The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 9

Sitting on the plush sofa in the newly refurbished basement, Abby glanced at everyone to see if they were already for story time, as Rae put it.

Who should start? Thea asked in her thoughts.

Kylie caught Abby's eyes, Are they ready, Justine?

Abby searched their minds quickly.

Wonder how Kate's doing? Woah, their Pogue, focus.

This is bull. Caleb's obviously seeing things because no way Thea is some kind of witch.

There basement is so nice. Not dark and sinister like our…lair? Maybe we should call it a meeting place….

Abby didn't focus too long on Caleb whirling mind and gave a nod to Kylie to begin.

Kylie coughed grabbing everyone's attention. "I'm going to explain some unrecorded history to clear up what information we tell you later on. Three hundred years ago your ancestors, like you, had formed a covenant, and the first born inherited the power and passed it on to the next generation. The reason why your families for generations have only had one son goes back to what happened in the Putnam line. There were three brothers in the Putnam line, Gregory- the eldest who had power, Gabriel- the jealous brother, and Daniel- a secret keeper. In that time Gregory tried to split his power to share with Gabriel, but ultimately it failed."

Abby shifted forward and added, "Back then their power was different from the one you contain now. White magic is a pure energy with no side effects of aging; it’s just limited only doing good and self-defense. Unlike your power being past down to the eldest son, this unique power chooses the person deemed worthy.

Kylie continued onward, "Because Gabriel couldn't get what he wanted, he threatened and later killed his brother, Daniel, for a book he was supposed to keep hidden. You're familiar with it, 'The Book of Damnation.' Gabriel believed using this darker, more unrestrained magic would allow him to gain his own powers. And he did succeed in retaining some sort of power like he wanted, but at a cost. His mind began to be warped eventually making him crazy for power and dominance."

Everyone turned their attention to Thea as she shifted uncomfortable when informing the boys. "Gabriel convinced your ancestors that using this darker magic was better. It wasn't until later that they found out the true consequences; thus making Gabriel stronger than the covenant since his power were mutated."

Raising her eyes up to Kylie, Abby replied sadly, "Gabriel truly believed others not like him were inferior and decided to expose his powers. He mostly killed innocent people, including James Ferguson, the keeper of the twin book called 'The Book of Absolution', which was lost forever. Because of his actions the council, which were wise men and women, contacted the gods asking for help to keep your ancestors hidden and stop Gabriel."

Kylie said withdrawn, "In the end Gabriel cast one more spell from the Book of Damnation that would let him be reborn again until he had his revenge on the covenant."

Stretching her arms out, Rae concluded, "Because of Gabriel's spell, the gods finally answered their prayers and gave them help to protect the five families." She glanced up, "We are the five chosen to guard your covenant."

Scratching his head, Tyler asked, "So when Gabriel is reborn you're born?"

Thea answered, "No, it's more like when you're conceived we come into the world. That way we're close to the same age and it allows us to keep a closer eye on you."

Giving a chuckle, Rae said, "It would be kind of pedophile-ish, if older women were hanging out with teenage boys."

"You were chosen, right?" Pogue said in a puzzling tone.

"Yes," Abby responded with unease.

Pogue asked, "Then how do you know the history of how this all started?"

Kylie smiled with a response, "That would be Ben's doing."

"Ben?" Pogue glanced around to his brothers trying to see if he was the only one who seemed clueless.

Finally I get to meet this Ben. He must be old, Tyler thought. The cat began to come down the stairs and sat on the couch beside Kylie.

Tyler kept looking toward the stairs and asked, "Will he be joining the meeting?"

Kylie tried to hold a straight face as she said, "He's already here, Tyler." He glanced around the room and back at Kylie.

She pointed to the cat and said, "Everyone, this is Ben O'Connell." They all glance at each other and Kylie couldn't hold her laughter in anymore.

Rae patted Kylie's back, "You got them good. Look at their faces."

They all joined in the laughter slowly and Tyler said, "Alright, where is he really?"

Ben stretched, "Here."

Pogue jumped back and yelped, "Shit, it talks."

Reid got closer, flabbergasted and stated the obvious, "You're a cat."

Ben sassed back, "No. Actually I'm a warlock that chose to guide them. Of course I didn't know I would be changed into a feline and be stuck like this until Gabriel is destroyed."

"That sucks," Pogue replied.

Caleb spoke for the first time, "How do you protect us? You're not witches are you?"

Taking a gulp, Thea answered quietly, "No, we call ourselves priestesses because the gods graced us with one power and a gift."

Reid, interested, perked up, "What can you do?"

Thea smiled embracing Reid's warm emotions as she answered, "Well I got my power from the god Poseidon, so I can manipulate water. As for my gift I'm empathetic."

Rae went next, "Priestess of Apollo, the god of the sun. I can manipulate the opposite element of Thea, fire. And I'm an in-progress psychic."

Abby sighed, "Zeus gave me the power of lightning, and I'm a mind reader." Quiet filled the room.

Pogue glanced over and whispered a thought, Really?

"Really," Abby responded thus making Pogue's mouth drop.

Kylie added quickly, "Serenity is the Priestess of Aphrodite. She's a very persuasive person and a teleporter. And I have amazing memory and I'm a tracker."

Reid said, "That doesn't sound promising."

"I start this crazy cycle by giving back their memories," shrugging her shoulders Kylie responded.

Pogue asked, "Who guards who?" He looked over to Abby, who was smiling, "Yep. I do."

Sweet! Oh, I got to get used to keeping my thought censored.

"Don't worry Pogue. I've learned to block my mind. You couldn't imagine how many migraines I've had from this gift," Abby said.

Rae glanced down and said, "Danvers."

Thea glanced over at Rae and said distracted, "Garwin."

Kylie smiled at Tyler, "You're mine."

Standing up Thea took a stroll over to Reid and said, "Now that we've established ourselves." SMACK.

Reid bent over holding his head, "Oww! Thea, what the hell!"

Thea scolded, "Stop using, idiot! You're becoming an addict." Thea sat back down, "Wow, I feel more relieved now that I got that off my chest."

Reid picked his head up, "I'm not."

"Reid, are you really going down the road of denial? I can help you if you do just one thing for me. Admit it," Thea argued back.

Reid said sternly, "I don't need help, because I'm not addicted."

Thea asked, "Have your hands been shaky, restless lately, mood swings? You don't have to say anything because I know already. Reid will you please let me help you before it's too late."

Reid went into deep thought and asked, "How are you going to do that?"

"I have a serum to slow down the addiction. But if we're going to clean the addiction out of your system, we have to wait for summer," Ben jumped in to explain.

Tyler asked quietly, "Why?"

Ben answered, "It's like rehab for an alcoholic or a drug user. It can be rough, depending on how bad the abuse was."

Rae watched Caleb close because he hadn't said much this entire time. Ben continued to say, "I can't believe you're telling them so soon, usually you wait until you're almost…."

Abby stood up and stepped on Ben's tail, "Sorry, Ben, I just need to use the bathroom. Be right back."

Kylie stepped in, "We're changing it up. Being unpredictable is going to be our new strategy. And besides, Caleb saw Rae use fire anyway, so we're busted."

Quickly trying to escape the almost slip up, Thea concluded, "So that's it."

Abby came back down stairs and Pogue said, "Let me get this straight. Gabriel is after us, right?"

Abby said, "Right."

Pogue asked, "And you protect us from him?" Abby nodded her head praying he won't ask how they died. He asked another question, "Have you battled him yet?"

Abby replied, "No." Shit he was going to ask to join the fight, Abby thought nervously.

"Okay why haven't we heard from him yet?" Pogue inquired.

Okay apparently not, Abby thought.

Leaning forward, Thea answered, "Protection spell from the gods. He can't touch us, let alone be near us until we all turn 18, hence no weirdness, no Gabriel, and no fight, yet."

Kylie got up from the couch, "It's six, should I order pizza?"

Caleb stood up and said, "Actually I have to get home and check on my mom."

Pogue stretched, "Same. I mean the going part, not Caleb's mom part."

Abby asked, "Why?"

Pogue said straightforward, "I have dinner with Kate tonight."

Abby tacked on lamely, "Oh. Well…uh…have fun then." She headed for the kitchen and didn't give Pogue a glance back.

After they left, Rae sat on the couch, and Thea placed an arm around her.

"He'll be fine. Caleb just needs time to come around."

Reid asked, "So Gabriel Putnam is related to Chase then. I guess the whole killing people runs in that family."

Thea turned around to face him, "Garwin, don't talk about things you don't understand, yet. He's ill and was driven by the addiction. That’s a big difference to that monster, Gabriel. He's a cold blooded murderer that gets pleasure out of killing innocent people slowly."

She glanced down and whispered, "And I would know." Rae turned to comfort Thea as Kylie swiftly went to the kitchen to hide her pain and queasiness from all those memories.

Reid's guilt and somberness radiated, "Sorry, Thea." Tyler looked over at Reid shocked. Never in his 17 years of his life, did he ever hear Reid say that word to anyone.

Thea grabbed his hand and said softly, "Just don't judge Chase before you get to know him."

Because the way you're going, you'll be in the same sinking boat, Thea thought sadly.

Rae speculated, "I think Caleb might be in trouble too. He used a lot when battling and he was already ascended."

Kylie sat down, completely composed, with the pop corn she made, "Then he'll just have to go to rehab. Maybe we should throw Pogue and Tyler in and call it a day."

Tyler grabbed a handful of her popcorn, "Hey, I barely use at all. Last time I used was in the beginning of the school year."

Creaking sounds came from upstairs and Thea gagged while Abby said, "I'm going out."

Tyler asked, "What's going on?"

Abby held her head and replied before going outside, "Serenity's been trying to get Chase addicted to something less hazardous to his health."

Thea smiled at Tyler and whispered to Kylie, "Oh, it's so cute how innocent he is."

Kylie suggested, "Let's head down stairs. It's not close to the noise and has cable TV."

Thea went down first followed by Reid, who snickered and smacked Tyler's back, "Oh, baby boy, we have to get you some worldly experience."

Something smashed up stairs and Tyler said to Kylie, "You sure everything's okay? Didn't you basically say he was unstable? It sounds like a fight."

"I highly doubt she wants to be rescued," Kylie joked. The vacant expression was still on his face, so she whispered in his ear explaining and then winked. "Goddess of love, go figure."

Tyler's face turned red, "Oh."

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