The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 15

February 22

It had been three months since Serenity had announced she was pregnant. Now out of those three months some things did happen. Chase became a daddy, Caleb was getting worse as he began to drink, and Abby didn't kill Serenity. Actually she didn't even yell, surprisingly. So now in Kylie's room, Rae, Kylie and Serenity sat together planning what to get Thea for her birthday.

Serenity rubbed her belly, "I can't believe that neither Kira nor Kate has tried to take a crack at me." Rae glanced over to Kylie, who was holding a small smile.

"Let's focus on the issue at hand. What are we getting, Thea?" Kylie change the subject.

Rae piped in, "She talks about Dane Cook a lot. Maybe a tee shirt or a CD of his."

"To bad we can't get a signed autograph," Serenity added.

Kylie exclaimed, "That's brilliant, Serenity! We'll just go to his house and ask for his autograph."

Rae replied, "Do you really think he wants to talk to three teenage girls?"

"Yes, especially after Serenity persuades him a little." Kylie glanced over mischievously to Serenity.

Serenity jumped up, "Or better yet we could kidnap him for Thea."

Kylie grabbed a soda, "Tempting, but I think you two couldn't afford a felony, seeing as you both can be charged as an adult now."

Rae slapped her knee in disappointment, "I forgot I'm with the old fogies now."

Kylie stood up and placed a CD in her purse, "Ready to get an autograph." Serenity and Rae joined hands and they disappeared to get Thea the greatest present ever.

By the pool, Abby sat on the bleachers 'waiting' for Thea's swimming practice to be over. It was more like making sure Thea didn't discover what they were up to, since she requested for no party and presents. The hang out part with Thea wasn't hard; ever since Serenity and her had that fight, she spent more time with Thea. The unbearable part was being stuck waiting for Thea at practice, where the boys swam too.


Pogue was coming over, so Abby pretended to be very interested in her book.

Pogue stood in front of Abby, "Long time no see, Abs."

She glanced up to be polite and said, "Hey Pogue." Going back to her book she thought, Talk about abs. He had an eight pack now. How the hell could he have been a virgin? A virgin! He's hot. Muscles were built on his muscles!

"So you've been hanging out with Kate for awhile."

Abby looked at Pogue, "What?"

Pogue crossed his arms, "Whenever I go to see you you're with Kate."

Coincidence? I think not. Whenever Pogue stopped by, Kate goes on the defense.

"Just because we share a room doesn't mean Kate and I are bonding, Pogue," Abby responded.

Pogue asked, "Want to hang out at Nicky's tonight?"

Turing a page, Abby deflected, "Actually, I can't. I'm going shopping with Thea after practice."

Pogue asked quickly, "Did Kate say anything?"

Abby shrugged, "Ah…no. You better go, coach is going to call you back in a couple of seconds."

Pogue sighed, "Okay I," he stretched out his words, "will see you later."

Abby nodded her head as he left. Not likely.

Thea sat by Abby as she dried her hair with a towel. Thea said, "I'll get showered and changed, then we can go upstairs and study for that Spanish test."

Abby smiled closing her book, "Okay, I'll wait here."

It was dark outside when they gave up trying to coax, bribe and ultimately beg the guard to let them at least get an autograph. "I can't believe they won't let us even talk to him," Kylie said as she sat on the curb by the iron gate.

Serenity sat down beside her, "I'm sorry guys. I guess my persuasion is off it's game today.

"At least you tried," Kylie tried comforting the emotional woman.

Rae said, "That's not good enough. I say we do plan B."

Kylie looked over at Rae, "And what would plan B be?"

Rae rummaged through her big ass bag and started to pull out binoculars, camera, pepper spray, walkie talkies, listening device, night vision goggles, grappling hook, rope, black clothes, and a cell phone. Kylie grabbed the cell phone, "Where did you get all this stuff?"

Rae said, "For my birthday. Now, be careful where you point that thing."

Kylie looked at the old cell phone, "Why?"

Serenity answered, "It's a stun gun."

Kylie placed it back on the ground carefully, "Okay, so what are we going to do exactly?"

"We're bustin' in, of course." Rae said.

Kylie stretched the skin tight black shirt, "So we're doing a B n' E on Dane's house."

Rae smiled, "Exactly. Only we're doing this the old fashion way with no powers."

Serenity jumped up, "This is going to be so much fun." They walked around the wall to find a spot where a tree was on the other side and changed quickly into their black clothes. Rae took the grappling hook and tied the rope to it.

Letting her voice drop into a commanding offer's tone, Rae said, "Whatever happens in there ladies, we stick together." Throwing the hook over, she latched it to the wall and began to pull herself up. Serenity went next struggling to get up and Rae said, "Come on, preggers." Kylie quickly climbed up when hearing someone coming and they all leaped into the tree.

Rae ripped out the night vision goggles, "Okay the coast looks pretty clear. All we have to do is reach the house, then find a way in." Climbing down the tree they snuck across the yard. Serenity began to sing the mission impossible theme song, while Kylie did a tuck and roll toward the bushes. Rae glanced over the bushes, "There's an open window up on the second story…."


Waving her hand at the distraction, Rae said, "Not now Serenity. I need you, to go over to the shed and see if it contains a ladder, then…."


Rae turned around to yell at Serenity, "What?"

She was by the back door, "Or we can take the open back door. Much easier if you ask me."

As they crept inside Kylie asked, "Guys I just thought of something."

Serenity asked as walked into the kitchen further, "What Kylie?"

"I don't think anyone in their right mind would be calm and cool about greeting people that broke into their home," Kylie stated.

Rae glanced around, "Good point. We'll just get some snap shots with us in his house and leave the lava lamp."

"You brought a lava lamp?" Kylie whispered.

Rae shrugged, "I thought he would get a kick out of it later."

Serenity came back from her exploring, "Guys, he's asleep." They all looked at each other and then at the camera.

Kylie smirked at them, "Let's do this!"

"Identify and conjugate the verb cocinar." Thea said as she hung upside down holding her Spanish book.

Abby answered, "Cocinar means to cook and…." Her cell began to vibrate on the dresser. "Hold on." Abby looked at the caller id to find Rae's name and was relieved to hear from them. Abby said, "Hey, whatz up?" Pause. "Yeah. And?" Pause. "I see. Is she…." Pause. "Okay, we'll be down there soon." Closing her phone she shook her head in disbelief.

Thea asked, "Where we going?"

Abby grabbed her keys as they walked down the hall, "To get three idiots out of trouble. Do we know a good lawyer?"

When they arrived at room 313 in the hospital, two cops guarded the door. Abby asked, "May we be able to see our friend?" The officer nodded his head and they went in to see Rae was slouched down in a chair, Serenity biting her nails and Kylie lying down on the bed with a lime green cast on her left leg. Abby sighed, "Do I want to know?"

Rae stretched her back, "Well, we were trying to find the best present for Thea."

Thea glanced over, "I told you I didn't want one."

"You're just saying that. Anyway we went to get a signed autograph," Rae stated.

Abby asked holding her forehead, "But instead you broke and entered their home."

Kylie said, "We figured we could get some pictures and leave, but then…"

Thea asked, "What?" Serenity glanced over to Kylie and Rae.

"Dane woke up and we ran for it."

Thea stood there dumbstruck as Abby asked, "Doesn't explain how you broke your leg and got caught by the cops."

Rae said, "Kylie over here, tripped in the living room when escaping and broke her leg. So we called 9-1-1 and then security came…blah, blah, blah."

Kylie mumbled, "Stupid. Who seriously has a stuffed coyote in the middle of their room?"

Serenity said, "I persuaded the cops to let us stay with Kylie, but we're still on a tight leash."

Thea asked, "Did he press any charges?"

The doors opened and they gawked as Dane Cook himself entered the room. "No. Because of you three, my comedy block is gone."

Kylie said unsure, "Your welcome?"

He laughed and asked, "I just want to know why you snuck into my house. Was it so you could do my B and E joke on me or take my picture?"

Rae said boldly, "All of the above. The pics were for Birthday girl over there." Thea flushed a deep red as Dane hugged and congratulated her.

When he left Thea said, "Holy shit. I met Dane Cook and he hugged me!"

Serenity yelled, "Happy Birthday, Thea!"

Rae said to Abby, "I guess we can cancel the lawyer then."

Abby shook her head, "You didn't even use you psychic abilities to know if this would turn out okay. How do you always get away with everything?"

Rae placed her hands on the back of her head, "I'm just that amazing."
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