The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 11

In the library, the girls were planning their weddings. Thea said as she showed Kylie a picture, "See these are my bride maid's dresses."

Glancing up from the bridal magazine, Kylie replied, "Wow. They're cute. Usually aren't the dresses supposed to be ugly so all the attentions on you?"

Thea said sassy, "Wouldn't matter, after all, I am a hot model born to soak up any lime light."

Serenity sat down letting a big dusty book drop on the table.

Abby, who was exceptionally quiet today, asked, "What is that?"

Serenity smiled with glee, "My wedding book."

Rae stopped writing furiously on a paper and said, "From what, the 17th century?"

Serenity frowned, "Sure, it's a little old and outdated, but it has the gist of what I want for my perfect wedding. All I need to do is update and I'll be good."

Kylie and Thea scooted over to see what she planned. "Doves?" Kylie asked.

"To release them after our vows," Serenity explained.

"I'm taking that it's an outside wedding," Abby said a little more curious.

Serenity smiled, "Yep. August 14."

Raising her hand up, Thea asked, "How are you going to afford all this?"

Serenity stopped looking at her book, "I forgot we had to use our salaries." She huffed, "That means I'll have to cut a lot out."

Kylie said mocking, "Like the frozen ice sculptures of the swans? I have to say Serenity, you're wedding would be a show stopper if you had the dough."

Serenity pushed her hair back from her face, "Well, Frank Sinatra has been gone for awhile. I guess I could switch to a DJ, now."

Abby who wasn't really focused on work, asked Rae, "What are you angrily writing about?"

Rae glanced down not realizing she was venting by writing how their honey moon went. It mostly involved Caleb getting sea sick on the boat, so he gets the patch, which he found out he was allergic too and it didn't get better as the paper went on.

She sighed, "It's a good outlet. I've been taking care of Caleb, and no matter what I do or say he….doesn't listen. And I can't afford to get mad at him because I know he's still depressed. It's just frustrating to see him like this."

Abby said trying to comfort Rae, "He'll get better. He just needs time." Abby stood up quickly, "Study hall is almost over and I have to get my English book for my next class. See you, Rae."

Five minutes later, Kylie turned her head to the doors, "Guys, hide your wedding dress pictures, the boys are coming." As if on cue Pogue, Tyler and Reid walked in towards them.

Reid kissed Thea on the cheek, "Hey, honey. How are the arrangements going?"

Thea nodded her head, "Good. I decided to have a small wedding, so we could have a nice reception and a honey moon."

He shook his head, "Thea, what I am about to give you, there won't be a need to have a small wedding."

Thea turned her body to face him and inquired, "What are you talking about?" He fished through his pockets pulling out more of the monopoly money they had received at the end of class for spending costs.

Thea asked suspiciously, "You didn't steal this from Tyler, did you?"

Reid held up his hands, "Thought about it, but no. I asked Mrs. Peters for a second job."

Leaning in to hear the conversation, Serenity asked, "What did she say?"

"I could add another job if I did another report," Reid replied.

Thea said shocked, "You got a second job for me. What is it?"

He replied with a smirk, "I work really well with my hands."

Thea sarcastically said, "A massage therapist. Oh great, my shoulders are so sore and I have this kink in my back…."

Reid started to rub her shoulders, "Close. I'm a Carpenter."

Thea who was fully enjoying the massage said, "That's aaah….great. A little to the left." Serenity stared at the monopoly money she held in her hands and Thea said, "Whatever you're…wow…ah thinking, it's not good."

Serenity glanced up, "Just a hypothetical question, but how many monopoly board games would I need to have my wedding?"

"Probably 60 or more depending if you want Orland Bloom there," Rae said.

Serenity got up slowly gathering her papers, "Well, I have to go. I'll see you in Home Eco. class."

Thea said, "Home economics isn't until last period, oooh…."

Serenity rolled her eyes and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Tyler sat by Kylie, who had an abundance of papers for the wedding scattered everywhere. Kylie asked, "Did you make your guest list, yet?"

Tyler scratched his head, "Yeah, but I have to warn you, it's pretty short."

She grabbed his list and scanned it, "You basically have everyone on my list except, Ben and your…dad?"

He slouched over the table, "He hasn't been there for most of my life, why would he come for this?"

Kylie bit her lip and said, "He might be boring and busy, but he wouldn't miss your own wedding."

Tyler muttered, "You don't know him like I do. He doesn't care about me. I could be dead," Kylie flinched, "and he wouldn't have noticed that I was gone."

Kylie argued, "Do you remember the fact I babysat your father, so I think I know what I am talking about."

"Kylie, I'm not inviting him and that's the end of it." Tyler curtly replied.

Kylie inclined closer, "Tyler, you can't just not invite your father. He's family whether you like it or not."

He moved closer and said in an angry whisper, "You can't even call him a father when you only see him once in a blue moon."

Kylie said heatedly, "At least you have father."

Tyler put his hand through his hair irritated, "Will you stop being so stupid. It's just a dumb project and it's not like we're ever going to get married anyway."

Pogue, who was talking to Rae came over and asked, "Kylie, did you see Abby today?" Kylie stood up and grabbed her papers together.

Kylie replied quietly, "I think she went to get a book for class." She turned back to Tyler and her voice wobbled, "Your right. I was blowing this project way out of proportion. Sorry." Kylie turned hastily away and Rae caught the sight of her starting to cry. Rae crumpled the paper into her shoulder bag and went to see if Kylie was okay.

Pogue looked at Tyler, who had his face buried into his hands.

"Should I ask?" Pogue said.

Tyler grumbled into his hands and finally said clearly, "Why am I such an idiot? I have to go apologize to her." Tyler picked up his backpack and raced to the doors to find her.

Reid asked, "What did he do?

"He really hurt her feelings," Thea added.

Pogue shrugged, "I'm not sure."

Thea sighed, "Maybe I should go?"

Reid placed a hand on her shoulder, "Rae's with her, and Tyler's on the way to grovel, so it'll be fine." He turned to Pogue, "So where's bridezilla?"

Pogue said, "Shut up, Reid."

Thea glanced over at Pogue noticed even though he seemed defensive, he was truly amused with the name. He continued to say, "She went to plan the wedding with her friends. My instructions were not to get involved with anything, which was," he said as he rolled his eyes, "such a disappointed to me."

Thea said coyly, "And you're not worried what monkey suit she's going to put you in, or how you're vows will be, or…."

Reid finished her sentence, "How mushy she makes you out to be?"

Pogue stood up, "Maybe, I should just go and check in on how everything is going."

On the other side of the school, Tyler was running through the halls trying to find Kylie. As Tyler ran, he skidded to a halt hearing Kylie's voice coming from an empty classroom that he almost passed.

Kylie said choked up, "I hate this stupid project. How it makes me think about how I…I don't have a future. I'm never going to be married, have kids, or grow old. I’m never going to move on with my life."

Rae said rubbing her back, "We still have time to spend together with the boys."

Kylie wept and said, "Yeah, about two years at most, then I'm dead. I haven't complained once in my life, but this is so unfair, Rae."

Rae hugged her as Kylie cried more and said, "I know, Kylie. I know."

Tyler backed away from the door shocked at hearing this information. He walked to his dorm trying to compute the idea that Kylie was dying. As Tyler got into his room, he sat on his bed slowly becoming heavier with guilt. No wonder she was upset with his words.

Laying back, the only thing Tyler could think was that he was going to lose her. No! She couldn't leave him yet, he didn't even tell her how he lov…whoa.

He sat up slowly and said quietly to himself, "I love her."

What am I going to do now?” After much debate in his head, Tyler finally decided he was going to tell her and anything she wanted, he would do it.

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