not the one dumping me. I’m the one dumping you.” He stormed off leaving Rae standing there in shock.

Serenity and Kylie cracked the closet door open and Kylie said sarcastically, “Well, he took it well.”

“I tried to let him down nicely and he storms off like a pansy!” Rae angrily snapped as she grabbed a box of her stuff.

Serenity replied, “Wow. He seriously had no testosterone in his skinny ass body. He acted like a dramatic girl.” Kylie tried to bite back her laughter, but failed miserably.

Stopping in her movement to drop the sketchbook, Rae asked, “What are you laughing about?”

“Apparently you like girls too,” Kylie said amused. Serenity joined with Kylie’s laughing earning both a slap from Rae.

“Oh shut it, you two,” Rae huffed.

After getting her papers sorted out and throwing the rest of Rae’s stuff into a box, she was finally allowed to leave.

As they walked towards the woods Serenity asked unsure, “Should we just go to school?”

Kylie nodded her head, “Yeah, Rae can leave her stuff in your room.”

With their hands clasped together, Serenity teleported them back to Spencer Academy’s girls’ lavatory. Suddenly Kylie squealed and grabbed onto Serenity to support herself from falling into the toilet. With the repercussion, Rae was then shoved into the stall door and whispered sarcastically, “I love how you shoved us all in one stall Serenity.”

Kylie hushed them and bent down to see if any feet were around.

“Get your ass out of my face Kylie,” Rae retorted.

Shifting back up, Kylie said sarcastically, “I thought you’d like the view. It’s clear.” Serenity then transported them outside of the stall.

Serenity said, “I love you guys like sisters, but that was to close for even me.”

Giving a slight glare toward Serenity, Rae said irritated, “Why didn’t you just teleport us here in the first place?”

Serenity fixed her hair saying, “Because we at least would have had some cover if anyone was in here.”

“I was wondering, what we would have done if there was someone in that stall, you know?” Kylie pondered out loud as she stretched her arms up.

Rae laughed, “Well, lucky for them they’d be on a toilet when we scared the shit out of them.”

Walking toward the bathroom door, Serenity said, “I’m off to transfer out. Are you coming to register, Rae? Theadora will need a roommate now.”

“Yep, Kylie?” Rae said excited with the idea seeing Thea again.

Kylie was going in the opposite direction of them. She turned toward them, “I’m going to my next class. Just keep your mind clean if Abby’s around. We’ll have to form a plan to get her memory back without it becoming a fiasco.” The girls laughed thinking about the many times Abby blew the situation way out of proportion.

Rae responded back, “Okay see you later for our evil plan.”

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