Chapter 15

Unfortunately his happiness was short lived.

Dinner was served by candlelight. The food available was limited due to a short-circuit in the highly taxed kitchen appliances currently supported by the generator. Worse than this was the fact that the weather showed no signs of alleviating its wrath, in fact, it seemed to increase. In a direct proportion to Izaya's aggravation.

"At least you got that fancy fish of yours."

"Sake, just bring a whole bottle. I don't care what kind."

A nervous waitress took the order. She decided that this costumer was cute but the darkening mood emanating from him was almost visible. Shizuo blinked.

"Didn't know you were into drinking-"

"Drink with me, Heiwajima-san! And be merry! For tomorrow…we all die!"

Shizuo was used to the vitriol but there was a certain glow to Izaya's eyes that he found disturbing.

"Ah…just don't overdo it."

Izaya chuckled and proceeded to down a glass, his throat burning and his head ringing as he pushed through it all. It was with a clang that he put down the glass. Izaya leaned forward, toying with a fork by balancing it upside down with a finger. He had decided that being so unable to at all act liberated him completely from any responsibility.

"Sure thing, mom. Izaya is a good boy. Such a good boy!"

"I don't think you handle alcohol too well."

Izaya might have stopped if not for Shizuo's insistence, mild as it was. He drank directly from the neck of the bottle until his thoughts swam oddly inside his mind.

"What's this shit, 'Cali- California roll', the hell with it. Sushi is Japanese, this American crap is disgusting."

"You've had enough for the night-"

"Vodka, straight. Hei..wa..ji…ma…ask me questions! Ask, ask, ask! I'm all yours!"

Izaya snatched the new bottle directly from the waitress, drank deeply what tasted like liquid white fire, spluttering his way through after the first gulps and gasping for air by the time he was done. Shizuo signaled the waitress not to serve Izaya anymore.

"Let's just get you to bed-"

"Wouldn't you like that! You like fucking me?"

Izaya's smile was sharp but it only betrayed his slippery hold on reality.

"You're drunk-"

"And you're stuuuupid. What you wanna know next? I'll tell you anything."

His voice did not exactly slur but it slid over his words at slow pace that hinted at a threat.


"How about my sisters? Wanna know something, and I'm just telling you this because we're bosom buddies, they like you better than they like onii-chan dear. In fact! They don't like me at all! Isn't that amazing!"

Izaya broke into a fit of giggles. It sounded as if he was crying.

"I hope that's just drunk talk."

"Oh, I know! Maybe they're the ones trying to kill me!"

Shizuo poured a glass of cold water on Izaya.

"What the hell!"

Before Izaya could protest more Shizuo picked him up easily and just as easily flung him over a shoulder and carried him to their room. Shizuo placed Izaya on bed, softly.

"Screw you!"

Izaya jumped to his feet but the world slid sideways before his eyes. He fell backwards on the bed and fumed as Shizuo dried his hair with a towel.

“Drink some water."

"A hundred bottles of wine on the wall, a hundred bottles of wine on the wall- loooooooong cat is looooooooong! Heh, loooooooong! Nagai neko, nya!"

Izaya lied on his back, giggling, and spread himself as if to become longer. He put up his hands as if they were paws.

"You're completely wasted."

Izaya's eyes were half lidded and he lifted up part of his shirt, exposing his bellybutton.

"I see all…I know all…whee. I got magic powers too! What am I thinking now!"

"You're not thinking much. You're drunk."

"What. Ever. Hey Shiki-san! Shiiiiiki-san! You bugging this place? Your hotel sucks. Tada! You suck too. Don't go thinking you can look down on me just cuz you….you…something or other."

"Izaya, just have some water."

He propped himself with some difficulty and chuckled.

"Thought you wanted to know all about me and Shiki-san. Orihara Izaya! Telling you…stuff!"

"I'll hear you in the morning."

Izaya squirmed out of his shirt, slowly.

"Want to fuck? Since you like me."

He spat out the word as if it was an accusation.

"Again, come back to me when you're sober."

"Sober, sober, sober. The hell with that! Who gives a shit."

Izaya tossed his arms around Shizuo.

"I do."

Shizuo pushed him back and Izaya shot him a vicious glare.

"So you don't like me anymore? My heart breaks! It breaks! It breeeeaks!"

Izaya grasped at his naked chest and made a weird show of Shizuo did not know what exactly.

"I don't like the way you are now."

Izaya laughed then narrowed his eyes.

"Yay! Go on and hate me. It makes my day!"

Izaya made as if to reach for the mini-bar. Shizuo detained him easily.

"No more drinking for you."

Izaya glued himself to Shizuo's body and kissed him with an edge of bite.

"You want to do it, Shizu-chan?"

Relapsing into the trademark honorific, a teasing undertone to the sly invitation.

"I want you to just go to sleep."


His mind awhirl, Izaya tried to lure Shizuo into bed but suddenly darkness overpowered him. Shizuo watched him black out and shook his head. Izaya cuddled with a pillow. Shizuo thought that it was very cute.

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