The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 14

Serenity paced back and forth in the bathroom nervously. Rae said while sitting on the toilet seat, "Serenity you need to relax. It might not even happen."

Serenity glanced down at her, "You saw me in the drug store buying this and you can't see what the answer's going to be?"

Rae sighed, "Would you really rather me check and tell you?" Rae would have checked in an instant, if she wasn't so afraid of the result.

Kylie, who was sitting on the floor said, "Either way you're going to find out soon. You got two more minutes."

Serenity paced faster and Rae said to Kylie, "I haven't seen her move like that since…. Okay, maybe she's never moved this fast before."


They all stared over at the timer on the counter and Serenity said, "I can't look." She pushed Rae over, "Look for me." Rae glanced over at Kylie, who shrugged her shoulders. Rae stepped over to the counter and looked down at the four pregnancy tests.

Serenity asked, "So what is it?"

Rae still didn't glance up, "Uh…"

Kylie said, "Oh boy," noticing Rae's reaction wasn't good.

Serenity pushed passed Rae, "Let me see."

Serenity froze over them and Kylie said, "Serenity, it'll be okay."

Rae said slightly panic to Kylie, "How can this be good. She's having a baby. A baby."

Kylie whispered, "Yes, a baby. Rae come back here and focus on not making Serenity more nervous than she already is."

Rae shook her head, "Okay, what do we do, then? Let it be adopted?"

Kylie gave a shout, "No! That's Chase's son…the heir of the power of the Putnam family. Oh, dear Lord."

Rae sat back on the toilet, "Oh shit is right. Abby's going to explode when she hears this one." They glanced over to Serenity, who was still staring at the tests.

Kylie put a hand on Serenity, "We're going to figure this out together."

Rae added, "I'll take care of Abby." Tears began to stream down Serenity's face and they glanced at each other worried.

Finally Serenity glanced over to them with a smile, "I'm going to have a baby. Be a mom."

Rae said uncertainly, "You're happy?"

Serenity nodded her head, "Of course, I am. This is a piece of Chase and me." Kylie placed the evidence of the tests into an empty tampon box before throwing it in the garbage.

Rae, on the other hand, helped Serenity to her bed because she was becoming a little light headed. Serenity said, "This can work, guys."

Rae asked skeptically, "How?"

Serenity said confidently, "I will have two good years with my baby and Chase. Once Gabriel comes, sure we'll die, but I'll be back later on." She paused, "I'll be guarding my son instead and watch him grow up and move on. This is the best thing to ever happen to me."

Kylie asked, "What about Chase?"

Serenity's eyebrows scrunched together as she thought. "It'll be hard for him, because he'll have to take care of the baby without me, but I'm hoping by the time we're gone, the boys will be friends, so they'll help him. Then later on when we come back, I'll be reunited with Chase and my baby again."

Rae asked, "Won't he be much older than us?"

Serenity smiled, "So, a lot girls our age now go out with older men. It works for me."

Kylie sat down next to her, "Wow. You really thought this through."

Serenity nodded her head, "After I missed my period, I thought about being pregnant for a while. It was today that I made the decision to get the pregnancy tests." Serenity asked Rae, "Can't you look into the future to see if this works out?"

Rae sighed, "I could try, but there are so many decisions to be made that I probably wouldn't be able to see anything yet."

Serenity said, "That's okay. It'll just be a surprise then."

"What's a surprise?" Chase asked as he opened the door.

Rae sat up and asked unsure to Serenity, "And we'll leave you to tell him?"

Serenity said in a positive voice, "Yes," and tapped the spot next to her for Chase to sit. Kylie walked out of the room with Rae following.

As they stood outside the door, Rae said, "Un-fricken-believable. I thought I saw everything."

Kylie wrapped an arm around her friend, "You're telling me, sister."

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