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The Sequel: The Year of Separation

Chapter 1

One Year Later

At Kylie's house, the girl's were getting ready for the school's official kick off summer party at the Dells. Abby was trying on a red tube top that had a small red leather belt cinching her waist.

"Can you believe another year of school is here?" Abby said.

Rae responded, "Can you believe, I passed another year of advanced courses. I really need to talk that boy into not being so smart."

Kylie walked in, "Wow, aren't you dressed to impress. Fishing are we?" Rae glanced down at her outfit. Her tank that had red panels in the front and back. The sheer black lace overlay covered all around allowing her side to be see through. Besides that, Rae had paired this with her jean mini skirt that had a few rips here and there.

Rae shrugged her shoulders, "I just feel like being a little sexy for the party." Truthfully she had a vision when the boys came. Caleb went all gaga over this blonde chick and completely ignored Rae the whole night.

Not going to happen. If anything it was my job to make him flustered. I've been doing it since freshmen year.

Thea popped her head up from her book and gave Rae a slight glance of query before shaking her head. Kylie pulled her phone out of her pocket and said, "Guys, we have to move. The boys are leaving soon."

Thea stood up and asked Abby, "Did you take your meds?"

Abby shook her head, "I don't need too, right Kylie." Abby thought about their summer training and they split up in groups to help each other; Abby was with Kylie and Serenity, while Rae partnered off with Thea.

Kylie snapped her head up from her phone, "Nope. She has fully been able to block her mind." Rae laughed as she put the finishing touches on her makeup.

Abby rolled her eyes, "Rae, I can still hear you. I'm just thankful, I can choose not to."

Rae yelled, "Hey," as Abby continued to say, "The silence is wonderful and the ability to hear only my own thoughts is amazing."

Thea smiled in agreement, "Yeah, practicing to control my empathy really paid off. Now I know my emotions are just my own."

"Rae, how did you turn out?" Abby asked with interest.

Kylie snickered, "Obviously, not so good."

Rae smacked Kylie, "I turned out just fine. I realized that I can keep a good eye on the future, but I can't stretch my searching too much. I'm keeping track on Gabriel, the boys and a vision will sometimes pop up if I'm in immediate danger."

Kylie was swinging her keys impatiently and asked, "Can we go now?"

They all walked to the foyer when the front door opened. Serenity stood there in a black plunging v-neck belly shirt that tied to the side and a gold metallic mini skirt. She said happily, "Surprise!"

Kylie excitedly asked, "What are you doing here? You said you couldn't make it?"

Serenity smiled and started to jump, "I thought I wouldn't, but Chase decided to go to the Dells, so it made it so much easier moving my stuff." They all look at her confused. She yelled, "I'm transferring back to Spencer Academy!"

Rae jumped up to her, "Yes! We're going to have so much fun!"

Abby asked skeptic, "Chase is back? He's really transferring here?"

Serenity rolled her eyes and said sarcastically, "No! I decided to leave Chase because he's a big boy that can handle his own messes now. Of course he's coming!"

Kylie whispered over to Serenity, “Where was he?”

She winked at Kylie and responded, “I’ll tell you later.”

Ben walked over saying, "What's with all the commotion?"

"Serenity's going to be at Spencer with us this year," Thea responded happily.

Ben sat down, "That's never happened before. You're always separate from the group."

Kylie stated walking to her vehicle, "Times are changing. Speaking of time, let's move it."

Kylie jumped into the front seat starting her dark blue escalade. Making a 20 minute drive into a five minute drive, she parked the car by Serenity's black Porsche Carrera GT. They walked through the woods to find bond fires, alcohol, and kids dancing to music.

Abby asked Kylie, "Didn't you say they were coming?" Kylie could sense them, but not by the party.

Kylie glanced up and point to the cliffs, "They’re up there."

Thea rolled her eyes and whispered, "Three guesses whose idea it was to go up a mountain so they can use?"

Serenity squealed and turned to them. She said, "I'm going to find Chase."

Rae glanced around and said, "So where are your besties?"

Abby laughed, "Didn't you hear, their not friends anymore. I just hope they don't fight over me because truthfully I'd rather not be either their friend."

Rae laughed at Abby and Kylie glanced at the ground trying to contain a smirk. Abby gathered from their expressions that….

"Abby!" Kate was behind her.

Abby turned fully around with a smile, "Hey Kate. How was your summer?"

A smile enveloped her lips, "Went with my parents to Europe. Have you seen Pogue?"

Abby shook her head, "No, not yet. I'll keep an eye out for you." Kate glared at Abby still feeling threatened. Over the course of the summer Abby became good friends with Pogue, which Kate hasn't exactly warmed up to the idea yet.

Kylie nudged Abby and subtly said, "No worries about being friends huh."

A blonde girl stood by Kate's side waiting for an introduction. Kate turned to her and said, "This is Sarah Wenham. She just transferred in from Boston Public."

Abby extended her hand, "I'm Abby and this is Kylie. It's nice to meet you."

Sarah smiled back and politely said, "Nice to meet you, too." Rae was scanning for Caleb when she turned to introduce herself to the new student.

Rae hesitantly stuck her hand out, "Rae Preston." Great, the blonde she saw in her vision was Sarah. She was definitely pretty, quiet, shy and seemed sweet. A total opposite of her. Rae thought not happy.

"So anyone I should know about?" Sarah asked.

Kate smiled, "Over there's Aaron Abbott. Stay away from him he's a total prick."

Rae was by Kylie and whispered sarcastically, "Well spotted."

Kate added, "Next to him is Kira Snider. A total bitch."

Rae commented under her breath, "Takes one to know one."

"Who's that?" Sarah asked.

Kate was obviously checking him out, "New guy? But I plan to find out?"

Abby rolled her eyes annoyed. Not only was she going to hit on another man, but Chase Pope himself. Serenity would probably rip Kate apart before ever letting her near Chase, who by the way, Serenity informed them that he seemed better with his addiction.

Kylie snapped her head to the right and Rae followed her eyes to see the 'Sons of Ipswich' making their entrance. Rae couldn't help but laugh at the situation. Two years ago they tried to hide that title so they wouldn't be pulverized meat.

Question: Did they really think seniors would pick on them? I mean Pogue and Caleb are huge in size. Tyler can easily become invisible in the crowd. Reid? Okay, he'd be the one getting a wedgie or a swirly.

Rae's mind was overthinking now as she watched Caleb saying hi to other classmates.

Anyway now they were like super stars, with their amazing swim records, good looks and money. And because we were associated with them, we automatically became cool. Now cool can be defined as – all the girls hate you, because they think you're getting it on with at least one of the 'Sons of Ipswich' or my personal favorite try to become your best friend to be a part of the popular group. Rae shook her useless thoughts away as they finally approached them.

Kate said in a shocking tone, obviously making a theatrical statement, "They're here."

Sarah asked intrigued, "Who are they?" Cue dramatic pause.

Kate smiled, "The Sons of Ipswich." Kate practically jumped into Pogue's arms, "Hey baby. Why are you late?"

Pogue said regretful, "I had a thing with the family. Hey, Abby."

Abby gave a small wave, "Hi, Pogue." Caleb greeted everyone and glanced at Rae noticing the change to her regular attire.

Kate interrupted Caleb's gaze at Rae when she said, "Sarah Wenham. Meet my boyfriend, Pogue Parry. This is Tyler Simms and next to him is…."

Reid pushed past Caleb to get a view and said, "Garwin. Reid Garwin. You know that's my grandmother's name?" Sarah shook her head and he continued to say, "You know you remind me of her…."

Caleb jumped in, "Caleb Danvers. And you don't bring my grandmother to mind in anyway."

"Garwin, don't tell me, you're still using that god awful pickup line on women." Thea said as she walked beside him.

Reid shrugged, "It works."

She glanced over to Sarah, "Yes to someone who has serious issues thinking that you relating them to your grandmother is hot." Thea turned to Sarah, "I'm Thea, Reid's only friend." Reid frowned at Thea when she said friend. Sarah was about to say something when Kira showed up.

She gave a glare at Kate and turned to Caleb, "So how was your summer?"

Caleb fidgeted and said, "Uhh…."

It was possible Kira was still a little bitter about their break up. But Kira played it off not being really interested in what Caleb and introduced herself to Sarah, "I'm Kira."

Sarah replied, "Hi. I'm Sarah."

Rae thought, too nice.

Kira smirked, "Tell me, how does one go about getting into Spencer from Boston Public?"

Yeah she really wasn't hiding it well, Rae laughed at her thought.

Serenity laughed catching everyone's attention, "With a brain, of course. Something you obviously lack."

Rae added mockingly, "Tell us Kira how does one with your IQ get into Spencer?"

Kira walked over to Serenity, "A lot of talk from a midget and her drugged up friend."

Serenity asked taking her earrings out, "You're right. Actions speak louder than words."

Abby held her back, "Serenity, stop."

As if Aaron could sense a fight about to take place, he joined in saying, "I think she owes Kira an apology," he glared down at Serenity.

Caleb pointed to Kira, "If anything, she owes Sarah the apology."

As their fight continued, Rae stopped Thea from calming the group because she already scanned the future and knew what was about to happen next wasn't going to be pleasant for Aaron.

She asked Thea, "Why would Aaron get together with Kira?"

Thea whispered back, "Because she's a super obsessive girlfriend and he feels safe that she'll never cheat on him."

Rae shook her head in fake awe, "Wow, that sounds like true love."

Serenity asked Aaron angrily, "Are you trying to intimidate me?"

Aaron who stood a good two feet taller than her, laughed and leaned closer with anger in his eyes, "Apologize to my girlfriend."

Serenity hated to ever be manhandled and said in her alluring voice, "Nice coat." She placed her hands around his waist and poured a thick coat of charming persuasion on him.

As everyone was staring around wondering why she was starting to make a move on Aaron, she kneed him in the groin. He fell down making Serenity taller, "I guess size doesn't matter." His friend's went over to help him and Kira turned to hit Serenity in the face until a hand caught Kira's arm.

Chase said, "No," pause, "You were being kind of bitchy." She pulled her hand away and helped Aaron up.

Brody said, "You posers make me want to puke."

"Is that so?" Reid added with mischief tone.

Reid tilted his head down and used to make Brody….

Kira shouted, "Oh shit, Brody. That's disgusting." Throw up was everywhere.

"Hey, hey. The cops are on their way." Pete, a senior that helped set the party up, yelled in a microphone. People, including Serenity and Chase, began to race for their cars breaking the tension completely.

Thea smacked Reid in the back of the head without thinking and Reid said, "Hey, what was that for?"

Thea said as she walked to the forest, "For being an idiot."

Kylie walked a fast pace with Tyler and asked, "Who's driving this time?"

Tyler smirked, "I am."

Kylie shook her head and said in disbelief, "Uh huh…."

Tyler gave her an I'm-not-kidding look and said, "What, I'm driving."

"Well I'll race you to the dorms then," Kylie dared him.

Tyler smiled at the challenge, "You're on."

Reid joined in, "What's the wager?"

Kylie thought before getting into her car, "You'll buy me lunch this week. And if you win you can take my Ferrari out for a spin."

They shook hands and went to their cars. Clearly Tyler didn't know what he was getting himself into; he'd be bankrupt by the end of the week, on account of how much Kylie can eat.

Abby sat in the back with Thea and Abby said, "I can't believe Serenity did that,” as she ran a hand through her hair.

Rae slammed her door annoyed at something and said, "I can. Serenity never gets intimidated by anyone." While Kylie waited for the boys to go, Rae glanced over to see Sarah's car not working.

Sarah yelled to them, "My car won't start."

Rae muttered, "Let's leave."

Tyler waved them over and said, "Come in ours then."

Kylie joined Rae's muttering, "Great we won't be able to race because Kate gets car sick when you go too fast."

Rae thinking, Good Kylie can go as fast as she can and give Kate the ride of her life. I wonder if Sarah gets car sick?

She yelled out the window, "You guys can come with us, if you like-ooppff." Rae snapped her head back and asked pissed, "Abby why the hell did you throw your sandal at me?"

Abby replied, "I don't want to sit anywhere near Kate, especially when she's car sick." Reid got out of the car and started to walk over. He indicated for her to open the hood.

Thea leaned forward, "What the hell is he doing? He can't even work a can opener. What makes him think he can start a car?"

Abby quickly read Reid's thoughts. "He's going to use, again."

Thea said angrily, "Use, my ass. Abby give them a jump will you."

Abby grinned and focused on the electrical battery. Before Reid could flash his pretty little eyes, the car came to life, making him jump back and land in the mud.

Sarah poked her head out the window, "Thanks, Reid."

He sat up and stared confused at the car, "No problem." Reid may not know how to fix a machine, but, hell, he knew a car just didn't start like that. Maybe she tried to start it one more time before he could use.

Sarah and Kate took off down the road as Kylie pulled up right next to Tyler's black Hummer. "Ready to get your ass kicked, baby boy?" Rae yelled.

Reid returned with some trash talk, "Baby boy's going smoke your asses."

This went on for a couple minutes and Rae was about to smack talk more when Kylie said "Are you guys done talking because I'd like to get back to school sometime." They began to rev their engines when the sound of sirens was coming up behind them.

"Shit, the cops!" Abby yelled.

Rae rolled her eyes. "No shit Sherlock." Kylie glanced over to see Tyler, who had lost all privileges of driving his car from Reid.

Kylie giggled and yelled over to them, "Bets off for now." She hit the gas pedal and the Hummer quickly caught up and kept right beside them as they weaved through trees in the dense fog.

Thea said, "Damn it, another cop." Kylie glanced in her rear view mirror, seeing two cop cars chasing them.

Kylie stated, "I guess we're going to have to lose them the old fashion way since our teleporter isn't here." The boys were pulling in front of them, when Kylie skidded into a sharp turn to the left. The one cop car tried to make the turn, but had to slow down a lot and the other cop kept following the boys.

Abby said to the Hummer that was fading into another patch the fog. "Good luck." It was starting to down pour and Kylie smiled as a plan formed in her head.

They were flying down the hill and hit the deserted street. Coming up to a small bridge that crossed a creek, Kylie said, "Thea, do your thing." Thea focused on the water and easily manipulated it to make the cop car skid into the stream. They turned up a small alley and got back onto the main road heading for the school.

Thea asked out of the blue, "Can someone tell me why Serenity booked it out of there so quickly?"

"Because I told her, she needed to leave quickly or else she would either have the choice of getting caught by the cops or poofing with Chase still in the car," Rae answered back.

Parking the car in the lot, Abby said frustrated, "Damn another year of Kate."

Rae joined, "Of accelerated classes."

Thea grimaced, "Of tripping."

Kylie glanced at them, "I've got nothing to complain about."

Rae shrugged and said wisely, "It shall come. After all, it is high school."

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