The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 13

It was the first snow fall of the year and Christmas vacation was just around the corner. Abby thought for awhile that they just weren't going to have a white Christmas with the recent light dusting of snow.

Watching the snowflakes fall to the ground Kate was on the other side packing up her belongings, which meant Abby, would have the room to herself for the three weeks.

Nice, right!

Kate glanced over in Abby's direction with a scowl on her face. An improvement from the constipated look she used to give her in freshmen year.

Better set some ground rules now. Kate placed a box down and Abby tried to contain herself from rolling her eyes again.

Kate asked, "Abby?"

She turned from the window and replied, "Yes, Kate?"

Kate said, "We've been friends for over three years now." Abby almost laughed. Friends wouldn't be my first choice of words.


Kate continued to say, "I know you had a thing for Pogue freshmen year, but it's dead, so I don't have to worry about anything happening with you and Pogue, right?"

Abby nodded, "Yes."

Kate smiled sweetly, "Good. Because if I come back to find out anything, I will not hesitate to kill you."

Abby took a peak into Kate's brain to find out two things. One she wasn't kidding about the killing part. And two, she was worried Abby would take Pogue's virginity.

Pogue was a virgin!

Abby felt sick as she barely said, "Uh huh."

Kate smiled and went back to packing, obviously satisfied with her reaction. But Abby knew it wasn't because she was scared of Kate, right this second at least, but because she did something very, very bad. And no one knew about this secret, not even Pogue had a clue, yet. A clue on who stole his virginity.

The last thing Abby could remember at the Halloween party was talking to Rae before going to get more to drink. Then, nothing. Well that's not truth. There were some parts she remembered, but when Abby woke up that morning she thought it was a dream. But on the contrary, it wasn't.

She woke up with a pounding headache, nausea, sore and completely naked. Abby sat up quickly almost making her lose her stomach, and glanced over to see a man, but not just any man, Pogue, beside her wrapped up in the sheets.

In a panic she threw on her bra and underwear and grabbed her costume. She snuck into Kylie's room borrowing one of her long night time shirts and drove back to the dorms never mentioning this to anyone.

Now, Abby had been avoiding Pogue as much as she could, which was very easy when Kate was around.

Knock. Knock.

Kate opened the door to Pogue and hugged him, "Hey babe. Come to help me load my stuff in the car?"

Pogue nodded his head, "Yeah." Kate waited for Pogue to pick up the box and she intentionally made Pogue walk out in front of her so she could keep an eye on him.

When they left Abby quickly got up and headed for the library. With Kate gone, Pogue won't be occupied too much.

Maybe I should go back to Iceland to visit my family?

Abby sighed in frustration knowing she should have heeded Rae's warning, because now things were much worse.

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