Chapter 8

Shizuo half-regretted it the moment they strapped him to the seat. Flying was not meant for people, that was why they did not have wings. Next to him Izaya was humming and smiling at a book.

"Damn, no smoking flight."

Izaya did not lift his eyes from the pages as he offered him pocky.

"There. Pretend it's a cigarette. Just don't set fire to it, please."

"Thanks. What're you reading?"

"The Art of War."


The plane took off with a bounce and knocked the air out of Shizuo's chest. Izaya's profile was drawn in all tranquility against a mass of whipped cream soft clouds. Shizuo had no idea how someone so tiny could remain unfazed at the sudden pressure change and just overall terrifying weirdness.

"Not used to flying, I gather."

"Not really."

"Ever been to Okinawa?"

"Heard of it."

Izaya chuckled and turned a page.

"I know you brought your passport. Okinawa is Japan."

Not that it made much difference. Izaya's country was Tokyo, his home town was Shinjuku and his favorite city Ikebukuro.

"I know that but I'm no good with laws and stuff. Having documents helps."

"Flight regulations are becoming increasingly stricter, I wouldn't be surprised if we'd be using passports to move within borders one of these days."

"Are you actually reading?"


"Still…you're talking and reading at the same time."

"It's called 'multi-tasking'."

Izaya was not killing time, he was seeking inspiration in ancient but very usable wisdom. He fancied himself a master of strategy in its many facets but he was in a bit of a slump. It occurred to him that he should have lured Shiki into his bed before embarking on this oddball journey. Of course whether they did it or not was entirely up to Shiki but it never fail to give Izaya a sense of well-earned peace afterwards. As much as a control freak as he was, he appreciated someone that could take charge in bed. It was merely another expression of Izaya's ingrained selfishness, transferring dominance liberated him to enjoy himself and to simply live the moment to its fullest.

"I've heard of that. Yeah, figured you'd be good at it."

Izaya's smile grew thinner as he placed the innocuous remark side by side his mental reel that currently was going over Shiki's brusquely pleasurable ways.

"Just like you can chase me, carry a vending machine, scream at the top of your lungs and run over kittens at the same time."

"I like kittens…"

Izaya's laughter filled the air.

"Wow…we're staying here? Are you sure?"
"What did you expect, a capsule hotel?"
Shizuo was not one to be dazed but walking into the huge brightly lit lobby made him feel considerably awkward. He was thankful that Izaya had convinced him to wear normal clothes otherwise he would stand out even more. Izaya glided to the counter merrily enough. But not for long.
"What do you mean, a single room?"
"We are hosting a conference and I'm afraid it's impossible to give Orihara-sama and Heiwajima-sama separate rooms. But you'll be staying in a suite."
Izaya nearly snapped.
"I don't think you understand. I require a separate bedroom, I don't care how small it is. Give me a closet if need be."
The girl checked a computer and her eyes widened considerably.
"We have instructions from Shiki-sama to the effect."
Izaya forced a stellar smile that eclipsed his eyes.
"It can't be helped, then."

With that said Izaya was not even remotely pleased. He flung himself in bed as soon as he arrived at the spacious suite and stayed that way. Shizuo watched him for a while.

"What are they called again…'long cats'?"

"Say what?"

"Heard about it from those kids, Kadota's friends. 'Long cats', it's an internet thing, right?"

Izaya raised himself on his elbows.

"What about them?"

"You kinda look like one now."

Izaya bounced to the balcony and took a deep breath. Salty breeze. The naked sun rolling above an apparently still sea of deep blue. Shizuo joined him.

"This sure is nice."

"There's high speed internet access."

Shizuo did not understand why anyone would get buried in computers when colored light cast translucent angles before the sea. Seagulls hooted happily. Izaya was already feeling Tokyo withdrawal.

"So, wanna go explore?"

"No thanks."

Shizuo could almost see Izaya's being creeping into the laptop. Phantom pixels washed over his face as Izaya leaned closer to the screen. Shizuo whisked the laptop away and held it above his head. Izaya flashed him a glare and tried to reach it with no results.

"Give it back."

"Not gonna happen. I'm here to talk to you, not so that you can chat with your net buddies."

Izaya jumped but the height difference was too great, Shizuo need only hold up his arms and the fabled laptop was unreachable.

"I'm not 'chatting', this is work. Now give it back."

"What, you can't let it go for a few hours? No computer until we get to at least check out the beach."

There was nothing Izaya could do. It crossed his mind that Shizuo would just toss his prized laptop out the window.

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