The Unchosen Destinies

Chapter 8

While waiting for A.P. Geometry to start, regret started to creep into Rae forever letting Serenity help her register. Glancing around, Rae caught eyes with Abby and gave her small friendly wave. Abby's eyes widened and turned quickly around focusing on the teacher who was introducing himself.

Rae smiled at her game of torture and knew she probably would pay for it later on, but right now it gave her a thrill unlike guarding Caleb, the most boring person known to man.

Why did he have to be so damn smart and actually apply himself?

Now she was stuck in all A.P. courses, which she had to pay attention in or else fail the class.

The teacher began the lesson by holding a piece of chalk in his right hand and an eraser in his left. As he wrote the notes on the board, he was also wiping them clean in one foul swoop. The sound of pencils scratching paper echoed throughout the room, with a few grunts when a pencil tip broke.

Rae stared at her teacher thinking two words. I'm doomed. Wait does that technically count as three because of the contraction? Oh shit, I'm really doomed.”

She studied the rest of the room and on her far right Abby was furiously scratching notes down, while Thea was copying Abby's notes.

Above them Pogue took a few notes and then leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head. A shit ass grin spread over his face as if he had the whole world figured out.

Beside him, Caleb was intently focused on writing as quickly as possible, just like Abby. Cue the rolling of Rae's eyes.

To her far right, Tyler was scratching his head with the expression of lost and on-the-verge-of-giving-up, while Reid had his head down.

"Idiot," Kylie mumbled beside her.

Rae added miffed, "I know. How am I supposed to understand this when he's going at lightning speed?"

Kylie giggled, "True, but I was thinking more of the fact that he's teaching the hard way that no one uses anymore." She pointed to her notebook, "This is an easier way and I'll still get the same answer."

Rae slouched back into her seat thoroughly giving up. Unlike Kylie that paid attention to school throughout their so many lives, Rae never took any insane classes that required using her brain until it exploded.

Maybe I should ask the teacher if he could explain it again, or borrow his notes, Rae thought as she sent a glare at Serenity knowing this mess was mostly her fault. It all started back at the main office during lunch break....

Opening the office door Serenity announced to the secretary that she would be transferring to Hastings. Giving Serenity forms to fill out, it was Rae's turn to get enrolled at Spencer Academy.

The secretary, Mrs. Matthews, asked, "Can I help you, dear?"

Rae said innocently, "My registration got lost in the mail."

Mrs. Matthews said, "Oh, let me see what we can do?"

After typing on her computer she glanced up at Rae, "We still have room to enroll you. Name please?"

Rae leaned on the desk, "Raechel Preston."

Mrs. Matthew's said, "Okay I need to know how you're going to pay your tuition. Are you paying all up front, or in monthly plan?"

Serenity came up, "Mrs. Matthews, here is the check for her tuition."

Mrs. Matthews placed it into a metal box with a lock and resumed saying, "Then I just need you to fill out these forms. And you'll have to meet Provost Higgins. When would you like to schedule an appointment?"

Rae just wanted to get it over with, "Can I meet him now?"

Mrs. Matthews eyes opened wide, "Um, I'm not sure. Let me see if he's busy." After a few hmms and ahs on the phone, Mrs. Matthews announced, "You can see him right away. Do you have your transcripts and ideas for classes?"

Serenity handed Rae papers, "Here take your transcripts and meet the Provost. I'll take care of your schedule." Rae shrugged her shoulders and knocked on a wooden door holding a golden plaque with, Provost Francis Higgins, written on it.

Taking a deep breath Rae entered the room when a solemn "Come in" was spoken from the other side of the door. Provost Higgins sat in his leather wheelie chair behind his mahogany desk. Waving her in, he suggested for her to take a seat in front of his desk.

"Hello Miss Preston. I'm happy you decided to come to Spencer Academy. May I see your transcripts?" She placed the papers in his hands hoping Serenity bumped up her grades to make her look like she was a decent student. "Oh wow. Well, Miss Preston I'm very glad to have an outstanding student attending our school." He mumbled as he scanned her transcript, "Straight A's in all advance placement courses. On the cross country team that made states twice. President of your class."

Rae stood there stunned by how many ridiculous things were on that paper. Never had she run for pleasure; only to either run from Justine's wrath or dodging an enemy. Nor had she every received an A in an Advance Placement Course, simply because she had never taken one. No she was fine just making passing grades in college prep.

Provost Higgins hit a button on the intercom, "Mrs. Matthews?"

She replied "Yes, Provost Higgins?"

He clasped his hands together, "Will you please send in Mr. Warner."

Provost Higgins turned to Rae, "I'll have Mr. Warner give you a tour of the school."

While she was waiting for her tour guide, like she needed one, Rae started to fill out her forms. A knock on the door brought Provost Higgins to his feet saying, "Please come in."

Entering the room was a tall boy with short dark red hair that was spiked up in the front. Provost excitedly said, "Mr. Warner, I want you to show Miss Preston around the facility and explain the rules, as well."

Rae had rolled her eyes before she even knew it. She quickly glanced if Provost saw anything, but he was too busy talking. Mr. Warner was another story, he smirked when he caught her eyes rolling at the Provost's banter.

Mr. Warner replied, "Yes, sir. Are you ready for a tour Miss Preston?" He offered the crook of his arm to seem gentlemen-like, but his eyes taunted her. Rae shook her head as she placed her hand in the crook of his arm and left the office.

When they walked away from the office, he undid his arm and loosened his tie, pulled his shirt out and gave her a charming smile. "Welcome to Spencer. I'm Scott."

Rae smiled obviously intrigued, "My name's Rae."

He handed her a paper, "So here is your schedule, a map of our beloved school, and if you ever get bored, a list of rules you can break." He winked at her, "This has been your tour and I wish you the best of luck, kid."

At that, he turned down the hall leaving Rae free to get to her next class. Gazing over her schedule she noticed she had A.P. courses, including the worse. Geometry. Giving a sigh, she noted to kick Serenity's butt later.

Anyway, she now sat there staring at her blank notebook, until her sense began to shut down. Yes a vision!

The scene was pretty simple, the Sons of Ipswich and Abby were talking outside by a parked motorcycle. And in the background was a building that had a lit up sign "Nicky's".

Rae was studying the vision for more details, when in a flash her vision disappeared and she could hear Caleb's voice saying, "Hey, are you okay?" Her eyes flicker around the room to see only the teacher not paying attention and Caleb's worried expression.

Rae shrugged her shoulders, "Yeah, I guess I just zoned out." She hoped she wasn't out to long.

Caleb smirked and said, "Well, I thought I'd wake you up since class ended." He glanced down at her notebook that had only the name NICKYS scribbled on it. Rae threw her notebook into her messenger bag and Caleb asked, "Nicky's?"

Rae asked, "Do you know what that is? I heard people throw the name around today?"

Caleb shrugged, "Kind of. I know it's a place that Pogue was going to take me yesterday, but a family thing came up. But tonight my friends and I are going...."

He seemed to be debating in his head on something. So Rae figure she may as well ask the teacher for help, since he was still here and Caleb was in la-la land.

"Uh…" She looked at the tag on his desk, "Mr. Hiney."

Well that's an unfortunate name… damn, focus.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I didn't catch some of the lesson. Would it be possible if I could see your notes? Maybe even copy them?"

Mr. Hiney fidgeted and said, "I don't write my notes down." He pointed to his head, "It's all in here."

Rae then asked, "Could we go over it then?"

Mr. Hiney grabbed some paper and looked at his watch, "Actually I can't. I have to leave now."

He exited the room and Rae said irritated, "Thanks for all of your help!"

"I can tutor you," she turned around surprised to see Caleb was still here, "If you want?" Caleb had his back to the door and didn't see Kylie waving her hand to move it.

She smiled at Caleb, "If you think you can get this stuff in my head. Okay."

Caleb gave a cocky smile, "I always like a challenge."

WOW. Was Caleb Danvers joking around? Now, she has seen everything.

Rae took a pen out of her bag and ripped the lid off with her mouth. Flipping his hand over, she wrote her cell phone, one that Serenity had bought her, number on it.

"Call me when we can get together. See you at Nicky's tonight."

They walked out and Kylie grabbed Rae's arm pulling her down the hallway. Kylie checked to see if the cost was clear and asked, "I left you alone to finish your vision. What was it?"

Rae said quickly, "Nothing bad. Actually we're going out to Nicky's."

Kylie gave her a puzzled looked, "Who's Nicky?"

Rae smiled, "A bar that we're going to have fun at."

Crossing her arms defensively, Kylie asked, "What about our plans for Justine, I mean Abby?"

Rae wrapped her arm around Kylie, "My vision of Abby getting her memory back hasn't changed after my decision to go. So we're okay, baby?"

Kylie rolled her eyes at her nickname that she had since the seventeenth century. "Let's just get to Chem before we're really late."

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