Chapter 7

"Me? You want me to go with you?"

"Precisely. Okinawa sounds good, doesn't it? Sun, beach, a wonderful change of pace."

Izaya smiled widely. Shizuo blinked.

"Dunno, you want to go on holidays with me?"

"I'm pretty sure Tom-san can spare you for two weeks."

It was a gamble. After brooding for a while a revelation had suddenly hit him. Letting Shizuo go about his business in Izaya's absence would amounted to defeat, the best way of keeping this from happening was taking Shizuo with him. As insane as it was, Izaya was willing to risk it. Some people would surely connect their dual disappearances from the street (he expected Mikado to burn a few brain cells trying to figure that out), the rest would not, at any rate the truth of his having falling out of grace would be hidden.

"Sure but since when do you ever leave Tokyo? Let alone with me."

Izaya smiled wider and shrugged.

"If you're afraid then I guess it can't be helped. I may just get under your skin if you give me a chance."

Izaya tried to turn the tables and let enough truth slid into his lies to make them solid. Shizuo rubbed his chin, thoughtfully. But he was not following complicated plots but thinking how Izaya looked like a cat about to snatch a mouse. Izaya had bothered to visit him at the dingy office after Shizuo was done with his rounds which meant he was indeed up to something.

"Want to continue from where we left off?"

Izaya had finally met someone with a worse sense of humor than himself.

"Separate rooms, I'm sorry to inform you."

"Too bad. I've been wondering…"

Izaya did not care for this 'wondering' one bit. Hoping that it would go away did not seem wise.

"Heiwajima-san, a quick reminder. If you are under the impression that having sex with someone is a good way of learning about them. let me correct you on that point. Sexual relations do not at all implicate a deeper knowledge of a person."

But they could very well be used to settle dominance issues. Something that he did not want Shizuo to consider too closely. Shizuo was still rubbing his chin in what Izaya was coming to think of as his spacing out mood.

"So you don't know much about the people you sleep with."

"It depends."

"Which ones do you know, then?"

Shiki came to mind immediately, surprising even Izaya. But of course he kept his silence.

"You make it sound as if I am swimming in partners."

"And you're not?"

"Hardly. Don't believe all you hear, plenty of girls make up stories about sleeping with me because it's something of a badge of honor. Oh and more thing. There's a condition to this trip."

"Isn't there always. What is it this time around?"

"Given how generous I am being here, letting you have free access to my person for a whole two week period, it is fair that after this time lapses we will consider our agreement to be terminated. In other words, if you can't learn whatever you're after once that time is over then you probably will never get it."

It was a perfect solution. Getting rid of two problems in the same go.

"Anything else?"

"That's it. You might want to keep it a secret that you're going with me lest Tom-san decide that I am leading poor Shizuo astray, evil Orihara Izaya that I am."

Shizuo smiled.

"'kay. By the way, heard what happened to Kadota?"

"I'm afraid not. Whatever did happen to Dotachin?"

"He met this Goat woman and she hit him. Dunno, sounded real nasty."

"Goat [Yagi]? Oh, I get it now! Tell me more!"

Izaya was already giddy at the mental picture.

"I don't know the details but seems like he called her on the phone and then they met. He said something she didn't like so she kicked him. High heel shoes hurt a lot, he says."

Izaya burst out laughing and kept on going until tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Poetic justice, Goat Woman!"

It had been far too long since he had been this amused. In his mirth he even forgot for a moment that he was being driven from the one place where he truly belonged and about to up the stakes even more. Shizuo watched him until he too was smiling. Not so much at whatever Izaya found so hilarious but at Izaya's bout of oddly placed joy.

"Bet you had something to do with it."

"Obviously not. I plead absolute innocence."

"Right…so what is a Yagi Woman?"

Izaya wiped his tears. His belly ached from too much laughter. He flopped on a swivel chair and slowly spun around a few times.

"Someone who works for you and still treats you like an underling. Bah….bah…"

Another fit of giggles. The wheels squeaked as he went for a fast turn.

"You know, you're kinda crazy. As in, for real."

Izaya braked suddenly and jabbed a finger at Shizuo.

"Like, totally."

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