The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 10

"Uhh…place it on top of the mantle," Kylie said as she searched for a punch bowl from the cabinet.

Serenity sat on a chair in the kitchen and said, "I'm so happy you're going through with this."

Kylie replied from halfway inside the cabinet, "It's not like I really had a choice. We already told people about the party before everything happened."

"Kylie? The fog machine won't work," Sam, the freshmen helper said. Quickly trying to get out of the cabinet, Kylie bumped her head and held it until most of the intense pain passed.

Turning to Sam slowly, Kylie replied, "I'll fix it. Just make sure the games are set up and tell Rae to hurry up with the haunted shack. People will be arriving soon." Sam smiled and left quickly.

Serenity sat up, "You still have to change into your outfit yet."

Kylie checked another cabinet, "I know, I know."

Serenity shrugged her shoulders, "Okay, but if you're not up there in 20 minutes. I will come and find you."

Like a revolving door, Ben walked in as Serenity left. He asked, "Is everything put away safe this time?"

Kylie propped herself on top of the counter to check the higher cabinets, "Yes, everything is in the basement, which is locked."

Ben chastised her, "Good, because last time I was so angry at you letting…."

A glare from Kylie’s eyes stopped his mouth from moving. She stated annoyed, "Ben, would you like to go down there, too?"

Ben glanced up at her unsure if she was serious. Finally he added,"Fine. I'm going out then."

As Ben departed out the back doorway, Kylie stood on her knees on the counter wondering where the heck cats go out.

Oh, I hear the ally is the spot. They got great dead smelly fish and an amazing view on the fence-

She paused in her thought and repeated a Dane Cook line, who Thea was becoming obsessed with, "Stupid." Kylie finally spotted the glass bowl and tried to reach it, but she was too short. She began to stand up and muttered, "Who were these cabinets made for? Giants?"

"Talking to yourself, again?" Kylie was so concentrated on getting the bowl, she didn't notice anyone enter the kitchen. Taken off guard Kylie had slipped off the edge of the counter waiting to hit the floor.

Closing her eyes she felt impact, but not to the linoleum floor right away. Peeking with one eye open Kylie realized Tyler, who was now holding her in his arms, had broken her fall. Tyler said, "I'm sorry…I didn't mean to scare you."

Kylie laughed, "I would hope not."

Helping her up, Tyler asked, "Do you want me to get that?"

Kylie shook her head and said, "It's too high, so just…" Tyler lifted one hand up over her and grabbed the bowl with ease, "leave it."

He smiled down at Kylie, "Aren't you suppose to be wearing a costume?"

Kylie filled the bowl up with punch and ice shaped like hands. "I will. I got 5 more minutes before Serenity drags me upstairs. So what are you supposed to be?"

Tyler was wearing jeans and a T-shirt that said 'Deep Valley County Fair Cherry Pie Eating Contest.' Kylie picked up the wining ribbon on his shirt, "First place, impressive."

Tyler gave a sly smile, "Yeah, I have many other hidden talents." Kylie's heart began to thump against her chest like crazy with the close proximity.

Kylie leaned in closer and said slowly, "You don't say."

The door burst open, making them both jump back from each other, and Serenity, wearing a Princess Leia slave-garb costume, marched up and said, "I told you, I'd find you."

She pulled Kylie out of the kitchen and Tyler tapped his fingers on the counter muttering, "You can't give me one break, can you?"

In the living room, Rae sat on the couch watching the fun pass by her. How could she have fun when Caleb was still hurt? Maybe she should go and check on him?

Abby sat down next to her drinking some vodka, "Nice costume.

Rae glanced down to her Pochantas outfit and played with the fringe as she said, "Your costume suits you well, Super Girl."

Abby giggled, "Yeah, everyone likes it, especially Thea. She kept repeating Dane Cook's joke about people wearing Super Man shirts." Abby asked, "Did you see Kira's costume?"

Rae laughed, "What costume? Being the devil is her full time job. And look Aaron's already looking for some clients." Abby looked over to see Aaron in a pimp costume talking to some sophomore girls.

"Wow, that costume does him justice. He's hitting on those girls with Kira right next to him."

Rae scoped the room and spotted Pogue in fireman uniform and Kate, dressed as a…? She was wearing a crown and had hearts coming down the front of her dress.

Abby rolled her eyes and said, "Queen of Hearts."

Rae clapped her hands together, "This is just too good."

Abby asked perplexed, "Why?"

"The similarities between the character and Kate are so close; nasty, psychotic, evil, bitch, fat…." Rae said with a small smile.

Abby snorted, "Rae all those are true except the fat part."

Rae gave in a little, "Fine she's not fat, but she's ugly from the inside out."

Abby turned to Rae, "You are definitely disgruntled today." Abby didn't deny that hearing about Kate's flaws did help her feel a little better. "Why don't you be yourself and cut loose?"

Rae stared at Abby, "How many shots have you had?"

Abby shrugged, "A few. I decided to have some fun and not care."

"Be careful, remember the last time you were drunk. It didn't go so well," Rae said

Abby got up, "That was different and you know it. Besides, nothing could make my life any worse."

When Abby left, Rae felt lonely, after all misery loves company. But now Rae wanted to get out of the sea of people, so she went to the back where her haunted shack laid. Sitting on the patio, entertainment came to her. Pogue and Kate, who looked pissed beyond belief, were arguing again.

"Pogue that wasn't even funny," Kate yelled.

He tried to reason with her, "Babe, I was just having some fun."

Kate got snippy, "Why don't you have fun with Abby then, since you couldn't keep your eyes off of her for a second."

Pogue shifted his position and instead of admitting defeat he said, "Why are you always so jealous, Kate?"

Kate picked up one of the cardboard headstones and was prepared to whack Pogue, as she yelled, "It's either me or her. And until you decide, we're not seeing each other."

Rae grabbed the tombstone from Kate's hands, "Kate, please don't ruin the props."

Kate huffed at Pogue and turned to Rae, "Sorry."

Rae glanced down to see a spider on her back, "Kate, there's a spider."

Now, freaked out would be an understatement compared to how Kate reacted. Kate let a terrifying scream, and as she ran around, she smacked into the pillar that held the porch roof up.

Pogue and Rae went over to find Kate knocked out cold. Rae looked at Pogue and said, "I'm going to leave before sleeping beauty wakes up and tries to kill me." He nodded his head in agreement and carried Kate inside. Rae thought, this was as good a reason as any to go check up on Caleb.

Meantime, Tyler was waiting by the end of the staircase. He glanced around the room at the many people who were dancing, until a hand landed on his shoulder. He turned to see Kylie in a very sexy red dress. One that made his eyes explore from her red stiletto shoes to the slit that traveled up her left leg to her hips, then the plunging neck line that showed some of her cleavage, until finally he saw the long purple gloves.

"How do I look?" Kylie asked happily.

Tyler had to clear his throat to speak, "Amazing. Who did you dress up as?"

"Don't you recognize Jessica Rabbit, when you see her?" Kylie asked self-conscious now.

Tyler replied, "No, but I think I could easily start to like her."

They walked over to the snack table and Kylie grabbed a witch finger cookie, "You never saw Roger Rabbit?"

Tyler shook his head, "Nope."

Kylie's eyes went to an orange bucket in the corner surrounded by people and she said, "Well, we'll just have to change that. Let's bob for apples." They went to the orange bucket filled with apples and Kylie asked, "Want to go first?"

Tyler placed his hands on top of his head, "Na, you could."

Kylie rolled her eyes and bent over the bucket mumbling, "Almost worse than his father." Her head dove into the container trying to bite into an apple, but she missed. Not because Kylie couldn't get one, but because she could feel Tyler right behind with his hands on her hips.

Kylie's face and the end of her hair was a little wet, when she turned around quickly to face Tyler. He froze at her sudden movement. Kylie asked, "Why are you behind me?"

He stumbled to find a way to put it, "Well…uh…when you bent over…a…your slit rose up more and I just wanted to block the view from others."

Kylie blushed trying to think why he placed his hands on her hips, "Oh, did you lose your balance?" Tyler glanced at her confused and Kylie added, "That's why you grabbed on to my waist? Because you lost your balance?"

Tyler said flatly, "Yeah, someone bumped me as they went by, sorry."

"It's okay, Ty.” Kylie responded with a more relaxed tone, “Let's get something to drink."

Great, Tyler thought.

Drinking more wasn't what he needed. Because of the alcohol floating in his system, Tyler couldn't resist the urge to grab her as she bent over with her black lace panties showing.

"What do you want?" Kylie asked as she glanced at the different drinks.


Tyler took a deep breath, "Water. Please."

Dancing like a manic, Thea grinded Reid with a Vodka Red Bull in her hand. Thea was wild and completely smashed.

As the music slowed down, Thea pulled a stumbling Reid upstairs. Reid was walking beside her and about to ask why she wanted to go upstairs, until Thea shoved him into the wall. Reid was confused, shocked, and kind of turned on as Thea kissed him fiercely. He raised her off the ground and Thea's legs wrapped around his waist.

Awkwardly opening the door and they made their way to the bed. As he laid her on the bed her blonde hair fanned out and Reid just stopped and stared. He couldn't do this to Thea, no matter how much he wanted too, she was too special to be treated like the other drunken girls he had.

Reid stood up and Thea grabbed his hands saying desperately, "I want you, now."

She wanted him? It had to be the alcohol talking or…wait the empathy side of her. Shit.

Reid tried to calm himself down, "Thea you don't and there are a lot of better people you can choose from." Reid helped take off her cowboy boots and placed the blanket over her, "Now get some sleep because tomorrow you're going to have a bad hangover."

Thea nodded her head as she dozed off. Reid sighed knowing he did the right thing. It was only a reflection of his feelings toward her. Placing a pillow on the floor, he passed out too.

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