The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 12

Staring at the clock, Rae watched as it officially became November 3, the day of her birth. At 4:03, Rae would officially be 18 years old, or if you wanted to be technical 311 years old.

She had two more years, like Kylie said yesterday. Two more years to make sure Caleb got back on track.

But so far Caleb had been missing days of school at random, so I would usually take his homework to him and tried to coax him out of the house, but he would refuse and stay in his room. Even the boys took turns coming over to visit him, which I was grateful for, but Caleb wasn't snapping out of it. It scared me to slowly watch Caleb's eyes become duller as the days went on.

Interrupting her thoughts, an alarm went off on Kylie's side of the bed. Rae watched Kylie get up and stumbled over to the fridge. Was she sleep walking?

Kylie sat down on Rae's bed holding a cupcake with a candle. Kylie said a little groggy, "I forgot to buy matches, but happy birthday, Rae."

Rae smiled as she sat up, "Thanks, Kylie." She lit the candle with her finger and stared at the flickering light.

What am I going to wish for? That Abby would shut up? Kira get hit by a school bus and live? Nah, every one praised Georgina in that movie. Maybe if Aaron got lice and had to shave off all his curly light brown locks off?”

Rae glanced at Kylie slumping over from sleep deprivation. Better make this quick. How about having the power to get Caleb's butt in gear? Yes.

Rae blew out the candle and Kylie said, "Yay!" She let out a big yawn saying, "I made the cupcake myself." Rae gave her a hug and Kylie crawled back to bed. Just as Rae set down her chocolate cupcake, Serenity appeared scaring Rae.

"Holy shit, Serenity!"

Serenity jumped over, "Happy, happy birthday, happy birthday too you, happy, happy birthday this from me to you."

She handed Rae a box wrapped up in…. "Dora the Explorer?"

Serenity said, "Yeah, that show was the best to learn Spanish words. Now open it."

Rae opened the box and inside was a spy kit and a smaller box inside. Inside the small box was a charm bracelet that had a sun, heart, moon, bolt of lightning, and an ocean wave. Serenity said, "That's from all of us. The spy kit is so my idea. I figure we could have fun with it."

Rae laughed, "Thank you!"

Serenity backed up, "No problemo. Now I must return to my beauty sleep. Night, birthday girl." Rae slowly sank into her bed thinking before falling asleep. Maybe my birthday won't be so bad this time.

Later on in Home Economics, Kylie tried not to seem too ridged as Tyler sat down in his seat. She started to doodle in her notebook waiting for Mrs. Peters.

"Hey," Tyler said quietly.

Kylie tried to send a carefree smile his way as she said, "Hey."

Tyler shifted in his seat, "I just want to apologize for what I said yesterday…."

Mrs. Peters entered the room making the class quiet down, "Class, I'm going to extend this project's due date since I got a lot of requests to do so. Instead of it being due two weeks from now, you have until December 5. That's all the time I can extend though, then we must move on."

Kylie pulled out a folder and Tyler whispered, "So do you want to get together and work on it today?"

She shook her head no and raised her hand, "Mrs. Peters?"

Mrs. Peters answered, "Yes Miss. Evans?"

"We have the project done. Can I hand it in now?" Kylie stated shocking the teacher.

She nodded her head, "Oh, of course. Are you sure you're done?" Kylie walked down the stairs taking her satchel.

Kylie replied confidently, "Yes, I'm sure. May I go to the bathroom?"

Mrs. Peters pointed to the hall pass, "You may go." Tyler watched Kylie leave and knew he was in more shit than he thought.

After class ended, Rae walked with Thea to her dorm. Rae said, "Thanks for this. It just seems no matter how hard I try to pay attention to Mr. Call, I always fall asleep."

Thea laughed, "Yeah, he has the deadly power of boring people to death. But it's no problem. Coach loves me, so being a few minutes late is no big deal. Now if Reid came late, that would be a completely different story."

Rae said, "I thought he was the best at the breaststroke."

Thea nodded in agreement, "Oh he is, but Reid can be a pain in the ass at times." Thea stepped in front of Rae, "I'll get my notebook. It's kind of messy in there."

Rae rolled her eyes as she leaned against the wall, "I highly doubt your room is as bad as mine."

Thea grimaced, "When your roommates with Serenity, it is. I'll be back in a second."

Ten minutes passed and Rae was getting annoyed. She began to open the door saying, "I'm coming in. Hopefully I won't get sucked into the same vortex that you did."

The room was filled and clouded with dark smoke and Rae saw Thea lying on the floor, unconscious. The smoke was slowly making it hard for her to breath, so Rae threw the windows open wide letting it escape.

As the air cleared, Thea stirred awake, and Rae asked, "What happened?" Thea pointed to the nightstand and there laid a vase filled with dead roses. Rae got closer and picked up the card :

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Love Gabriel

How the hell did he even get this close to them? Was the protection spell failing?

Thea glanced over Rae's shoulder and said, "I saw the red roses and went to check who they were from. Then they died and that dark smoke came out of nowhere."

Rae said handing the card to Thea, "Apparently, we aren't the only ones learning new tricks." She sighed and thought, Well my birthday was good until now.

Back in her own dorm, Kylie stretched across her bed reading the sixth book of Harry Potter, again. She was just about to get to the part where Harry kissed Ginny in the middle of the common room when a knock rattled on the door.

Kylie sighed with annoyance. Tyler. Damn it, Rae didn't even lock the door before she left.

Tyler's muffle voice said, "Kylie? Rae said you were here. I just wanted to talk to you and then I'll go."

She cursed Rae in her head as the door knob turned.

Instead of facing Tyler head on, Kylie did the mature thing by pretending to sleep. Tyler crept over to the bed and sat beside her. "Kylie, I know you're awake." She kept still trying to keep her breathing even as possible. He added, "You snore when you sleep."

Kylie turned to him knowing the gig was up, "That's a lie. I do not snore."

He chuckled as he grabbed her book, "Really? Harry Potter?"

Sitting up Kylie responded, "So what, if I got a thing for wizards."

Tyler placed the book on Kylie's nightstand and said, "I'm really sorry for what I said yesterday. I was out of line."

Kylie shrugged her shoulders, "It's partially my fault. I shouldn't have pushed the issue of your father."

Tyler shook his head, "No. This has been tough for you. I should have supported you and not put you down."

She said, "Yeah, parents are a rough issue for me."

He sighed, "I know, but that's not exactly what I'm talking about."

Kylie asked confused, "What are we talking about, then?"

Tyler took a deep breath, "I know that you're going to die young. Two years to be exact."

Kylie stared at Tyler shocked, "What…you know?"

He took her hand and said, "Yes, but I don't need the details now. I just want to make the best of the time I have with you."

Kylie's thoughts were jumbled… He knew about them dying…and was okay with it? She said, "So you want to hang out more?"

Tyler leaned in closer and gave her a short, sweet, soft kiss. He pulled away to see Kylie with her eyes still closed. "Yes, but more than friends. I like you Kylie." Her moss green eyes opened at those words.

She said, "I like you, too. But I don't know what to do?"

Tyler replied, "Whatever you want to do I will. If you want to be just friends, then I'll be the best friend you ever had." He paused, "I know this is hard for you, so I'm giving you the choice. No pressure."

Choice. No pressure. Just those two words touched her heart. Placing a hand on her forehead, she tried to think this through.

I didn't want to break my promise, but I haven't control one damn decision in my life since this honor bestowed on us. Didn't I deserve just once to be selfish? To have a freedom? To choice whom I love, even that meant for a short while?

She glanced up at Tyler and kissed him before saying, "I want to be more, but I don't want to move fast."

Tyler smiled, "Okay, easily done."

She added, "Also I need one more thing from you if we become more."

Tyler asked, "What?"

Glancing around the room as if Abby might burst in at any second, Kylie said, "Abby can't know about us. It's a rule she came up with a long time ago to never get involved with any of you."

"Wasn't Serenity apart of this pact?" Tyler inquired.

Kylie shifted, "Yes. And so far they haven't talked to each other since Abby found out. I just don't want any more drama in my life than I already have."

Tyler pulled her into a hug, "Well, I'll have to watch my thoughts while we keep us a secret then." This could work if they kept it not noticeable and their minds blocked when Abby was around.

Kylie smiled and leaned into his hug, "I like the sound of that."

After all what they don't know, won't hurt them.

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