The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 7

Walking out of history class, Abby was heading toward the cafeteria. She was confident that when entering the overcrowded room she wouldn't get an immense headache. How could she be so confident?

For one, Abby discovered if she didn't try to concentrate on anyone, the sounds just become like a roaring ocean or distant highway traffic. Of course it was hard drown out people you knew, or roommates you were stuck with 24/7. But Abby practiced this technique for a week now and she felt ready. Plus taking her prescription before she entered the cafeteria gave her reassurance.

As she walked down the hall, a crowd of people she knew and didn't know filled it. On one side of the hallway was Pogue shrinking back at Kate's 'flirtatious' moves and on the other side was a sweet girl named Theadora talking to a red head and a light brunette, whose names she didn't know.

Abby felt terrible that Thea was having a hard time adjusting, but by the looks of it she was making friends. She quickly concentrated on the two girl's minds to make sure they were okay, and after few seconds Abby decided they seemed alright.

He's so into me. Maybe I'll ask him out. Abby rolled her eyes at Kate's thinking. Pogue was glancing around for someone that he could talk to so he could escape. When his hazel eyes connected with hers, a smile formed on his face. Just hearing his soft thought of saying her name sent a shiver down her back.

Kate twirled her hair around her fingers asking, "So do you have any plans later?"

Abby stood behind Kate with one hand on her hip and Pogue said, "Actually I do. Abby, ready to go to lunch?"


Kate turned around in total shock to see her roommate behind her. Abby felt daring, so she grabbed his arm, "Yes dear," and dragged him away from Kate before she had a chance to start her thinking process up.

Pogue could have shook out of her hold when Kate disappeared from view, but instead he asked, "Would you like to sit with me at lunch today?" Abby nodded her head thinking anything to get away from her roommates.

Pogue's smile widened as they went through the cafeteria doors to the lunch line. Abby's headache was in check, so far. As she grabbed a slice of pizza, a pudding cup and a water bottle, she glanced over surprised to see Pogue's tray stacked with tons of food. Apparently he was a growing boy.

As they slid down to the cashier Pogue asked, "That's all you're eating?"

Abby said, "Well if I get famished, I'll just pick something from your abundance of food."

Pogue chuckled, "You're going to fit in perfectly at my table, then."

Pogue handed money over to the lady and someone yelled, "Come on, Pogue." Abby turned around to see the bleach blonde haired boy waving him over.

She pivoted her body back and Pogue said, "I'm going over before Reid makes a scene."

Abby said, "Okay." He walked over to where Caleb, Reid and another boy were sitting.

Before she could pull out her money from her pocket, the lunch lady said, "Dear, you don't have to pay."

Abby stared at her confused and asked, "Why?"

The lady laughed, "That young, gentlemen paid for you already." She picked up her tray and nodded her head to make it seem she understood. But truthfully she was beyond confused. Did he pay as a thank you for saving him from Kate, or was it because he liked her?

Abby made her way down to Pogue's table and passed Thea, which was sitting with a bunch of girls laughing. Good. Abby was glad she had people to hang out with.

Placing her tray down on the table, Caleb greeted her, "Hey."

Sitting down by Pogue, he introduced his friends. "This is Tyler Simms." Tyler gave a small smile saying, "Nice to meet you."

Pogue turned to the blonde, "And this is…."

Reid cut him off and said in a suave voice, "I'm Reid. Reid Garwin."

Abby smiled and replied with Sean Connery's British accent, "I'm James. James Bond." The table broke out in laughter, well except Reid who held only a smirk on his face. "Nah, the name's Abby Channing." She looked over at Pogue's tray and noticed more than half of his food was gone. "Well that didn't take long."

Pogue leaned in, "Learned to bring lots of food for the vultures, or else I would starve."

Come on, you're a Son of Ipswich for god sake. Just try it out and see if it works.

Abby suddenly frozen at the mention of the unique word Son of Ipswich. She remember definitely read something about that when searching about the town. And Reid was one of them, interesting, Abby thought intrigued.

Reid slouched over the table acting nonchalantly and said, "You know Abby is my grandmother's name? You kind of remind me of her."

Caleb and Pogue glance at Reid thinking,

Your grandmother's name is Marisa.

Reid's finally lost it.

Tyler covered his mouth with his fist and shook his head thinking, Here he goes with another creepy pick up line he came up with.

She smiled, "Really Reid? I think you need to find a better pick up line, or at least use it on a girl that almost passed out drunk."

Reid shrugged his shoulders, "Just trying it out. These aren't originals from yours truly, but how about this one? Roses are red, violets are blue. How would you like it if I came home with you?"

Abby snorted, "Better."

He continued to say, "What has 142 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk?" He paused looking around the table for an answer, "My zipper."

Shaking his head embarrassed, Caleb said, "Alright Reid. Stop before you scare the poor girl away."

Abby laughed and grabbed her empty tray, "Actually I have to go to the library for some research. See you guys in Geometry."

She dumped her trash, placed the tray on top of a stack of trays and left. Reid put his hands behind his head, "Well I liked her. You should bring her over here more often, Pogue."

Pogue gave him a glare, "Just keep your hands to yourself."

Reid smirked at Pogue’s jealousy, "Don't worry I might use my amazing pickup lines, but I won't take her from you."

Pogue stood up, "I'm going to the bathroom," and walked away.

Tyler shifted and said to the remainder of his table, "Isn't the bathroom in the other direction?"

Meanwhile in the Library, Abby was in a dusty section of Ipswich's history. In search of a book to enlighten her on the Sons of Ipswich, her finger grazed the many books she passed on the shelf. Abby grabbed what looked like promising books and sat on the floor scanning for a clue. Nothing yet, she thought annoyed.

Checking the time, Abby decided she could squeeze one more book in before lunch would officially end.

Swiftly glancing at the title, she said curiously, "Chronicles of Paganism: The Rise of the Witch. Alright then," and started to skim the book for a couple minutes.

Abby sat up more when she found their lasts names in small print. Apparently Danvers, Garwin, Parry and Simms were descendants of the 5 families that settled in the old Ipswich colonies in the 1600's. She, also, caught pieces of information on the fifth line, Putnam, which was killed off during the Salem witch trial. And the Putnam Barn was once-

"Find anything interesting?" Abby jumped in surprise being so wrapped up in her bubble. Honestly she didn't even notice Pogue standing there. Closing the book hastily, sheer embarrassed rattled Abby's body. She had got caught in the process of stalking him.

"Oh just doing some reading. The quiet in the library helps my headaches." Pogue squatted down helping her pick up the books that scattered the floor.

"Paganism? Interesting choice for light reading, but I pegged you for a Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jane Austin, Margaret Mitchell, or Jane Eyre kind of gal." He smirked, "But you always seem to surprise me."

Abby stood up and noticed for the first time she didn't tower over him. Pogue was a head taller than her.

Regrouping her thoughts Abby told him the truth, "I read something over the computer about Ipswich before I left from Iceland. And today after you introduced me to your friends, the last names sounded familiar. So off to the library I went."

They were placing the books back on to the shelf and Pogue asked, "Could we keep this under wraps?" Abby looked at him suspiciously and Pogue said, "Abby the whole magical voodoo is bull. What I mean is that we're freshmen. The bottom of the food chain. And I don't need senior asses to be given any fuel to pick on us. We just want to get through this year without anyone thinking we're freaks."

Abby countered back, "Kind of hard with Reid, don't you think?"

Pogue laughed softly, "Yeah, we're pushing our luck as it is. But will you…."

She laid her finger on Pogue's lips to hush him. "You're secret is safe with me."

Abby could understand the whole trying to fit in and be normal; she basically was the epitome of it.

Pogue traced his hand down her arm and Abby suddenly didn't realize how close she was to his attractive face. Those soft lips.

God do I want to kiss her, Pogue at last thought. And instantly their personal space was gone as Abby crashed her lips onto his. While her arms snaked up into his hair, Pogue pulled her closer to deepen their kiss.

After a heavy make out session, Abby straightened her skirt while Pogue ran a hand through his hair.

They glanced at each other and Abby said with a smile, "We should probably get to English class."

Pogue nodded in agreement and asked, "Are you busy tonight?"

Abby replied, "Nope. You?"

Pogue was walking beside her and said, "I was going to Nicky's tonight? Would you want to come?"

As they exited the Library, she turned toward him, "Sure. Hey, where's your jacket?"

Pogue gazed down at himself and said laughing, "Ah, I left it in the library. I'll be back in a sec."

Abby stood there waiting for Pogue and spotted in the hallway a group of girls standing in a circle arguing. A dirty blonde girl popped her head from the circle showing her face. Theadora? She quickly hushed the others and they all turned quickly in Abby's direction.

Abby's trick of privacy cracked under their stares and rapid thoughts hit her.

I hope I don't fall down the steps again. My butt hurts so bad.

Why am I still hungry?

Damn I need to redo my nails, again.

Abbybacked up against the wall holding her head.

Come on Abby block them out, She tried urge her lack of mind control.

Thankfully they began to walk away, except this one girl with dark chocolate hair. She kept staring at her with a sly smile. She looks like my next victim. It'll be the litter box for her.

Victim. Litter box. Was she actually trying to plan to murder her with cat litter? Abby repeated what she heard. The girl's train of thought made absolute no sense at all.

Abby stared at the crazy girl skipping down the hall and Pogue came out of the library saying all cheery, "Ready to go?"

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