The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 6

In the halls of Spencer, Thea was quickly walking to her dorm hoping to avoid people from seeing the orange soda residue that she spilled all over her new lime green tang top. She cursed her clumsiness because she really liked this shirt.

Opening the door to her dorm, Thea’s stranger of a roommate had her back turned, taking a handful of designer clothes out of Thea’s closet. Thea remembered the first time they actually ‘talked.’

Thea walked in her new dorm after getting her schedule right, to find the light brown girl shoving a ton of clothes into her closet. Thea closed the door a little louder than her usual quiet entrance to grab this person’s attention. Her roommate jumped up in surprise and noticed Thea as she turned around.

She slid the closet door slowly closed while she faced Thea with a playful smile. “Sorry I just have a lot clothes. Is it okay if I use your closet?” Thea got hints of embarrassment and excitement, but what surprised Thea was the immense persuasion that radiated off of her. Thea surged calmness through her roommate before her emotion could consume Thea.

Thea said, “I can use the drawers. Though, I have only three dresses that need to be hung. So as long as I can have a small space, I’ll be good.”

Her roommate smiled wider, “Thank you. I have a feeling we’re going to get along very well.” Placing more clothes in the closet she said, “I guess we missed each other all week. I’m Serenity Bennett.”

If you call missing each other by sleeping in after classes started and getting in at ungodly hours of the night, then yes we did, Thea thought sarcastically.

Thea shifted, “I’m Theadora Hastings.”

“Hello, Earth to Thea! Come in, come in.” Thea blushed realizing she zoned out. Serenity glanced down to her tang top and asked perplex, “What happened to your shirt? Did Kira get to you?” The weird part was that there was no false concern coming off of her. She was expressing worry and bitterness toward Kira.

Thea’s cheeks darkened, if possible, even more, as she said, “No, I accidentally spilled a soda on myself.”

Serenity lit up with relief, “We should go shopping sometime this week.” Thea grimaced at the idea, but then slapped a smile on her face for Serenity. Apparently, the grouchy Serenity she knew in the morning was actually a nice, bubbly girl that wanted to be her friend. Which was a miracle because it was hard for Thea to socialize when her family and best friends were in Georgia.

It came out a little strained, “Sure, sounds like fun.”

Serenity turned around to the closet muttering something like, “Same old Savannah.” Thea threw her shirt in the very full hamper and noticed that her shirts were all dirty. The shopping trip seemed now more of a necessity than a nuisance with Thea’s few articles of clothing.

Thea asked, “Can I borrow a shirt? Mine are all dirty.”

Serenity was painting her nails red and replied, “Mi closet is su closet.” As Thea placed a black tank over her head Serenity continued to say, “Of course it might not fit right.” Thea sighed finding the tank hug very snug to her body and didn’t even touch her naval.

“I’m going to do laundry.”

Serenity shift up and poured her persuasion onto Thea again, “Could you do mine as well?” Serenity’s eyes challenged her, but Thea felt no seriousness in her request. Instead curiosity and happiness was about to explode from Serenity.

Thea tried to control her emotions, “Can’t you do your own laundry?”

Serenity pressured her, “Pretty, please.”

And Thea cracked. Serenity’s persuading skills won. She must have got away with everything when she grew up, Thea concluded. “Fine I’ll do it.”

Serenity hugged her and said, “Thank you. I just have so much packing.”

Thea was lifting both bags of dirty clothes and said a little disappointed, “You’re leaving?”

Serenity frowned, “Yeah, I have to go to Hastings High School. But I leave you in good hands. I know for a fact a girl named, Rae, will be your roommate and she’s really a nice girl.”

Thea pondered to herself, I wonder what her definition of nice meant?

Wandering down to the first floor for the laundromat, she bumped into a tall boy with short black hair and had nicely developed muscles for his age. His very dark brown eyes glanced to see who he rammed into. Thea said in a small voice, “Sorry.”

She was about to keep walking when the boy said, “No, it was definitely my fault. Aren’t you in my history class? Theadora, right?”

Thea nodded her head, “Yep. And you’re Caleb Danvers?” Thea could smack herself now. She sounded like a stalker knowing his last name, while Caleb could barely remember her full name.

Caleb smiled at her and gave a small nod, “Yes. Laundry night?” He glanced down at her two large bags.

Thea’s smile brightened, “Actually, yes. Do you know where the room is? I’ve been wandering around trying to find it.”

Caleb shifted his body pointing to the other side of the hall. “Just keep going down the hall and on your left is another hall way. Go about two doors and on your right should be the laundromat. Oh there is a door to the other hall way. Sometimes the door is closed, so most people miss it.”

Thea asked joking, “Would those people include you?”

He gave a low chuckled, “Yes it would.”

Thea picked up her bags and said gratefully, “Thanks Caleb.”

He replied, “No problem,” and turn down the hall where she had come from.

She finally made it to the very small laundry room that held about six washer and dryers. One of the washers had a pile of clothes inside and by the looks of it, was just waiting for soap to be poured in.

As Thea began to sort into piles and threw her first load in, a boy with ear length curly light brown hair and a medium build body walked by the room, then came back entering the laundry room. He leaned against one of the machines by her and skimmed his eyes up and down her body. She cursed herself for ever deciding to buy that orange soda.

He said, “Hey my name’s Aaron Abbot. What’s yours?” Thea squirmed at his antics; curiosity and mainly lust surrounded him.

She said calmly, “Theadora Hastings.” She pretended to be busy and took her soap and placed it into the open washer filled with clothes.

Aaron asked getting closer, “Where’re you from?”

She placed the soap box down and turned toward Aaron to answer, “Georgi-a.” She was surprised how close he was and slowly lust was enveloping over her.

He leaned in saying, “Maybe I could show you around sometime.” Thea backed up into the washer causing the soap box to fall inside the machine. But both Aaron and Thea were unaware of that though.

Thea gulped and said, “Maybe?” He closed the washer top and hit the button to start the load, thinking it was her stuff. Thea moved quickly out of his close proximity and walked slowly to the hall hoping to get some relief from the sexual tension.

Aaron followed her and asked, “Would that be a yes or no?” He placed his hand on either side of her and his lust was hitting her body like waves in the ocean. She was losing control and she needed to focus on calming them down.

Thankfully an unknown feeling of embarrassment and awkwardness crept into her body breaking the overwhelming emotion. Thea glanced up to see Caleb holding a soap container to wash clothes. Aaron followed her eyes as well.

Thea hoped her eyes portrayed how much she wanted Caleb to rescue her as she said his name in panic, “Caleb.” Aaron backed off a little flickered his eyes back and forth between them.

And when the tension of awkwardness was beyond unbearable, Aaron asked, “She’s your girlfriend?”

Caleb glanced at Thea and back at Aaron, “Yes.”

Thea stood there in shock at Caleb’s words and Aaron turned toward her saying, “The offer’s still there if it doesn’t work out.” Aaron left the hallway and Thea ran her fingers threw her dirty blonde hair.

She said, “Thanks Caleb. You are a life savior.” She probably would have lost her virginity right then and there, if Caleb didn’t come in time.

He walked closer, “Just doing what any Good Samaritan would do.”

The sound of a machine moaning loudly echoed in the hall way. As they glanced in the room, suds where exploding everywhere and they rushed to stop the machine.

Because Thea had the unique quality of tripping on her own feet on a flat surface, she had no chance staying on her own two feet for long. In one foul swoop she slipped, taking Caleb out with her. Lying on top of him, Thea raised her head off his shoulder. Soap suds surrounded his head and she laughed out an apology, “I’m…so-soo…sorr-y.”

“Oh, you’re busy, man.” Thea glanced to see a beefy boy and a honey blonde girl staring down at them. Thea quickly sat up with her face bright red now.

Caleb smiled, “It’s not like that, Pogue. We fell.”

“Is that what they are calling it these days?” Pogue laughed even louder and the blonde girl reprimanded him, “Pogue stop it. You’ve embarrassed them enough.”

The burly man glanced down at the blonde, “Abby, I’m just having some fun. Anyway, we came to ask if you were up for Nicky’s.”

Caleb waved him off, “Actually I need to clean up. Go ahead I’ll catch up with you later.”

Pogue playfully wrapped an arm around Abby and said, “Come on Abs. Let’s get out of here.”

After cleaning the soap up, Thea finished her one load with her light green tang top and left morbidly embarrassed. Thea swore to never drink orange soda again.

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